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Trick to keeping your natural curls defined all day

Lasting curl definition begins and ends with plenty of moisture! Use a combination of oil and cream to lock in your desired curl pattern. ... Full story

Split, Broken or Frizzed Ends: Taming your flyaways

Edge gels aren't just for edges. Use a small amount of edge gel to lay down split, broken or frizzed ends, otherwise known as "flyaways." ... Full story

Is your hair looking dull?

Shine is a reflection of light on the hair and healthy hair is generally shiny. You can improve your hair's natural shine and get the ... Full story

5 top extension care dos and don'ts

We are all for obtaining amazing length with help from hair extensions, and whether they're salon applied or clip-ins, they have their own special hair ... Full story

Shot, Medium or Long Hair; Here's how to get volume at any length

These days, big hair is huge! I'll share the best ways to score some of your own regardless of your hair length. SHORT HAIR is surprisingly ... Full story

The 6 Most Flattering Haircuts for Round Faces

Round faces have that sweet and youthful appeal, but the right cut can add sophistication, too. Lauren Conrad, Adele, and more show us how it's ... Full story

What Your Hair Stylist Won't Say To Your Face

Ok, you were a tad late for your last salon appointment—and you brought the kids and you brought a snack to munch on during your ... Full story

Co-Washing For Beginners

Has hair wash day come and gone because you simply don't have the time? Are you putting it off, convincing yourself that your hair can ... Full story

Protective hairstyles other than braids and twist

Consider buns, updos or purchase a wig and take it to a Natural stylist to customize it for you and your lifestyle. But, always remember ... Full story

Best way to use a diffuser on Natural hair

Start with a moisturizer—like a defrizz creme, curl spray or lotion—while hair is damp to help it retain moisture. Scrunch the hair as it is ... Full story

Best ways to care for color-treated Natural hair?

Keep these three important points in mind when it comes to color-treated Naturals: Daily moisture is important; co-wash and use sulfate-free shampoos; and, apply a ... Full story

Protecting your natural hair from damage due to flat iron or heat styling

The best protection is not excessive heat by keeping the temperature on your tools as low as possible (somewhere between 350° - 400°). Avoid flat-ironing ... Full story

How to protect your curls from humidity

The You Be-Natural Curl Stretch and Defining Treatment seals the hair's cuticle layer and blocks out moisture while strengthening and revitalizing the hair. Also, sealing ... Full story

Alternative Natural hairstyles—that don't use heat

Try a simple wash-and-go style using products that stretch the hair, like You Be-Natural Curl Shaper Custard. Then air-dry curls ... Full story

Deep Conditioning Regimen For Natural curls

Deep condition hair at least once per month. Always use a dryer, heat cap or a steamer when applying a deep conditioner so it can ... Full story

Tips to maintaining Natural hair that's been color treated

The key is daily moisture. Co-wash and use a sulfate-free shampoo. And, always deep condition hair after shampooing. ... Full story

Alternate way to curl or style Natural hair without wetting it

For twist-out or rod-set styles use a little You Be-Natural Curl Perfect Forming Mousse on fingers at nighttime when re-twisting. Also try You Be-Natural Curl ... Full story

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