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13 Trendiest Ideas For Hair With Highlights

Hand-painted highlights are your best bet for achieving easy-to-maintain, graduated color, which is trending right now. Ask your colorist to paint from mid-lengths to ends ... Full story

15 Gorgeous Grey Hairstyles That Will Make You Call Your Colorist

Dark Picture 1/15© Pinterestglamradar Ice Photo 2/15© Pinterest Salt and Pepper Photo 3/15© Abaca Tie and dye Photo 4/15© Pinterestthecoolhour Bright Photo 5/15© Faretra Paris Dynamic Picture 6/15© Biguine Wick Photo 7/15© Pinterest Chic Photo 8/15© Schwarzkopf Professional Ashy Photo 9/15© Pinterestmeilleurcoiffeur Silver 10/15 ... Full story

4 Keys to Fade-Free Color

Who wants to spend all that time and money in a salon only to have her hair color fade before its expiration date? Celebrity stylist ... Full story

Dyeing For A Shade That Shouts? Here's How To Rock A Pastel Or Jewel Tone

We thought it would be a passing fancy, but the eye-popping hues we've been seeing on the likes of Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne and Katy ... Full story

Your Hair Color Should Complement Your Skin Tone

To determine whether yours is warm or cool, take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Blue veins mean you're cool; ... Full story

Three stunning tress hues to make you feel gorgeous

A beautiful mane shade can make you feel gorgeous, edgy, sophisticated, fun and a whole bunch of other adjectives. James Earnshaw from the Francesco Group ... Full story

Do Bold colors Fade Faster?

Primary bold, dominant tones do have a tendency to fade. Why? The absence of gold as an anchor color molecule is the reason; gold is ... Full story

Blondes: 3 Tips To Prevent Brassiness and Damage

Be Beautiful, Not Brassy! How it should look: Buttery blond, cool platinum and sun-kissedHow it looks when it is brassy: Yellow and dull If you're a bleached ... Full story

Tips To Keep Your Color From Fading

Your hair doesn't grab red dyes as well as other shades, says Joan Lasker, CEO and Founder of Colormetrics and Touchback products. To keep your ... Full story

Heavenly Highlights: Babylights, Sombre, Balayage, Ecaille, aka tortoiseshell are the next big things

Here's what's hot in highlights—and what's definitely not—so you can be sure your multi-tonal hue is of-the-moment Babylights: These are painted onto small sections to mimic the ... Full story

Root Retouches Give Most Women Trouble

The Keys To Success Part your hair in four sections, from the front hairline to the nape and from ear-to-ear, across the top of the head. ... Full story

At-Home Color Strategies: Doing Your Own Color Can Yield Beautiful Results, Provided You Play By The Rules

For home color success, you have to pick the right shade for you in the correct color category. But the biggest challenge comes during the ... Full story

Platinum Hair Pros & Cons

If you're dyeing to copy Kim Kardashian's short-lived uber-blonde locks, remember that going platinum is a serious commitment, especially if your hair's as dark as ... Full story

15 Prettiest Pastel Hair From Around the Web

The Prettiest Pastel Hair From Around the Web With stars such as Julianne Hough and January Jones joining the pastel hair brigade, we couldn't resist scoping out ... Full story

Hair Color Charts

A hair color chart displays tones from blonde to dark and also helps it to discover a color in a certain range .Most of the ... Full story

Neon Brights: Ready? Set. Glow!

GO HIGH-VOLTAGE with a mane so cool, it's hot! Pravana ChromaSilk Neons collection of professional haircoor brings you five new shades. Here's what you and your ... Full story

Get You Perfect Summer Shade: The 15 Hottest Hues For Summer 2015

It's hot. Better find some shade...or rather, the perfect shade! The season is heating up and so is haircolor. All Nutrient Educators Vince Smith of ... Full story

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