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How often should you use styling tools on your hair?

If wearing your Natural hair straight, you shoud only use heat on the day you shampoo. On shampoo days use a wide-tooth comb, tangle teaser ... Full story

How often, within a week should you wash your Natural hair?

This varies based on hair and lifestyle. You should shampoo at least every two to four weeks and consider co-washing in between. Shampoo hair using ... Full story

How to prepare your curly hair for bedtime

Try a 'pineapple' hairstyle: Pull hair to top of head and secure with an elastic band. Put hair in a satin bonnet and tie a ... Full story

How often should you co-wash your natural hair?

It depends on the hair, but you can co-wash daily because it is non-stripping. Conditioner-only washing aka Co-washing will not rob the hair of natural ... Full story

Do protective styles, for Naturals, really promote hair growth

Yes—because you are not over-combing and over styling the hair. But, you do have to care for the hair and scalp beneath the protecve style. ... Full story

Best ways to retain moisture on Natural Hair

The best way to retain moisture is to hydrate, moisturize and seal hair. We recommend You Be-Natural Curl Moisturizing & Defining Spray to hydrate, Moisture ... Full story

Essential hair care products every Naturalista should have

Key items all Naturalistas should have in their coif care bag are: a good shampoo, a conditioner, a moisturizer, a detangler/leave-in conditioner—and natural oils are ... Full story

What are the best ways to protect natural hair from the sun?

Natural oils, like coconut oil, help provide UV protection. And, it's important to wear a hat if you will be out in the sun for ... Full story

Frizz, Breakage, Bulk and Tangles: 4 Curl Problems Solved

How to keep your ringlets looking their best. Frizz: Curly hair tends to be dry, which leads to frizz and lack of shine. Combat this by ... Full story

Find the best look for your face shape

Face it: We're all influenced by celebrities. But whether you want a cut like Kim Kardashian's or Miley Cyrus', two things determine if you'll look ... Full story

Straight to stunning: Healthy, straight hair that shines on and on? Don't mind if we do

When staight hair is cut, prepped and styled just right, the results are stunning. It's a look that you can wear to work or during ... Full story

Adding lift to your hair injects it with a certain kind of sex appeal that's hard to resist

If you want to feel larger than life, choose hair to fit the bill. Pump it up with fullness at the crown. Apply volume to ... Full story

Where the part is: A Comb is the only tool you need to give your hair a brand-new look

New Color. Fresh Cut. There are plenty of ways to update your hairstyle. What if I told you that you could radically change your look ... Full story

Flower Crowns are trending on the runways 2015

We started seeing these floral headpieces everywhere in 2012 and, thanks to a new generation of flower children, this boho look seems to have some ... Full story

Can adding layers help limp hair?

Absolutely. If you have limp hair, you either have thin, fine hair or your hair simply lacks some product to give it volume and structure. ... Full story

Will getting layers work with thin, fine hair?

The decision to get layers on your thin, fine hair goes beyond the density and texture of your hair. Layers will work on fine, thin ... Full story

Managing your mane is much easier if you choose a look that suits the hair you were born with

The best cut for your hair type is always the one that’s easiest to style. For starters, figure out – if you don’t already know What ... Full story

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