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Texture Transitioning: Going From Straight to Curly

If you are currently wearing a relaxer, but would like to transition to a texturizer or go from straight hair to curly hair, remember conditioning ... Full story

Flaunt Your Fine Hair!: Embrace Your Hair's Natural Softness By Keeping It Simple

Most girls with fine hair envy their thick-tressed sisters, but a great cut can change all that! Here are 5 tips to help Tip #1 The longer ... Full story

Going From Blunt Bangs To Side-Swept Fringe in A Few Months

Reboot 'em 1-2-3 When you get tired of blunt bangs and want to give side-swept fringe a try, Victor Paul of Victor Paul Salon in Costa ... Full story

How To Create Spiky Hair From Your Short Pixie

Add spikes to the top of your short pixie and you'll go edgy in seconds! Here's how to get the look that's so fun for ... Full story

Revive & Conquer: How To Get Your Hair Into Summer Fresh Shape

Get your hair into summer fresh shape and keep it that way with these tips from Mario Russo, Owner & Lead Stylist of Salon Mario ... Full story

The secret to getting the ultimate bouncy blowout

A great blowout is all about the products as well as the mechanics of the person doing the blow-drying. I always suggest starting with the ... Full story

Difference between Balayage, Ombre & Sombre

What's the difference between ombre, sombre and balayage? Ombre is a lightening of the hair, starting at the tip and showcasing the color contrast. Sombre ... Full story

How to untangle matted hair without cutting it

Tangled and matted hair can really test your patience. The best approach is to use a conditioner with lots of "slip" - as this will ... Full story

Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Bobs and pixie cuts may be in fashion just now but lets face it, as women we love having long, luscious hair. You know the ... Full story

How To Stop Hair Breakage

It’s a horrible feeling looking at your hairbrush and seeing just how many hairs you’ve shed into it. It’s pretty disheartening to be honest. Then ... Full story

10 Home Remedies For Dry Hair

We see so many TV adverts and posters with women showing off their beautiful, sleek and shiny hair – they toss it over their shoulder ... Full story

Watch Your Mouth: 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Hairstylist

We already informed you of all the things your hairstylist wishes you would say and the questions you need to ask, but are there any ... Full story

15 Questions Your Hairstylist Should Be Asking You

Getting a new stylist? It’s a big move, and like any new relationship, it requires a fair amount of “dating” and getting to know each other. Edmondo ... Full story

The Ultimate Guide to Taming Frizzy Hair

Everyone knows that frizz comes from humidity. But friction, cuticle damage and medications can form frizz, too. Why care about the culprit? Because the best ... Full story

6 Bad Hairstyling Habits You Need to Kick Right Now

Envy-inducing, movie star locks are the stuff most of us women dream of. Unsurprisingly, there’s a few things you may be doing wrong that isn’t ... Full story

Home Hair Care Remedies To Try Today

Don’t have the time or the budget for a salon treatment to help your hair problems? Never fear!  Between the pantry and refrigerator, you may ... Full story

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