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How do I get rid of heat damage?

The best way to get rid of heat damage is using a product that's infused with excellent moisturizing agents. ... Full story

My hair is simply lifeless, super-fine and stick straight..

My hair is simply lifeless! It is super-fine and stick straight; I can never seem to get any volume out of it. How can I ... Full story

Short hair has lots of advantages over super-long locks

The one downside is maintenance. You'll need to return to the salon every six weeks or so; more often if it's pixie short. Because my ... Full story

5 Ways You Can Prevent Hat Hair From Happening To You

Head off dreaded "hat hair" with these pro tips from Jose Luis Salon in Austin, TX. #1: Choose a hat made of natural wool or cotton; ... Full story

What's Your Hair Personality?

Your hairstyle is a form of self-expression, letting you show the world who you really are. Rocker Glam Gorgeous styles with rock-'n-roll elements have the perfect amount ... Full story

Velaterapia or 'candle-cutting,' is popular with Victoria's Secret models

Could BURNING split ends be better than a haircut? Last week, Brazilian supermodel Barbara Fialho revealed the very unusual secret to her glossy locks: she burns ... Full story

Beautiful Texture Minues The Frizz: How To Keep Your Curls Under Control

keep curls under control with these prep steps 1: In the shower, use a low or no lather shampoo (or simply rinse hair with water) and ... Full story

Pretty Smooth: Head straight to stylish with our look-polished pointers!

Start in the shower. Lather up with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner combo—this will help keep the cuticle straight right off the bat. Gently pat hair ... Full story

Reach New Heights By Maxing Out The Volume Because Big Hair Is Hot!

Dial Up The Volume For super-sexy strands, bigger is better! But how do you make volume last? We've got the scoop. Bombshell Formula: "My favorite recipe for ... Full story

Extensions 101: 5 Things To Consider Before Giving Faux Hair A Try

1) Color-matching is the first step—if extensions don't match your natural hue, people will know you are faking it 2) Think about the cut. If extensions ... Full story

What Style To Get If You Have Round, Square, Heart, Long Or Oval Face

Find your perfect hair fit! Raphael Reboh of Miami's Femme Coiffure Salon breaks down the best cuts for each face shape. Round: "If you have a ... Full story

4 Most Common Shampooing Mistakes

From picking the right product to your lathering technique, cleansing your hair has its own set of rules. Mario Russo of his name sake salon ... Full story

Most Flattering Looks If You're Over 40

While you can't turn back the clock, you can find a style that will make you look your best, whatever your age! According to George ... Full story

Choosing The Right Shampoo and Conditioner For Your Hair

Scratching your head over the wide range of shampoo and conditioner combos on the market? You're not alone. Lisa Marie Garcia, Farouk Systems VP of ... Full story

2 Secrets to a Better Blowout

If your DIY blowdries tend to fall flat, Mario Russo, Owner & Lead Stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, suggests two easy (but little-known) ... Full story

DIY Recipe For Dry Hair

Got dry hair in need of repair? You can whip up your own fix right at home! Miami based Master Stylist Raphael Reboh, Owner of ... Full story

Protecting Your Hair From The Sun's Rays, Chlorine and Saltwater

Everybody loves summer-except maybe your hair. With the sun's rays, chlorine and saltwater taking a toll on your tresses, you need expert advice. JCP salon ... Full story

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