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Ombre Hair Colors To Inspire Everyone

Although it has been hot popular for a couple of seasons, ombre is still extremely faddish and in great demand. Actually, it’s a superb opportunity to express yourself and add that very special extra glow to your looks. Most women want to have ombre because it’s considered very beautiful, low-maintenance and can fix some hair issues: to disguise the damaged ends, for instance. With a professionally performed ombre the ends do really appear thicker, the rest of the hair – more dimensional, the eyes brighter and the skin younger and fresher. I’m going to share 100 versatile ombre looks. Many of them breathe with natural grace, sophistication and elegance, while others are with a more dramatic bent. I’ve tried to cover very different color solutions. Whatever your natural hair color is, you will find here some really cool ideas with highlights or solid color.

Ombre For Long Hair

medium brown hair ombre

#1: Medium Brown With Auburn & Pale Blond Ends

Medium brown hair often looks boring, but it can be easily enlivened with harmonious color solutions, such as auburn highlights melting into very light brown and pale blond.

blonde ombre hair color

#2: Bright Blond Ombre For Cool-Toned Beauties

There are so many girls with cool skin undertone and mouse-grey natural hair, who always wish to look brighter. Well, this is a very worthy idea to consider.

brown hair ombre

#3: Dark Bitter Chocolate With Caramel Flair

“Delicious” hair colors always have an extra chic. This dark brown into caramel ombre is not only very appealing to the eyes, it lightens up the face with special glint, amicable for its natural undertone.

ombre and highlights ideas

#4: Cool Petroleum Blue

Not delicious at all, yet unexpectedly cool, these petroleum blue highlights blend well with naturally beige color. A pinch of blond streaks make this style just a little bit more down-to-earth, if someone dares to refer to it so.

black into red ombre

#5: Black Rose With Burgundy Petals

Here is a stunning idea for black hair ombre. Clean, saturated but elegant burgundy hue is a worthy rim for beautiful black locks. Although this look is bold, it’s actually anything but garish.

brown hair with ombre

#6: Dark Brown Into Light Brown With Sunny Highlights

Ombre that features lightening for a few tones within your natural color always looks very classy and in style. You may also add it some flare with thin sunny streaks, framing the face.

demi permanent ombre

#7: Flamingo Feathers

More daring color choices blend better with darker hues of basic hair colors. There are periods in life when we crave for brightness. Demi-permanent dyes would be ideal to quench the thirst.

black to pink ombre

#8: Black Into Extravagant Cold Pink

Black hair takes more effort to be lighted, but it does look showy in combination with a wide array of hues, even some truly resolute as this provocative icy pink.

ombre for long hair

#9: Golden Blond Into Dark Chocolate

Long hair is a paradise for ombre, as it allows showing the evolution of color in more than 3 shades: red, very light brown, mixed with golden blonds, medium brown, evolving into chocolate and dark chocolate with black at the very ends.

black hair ombre

#10: Ombre For Black Hair

We usually admire ombre on European hair or relaxed black hair but here is a proof that African American women with perm can also enjoy the latest ombre trends. The caramel edging, for instance, works fantastic for black hair.

multi-colored ombre

#11: Rainbow Ombre

Well, it’s often a pain to choose only one or two hues for ombre. But good news is that indecisive girls can try a full rainbow of colors. I know, I know, it’s a courageous choice, but I’ve promised to provide you with multiple options:)

Ariana Grande brown ombre for long hair

#12: Dark Chocolate Melting To Milk Chocolate

Ariana Grande graced the MTV Music Awards rocking long chocolate locks gathered into a high ponytail that beneficially demonstrated her delicate ombre with a seamless transition from the dark brown to the soft milky chocolate at the very ends.

Jourdan Dunn brown ombre for long hair with golden highlights

#13: Dark Brown To Light Brown With Sunny Streaks

Jourdan Dunn adds a sunny note to her creamy light brown tresses. With Jourdan’s darkened roots left untouched, her medium brown base is highlighted with light beige streaks throughout and teased by gorgeous golden highlights around the face for a greater impact.

Kate Walsh reddish brown ombre for long hair

#14: Cinnamon Fade

Reddish brown or cinnamon hair hues work fantastic for fall. Kate Walsh offers a great idea of sombre that lights up her overall look with its delicious honey and caramel mix on her beautiful long curls.

Sarah Hyland brown to blonde ombre for long hair

#15: Browns Into Blondes

Sarah Hyland rocks a charming ombre look for long blonde layered locks. Although the change of color from her roots to the ends is rather drastic, the transition is performed very smoothly, resolving into the tempting creamy blonde at the tips.

Rihanna brown ombre for long hair

#16: Dark Brown Into Caramel

This famous look of Rihanna from Elle`s issue has got into all possible charts and top lists. The gorgeous red dress and no less gorgeous hairstyle turned so many heads! Well, they were discussed at numerous Internet resources. And I can’t miss having her photo in my collection either!

Camila Alves brown ombre for long hair

#17: Subtle Brown Ombre With Face-Framing Highlights

Camila Alves is a hot brunette who looks even brighter with the random highlights to define the layered front locks of her luxurious long mane. These were added to the rich brown base with subtle ombre.

Diane Lane brown ombre for long hair

#18: Sombre For Chestnut Curls

Diane Lane makes an emphasis on the rich chestnut color of her locks that she skillfully combines with the lilac of her lace dress. The two hues enhance each other, while Diane’s hair color solution looks pretty sophisticated thanks to the professionally performed sombre.

Olivia Wilde ombre for long hair

#19 : Medium Brown Into The Golden Blonde

Olivia Wilde presents one of the most beautiful ombre variations for long brown hair. Her initially cool medium brown base melts into the warm and sunny brown blondes which look fabulous in the background of her emerald green sequin dress.


Ombre For Medium Hair


ombre for brunettes

#20: Ombre Highlights

These amazing golden and pale blond highlights create an illusion of reverse ombre with darker ends. This is another way of how you may appear “blondier” if you are a natural brunette.

brown hair ombre

#21: Dark Brown Hair With Golden Ombre Highlights

Golden ombre highlights are the sparkles, illuminating this look. The color streaks on one side start very high, practically at the roots to enhance the incredible sun-kissed effect, many of us strive to achieve with different solutions.

brown into blonde ombre

#22: Dark Brown Into Strawberry Blond

The success of this dashing 50/50 ombre is achieved thanks to highly contrasting yet seamless transition of color, illuminating the face and accentuating its relief.

Alexa Chung brown ombre for medium hair

#23 : Dark Brown To Golden Chestnut

Alexa Chung has tried many ombre looks from rather dramatic changes of color to very subtle and delicate ones. This radiant sombre look for medium hair is particularly flattering for her fair skin and green eyes.

Leighton Meester brown ombre for medium hair

#24: Brown Ombre With Texture-Enhancing Highlights

Compared to the previous look, Leighton Meester’s ombre is getting lighter at the ends. Besides, it’s enriched with the texture-enhancing light-brown highlights starting at the ½ of the full lock length.

Kate Mara angled bob with ombre

#25: Delicate Blonde Ombre

Although Kate Mara experiments with hair colors all the time, her hair style and length remain practically always the same. This medium wispy bob with ombre is one of her best blonde options ever. I love the fade of the soft honey hue to the palest blonde at the angled front pieces.

Emma Watson medium layered hairstyle with ombre

#26: Reddish Brown Fade For Mid-Length Locks

With the medium length subtle ombre is a good way to add some spice to your layered locks. Emma Watson’s reddish brown hue matches the color of her eyes and melts to the light caramel shade as an awesome accent for her disconnected ends.

Nikki Reed brown ombre for medium length

#27: Chocolates

The delicious brown hues of Nikki Reed’s straight strands flow smoothly like chocolate rivers. The meeting-point of the two brown shades hits at Nikki’s cheek-bones and draws attention to her deep hazel eyes.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead brown ombre for medium-length hair

#28: Caramelized Brown

Mary Elizabeth Winstead rocks her medium ombre locks styled in light waves. Her dark brunette hue is getting a new interpretation thanks to the harmonious inclusion of caramel tones. With the shine-enhancing effect your caramelized brown locks will be simply irresistible!

Natalie Portman medium brown hair with ombre

#29: Brown Into Toffee Blonde

Natalie Portman illuminates her mid-length locks with a sophisticated ombre solution that is quite delicate but pronounced enough to make a big impression. Note that the lightening for the face-framing locks starts very high.

Kristen Stewart brown ombre for medium hair

#30: Sophisticated Browns

Kristen Stewart’s ombre is performed according to the same principle yet it looks authentic and special in its own way. The selection of maximally natural hair hues and shaggy texture creates this beautiful genuine look.

Olivia Wilde medium hair with ombre

#31: Caramel & Brown

Caramel & brown is a classic combination for ombre, and the style icon Olivia Wilde goes for it to add an extra quirk to her casual hairstyle. This messy downdo breathes with life and carelessness. How can we not love it?

Jessica Alba brown ombre

#32: High Two-Tone Ombre

Jessica Alba presents an up-to -date variation of ombre where the transition of color starts high, just a few inches off the roots. Jessica highlights her brunette mane with the creamy medium brown hue, two tones lighter than her natural hair color.

Olivia Wilde medium hair with ombre

#33: Only Tips!

One more idea from Olivia Wilde involves a warmer ombre shade and a lower position of the color transition. This time her ombre descends much closer to the ends of her locks and can be quickly chopped off, in case she gets bored with it:)

Emily Ratajkowski medium brown hair with ombre

#34: Subtle Velvety Brown Ombre

Emily Ratajkowski’ thick brunette tresses are originally luxurious but with the subtle 50/50 ombre they are gaining an extra sexy flair and a more sophisticated look.

Vanessa Hudgens medium hair with ombre

#35: Brown & Blonde For Medium Length

Now when everyone goes for very subtle sombre looks, Vanessa Hudgens has surprised us with a rather dramatic change of color. Her dark brown melts through the delicious toffee hues into the fairest platinum blonde: sweet, pretty and unexpectedly cool!

Anna Kendrick medium hair with ombre

#36: Face-Framing Ombre

If you don’t feel like toning the full length of your hair, you can still add a few sun-kissed strokes around your eyes and cheek-bones. Follow Anna Kendrick’s example, and you won’t regret.


Ombre For Short Hair


short hair ombre

#37: Dark Brown Into Golden Wheat

Although dip dye looks showier on longer locks, short hair is, by no means, a contraindication for ombre. Look how fantastically this classy chin-length bob is lightened up by the dark brown into golden wheat transition.

short hair with ombre

#38: Sassy & Decisive Brown Into Blond

It’s a skill to make it as professionally as it is for red and blonde short hair. Dark brown seems very compatible with blond in this look and the transition of color appears bold enough yet successful.

Rita Ora short bob with ombre

#39: Wheat Blonde into Platinum On The Brown Base

Rita Ora is a fan of platinum blonde, but each time she shows us fresh versions and new hair color finds. Here we see her wheat blonde transition into the platinum, spiced with brown lowlights. And all that on the bob length!

Michelle Williams short hair with ombre

#40: Flaxen Blonde Ombre For Short Hair

Michelle Williams shows all blondes a pretty hair color idea for fall. The flaxen blonde is a darker and more natural-looking blonde shade that looks cool with slightly darkened roots and will fit into your fall image perfectly.

Eddie Campbell short hair with ombre

#41 : Tips Color Teasing

Edie Campbell has tried on a cute doll look for one of the issues of Elle. Eddy’s fall-ready chestnut bob features some color teasing at the ends, reminding us that there are sunny days in the fall too.

Beyonce Bronde Ombre

#42: Bronde Ombre

Brown or blonde? For some women this problem of choice is unsolvable. Judging from this popular look Beyonce is one of them. Her ombre is not all that subtle as current trends report us it should be, but there should always be an alternative, right?

Jourdan Dunn bob with ombre

#43: Ashy Browns

Jourdan Dunn’s ashy brown is something you won’t see every day in the street. Her roots remain naturally dark brown, while the new color blends in without any harsh delineations, being diluted with unobtrusive lowlights.

Sarah Paulson short brown hair with ombre

#44: Perfect Fall Look

Sarah Paulson gives us a perfect idea of a cute fall hair color that you may successfully take with you further in winter. The excellent mix of dark chocolate and rich chestnut shades is something that suits green and brown eyes flawlessly.

Sarah Paulson blonde bob

#45: Cool Blondes

With the cool blonde tones Sarah Paulson seems to be much paler than in her looks with brown and chestnut locks. Personally I like the previous image of Sarah more. But this idea of cool blondes may work for you.

Jennifer Lawrence short hair with ombre

#46: Awesome Short-Hair Ombre Solution For Blondes

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t plan to stop with ombre experiments even though her crops are getting shorter and shorter. On this photo you see what a fabulous update you can give to your chopped locks thanks to ombre ideas.

Rosamund Pike short hair with ombre

#47: Classy Ombre For The Bob Length

When it comes to bobs, ombre is one of the most efficient ways of how to make them brighter and classier. Rosamund Pike sports a chic bob with a “wet hair” effect and beautiful ombre for brunettes who wish some brightening.

Keltie Knight short bob with ombre

#48: Caramel Coating For Dark Brown Locks

Having upgraded her bob with a cute color solution, Keltie Knight rocks it with pleasure. The caramel highlights are enhanced towards the ends to create the solid color that accentuates the shaggy ends.

Demi Lovato short asymmetric hairstyle

#49: Local Ombre

Demi Lovato’s asymmetric haircut is complicated enough to use additionally any extravagant hair color combinations. That’s why the light caramel ombre teasing for the tips of her waves serves the perfect final stroke of her gorgeous style.

Ciara bob with ombre

#50: Golden Blondes With Brown Undertones

Ciara has successfully found the hue that compliments her complexion miraculously. That’s why she has been sticking to the golden blonde for quite a long period of time. Combining it with dark brown roots, she has come up with a ravishing style that suits her looks ideally.

Evan Rachel Wood bob with ombre

#51: Gilding For Chocolate Curls

Evan Rachel Wood easily pulls off this vintage look with gilded waves. Her refined ombre touches only the face-framing locks and recedes in balayage highlights towards the nape, supporting the triangular silhouette of her bob.

Agyness Deyn short hair with ombre

#52: Natural-Looking Ombre To Dress Up Dark Blondes

Natural-looking ombre variations are very popular these days. With this monochromatic dark blonde Agyness Deyn would look too plain, while her ombre refreshes this sleek bob considerably and moves it to the next level.


Ombre For Blonde Hair


blonde ombre

#53: Revival Of Dishwater Blond

Here is the most elegant solution for all the blondes who are not happy with the brightness of their natural beige hair color. The platinum blond sectioning works perfectly in this case.

reverse ombre for blondes

#54: Blond To Very Light Golden Brown

Reverse ombre isn’t a sucker punch either, especially if you are a blonde and want a more noticeable effect. This charming blond into caramel solution won’t leave anyone around indifferent about your fancy choice.

bronde hair with ombre

#55: Trendy “Bronde” Effect

Which one of us, brown-haired ladies, has never dreamt of becoming a blonde? Another question is achieving that fantastic hue we would like and maintaining it. “Bronde” ombre is an excellent way out. I like this look very much.

blonde hair ombre

#56: Honey Blond Into Pale Blond

Honey blond works superb for girls and women with warm undertone of skin. They look very young and fresh regardless of age, and this fantastic effect may be boosted with pale blond hues for the ends.

Cara Delevingne blonde ombre

#57: Honey Blonde

Cara Delevingne’s look blooms with refined beauty thanks to the honey-tinted bronde hues freely flowing throughout her curls. Cara’s ombre starts pretty high same like most today’s chic red carpet looks.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley blonde ombre

#58: A Bit Of Drama

Rosie Hunington-Whiteley proves us with her look that even tender and delicate blondes can look extremely dramatic. Rosie is gaining that special turn mainly from her outfit and accessories, but her highlighted locks are, definitely, acquiring an edgier take as well due to the thoughtful choice of ombre style.

Kate mara bob with ombre

#59: Complete Fade

Kate Mara is a big fan of ombre. Being quite expressive, her ombre versions never look too gaudy. With her shoulder-skimming length Kate manages to show off a complete fade of color from the dark brown at the roots to the ultra light ends.

Kate Bosworth blonde ombre

#60: Flaxen Blonde Into Chamomile Blonde

Kate Bosworth is charmingly bright with her new blonde hair, red lips and sexy red dress. Her long fair tresses retain their natural dishwater blonde at the roots, gaining honey tints around the face and resolve into the chamomile blonde near the ends.

Anja Rubik blonde ombre

#61: Chic Blonde Blend

Anja Rubik’s complex blonde color features a thoughtfully chosen blend of complimenting slices scattered around: the fairest pearly blonde face-framing pieces, slightly darkened roots and ends, plus occasional honey streaks throughout.

Rita Ora blonde hair

#62: Dramatic Color Change

Being bright from nature, Rita Ora never shies away from expressive and dramatic looks like this one. With a sharp change of color in this ombre Rita Ora achieves a highly contrasting image, charged with bold beauty.

Leigh Lezark blonde ombre

#63: Caramel Flows

Seeing Leigh Lezark switching hair colors like gloves is a true pleasure. Actually both brown and blonde tones flatter her fair skin and cool green eyes. This caramel blonde ombre is the loveliest update for her blonde looks I’ve seen so far.

Kate Mara blonde ombre

#64: Honey To Blonde

Kate Mara’s statement bob is fabulous for 2 reasons: texture and color. Her lovely light beach waves sweetened with honey streaks adopt this cute ombre pattern applicable for any brown-eyed blonde.

Carey Mulligan short blonde hair with ombre

#65: Radiant Blonde Ombre For Short Hair

Carey Mulligan’s fine short locks gain added volume and dimension thanks to the special color tricks. Her roots are darkened to make the delicate blonde tresses appear more texturized and voluminous.

Beyonce Bronde

#66: Bronde & Black

Beyonce’s long thick curls embrace a mix of brown blonde and black tones tumbled in the under layers to bring own the amazing texture of her layered locks. Beyonce graced the cover of the T magazine with this awesome coloristic solution.

Chloe Moretz blonde hair with ombre

#67: Dark Blonde With Highlighted Slices Around The Face

Cutie Chloe Moretz also rocks the popular today brown blonde and upgrades her style with the face-framing highlights and thin lighter streaks scattered throughout her caramel locks.

Hayden Panettiere blonde hair with ombre

#68: Light Brown To Dark Blonde

In search of an edgier take on her brown blonde medium long, Hayden Panettiere opts for this cute 50/50 ombre to refresh the color of her bob. The change of color starts at the level of Hayden’s cheekbones which is a way to accentuate them as her stronger point.


Ombre For Brown Hair


ombre for brown hair

#69: Dark Brown To Light Brown

All brown-haired ladies who vote for naturalness may decide on this soft yet remarkable play of tones within their natural color. This choice of Ashlee Simpson is successful, indeed.

ombre for dark brown hair

#70: Dark Brown Into Blondish Brown

This spectacular shiny ombre with paled out ends seems pretty awesome. I would say this look is my top favorite for women with dark-brown and black hair.

dark brown ombre ideas

#71: Toffee-Hued Strokes For The Edges

Welcome one more confectionary-inspired look. Soft and sweet toffee turns out very natural in a combo with dark brown and does a fantastic job of ends revival.

Jessica Alba ombre for brown hair

#72: Sophisticated Brown Blonde

Jessica Alba moves on with her ombre experiments, so I mention her beautiful style for the second time in my list. Now her brown locks are dressed up with an elegant brown blonde that seems to be oozing shine.

Kate Mara bob with ombre

#73: Brown To Blonde “Low” Ombre

Kate Mara’s bob is adorable in any hairstyle, even when she simply combs it off the face and tucks behind her ears. This time her ombre reveals almost a half of her length in the brown hue and another half in blonde with occasional honey highlights spread throughout.

Sandra Bullock brown ombre

#74: Sun-Kissed Ombre Highlights On The Dark Brown Base

I’m sure many brunettes with long thick locks like Sandra Bullock’s wonder how to add a new twist to their usual styles. An elegant sprinkling of thin sun-kissed highlights applied like ombre through the ends of layered locks leads to an unexpectedly chic effect. See for yourself!

Chrissy Teigen brown blonde ombre

#75: Luminous & Dimensional Chocolate Curls

This luminous brown ombre offer Chrissy Teigen’s locks tons of extra shine and boosted dimension. The warm golden brown waves flow like silk and illuminate Chrissy’ skin. Simple free-flowing hairstyles are going to present this kind of ombre in the best light.

Kerry Washington brown ombre

#76: Cool-Toned Brown Ombre

Kerry Washington lights up her rich mocha locks with a cool-toned chocolate shade. The meeting point of the two tones is delicately blurred so that the lighter locks seem to peek through the dark brown ones.

Becky G brown ombre

#77: Rich Satin Brown Into Glossy Chestnut

Becky G also treats her long satin brown locks with a delightful fall hue – glossy chestnut. Brunettes have a really wide choice of delicious browns to experiment with and get an adorable result. Here’s the proof!

Cheryl Cole brown ombre

#78: Black, Brown & Blonde

Cheryl Cole’s light brown mane reveals the jet black roots and fairly light ends. This look doesn’t fit into the current sombre trend, but it can be interesting to those who tend to more drastic hair color solutions within the ombre tendency.

Berenice Marlohe brown ombre

#79: Golden Threads

Berenice Marlohe’s unique ombre starts high and features thin golden slices “woven” into her dark mahogany brown curls. These add a mischievous spark to her deep brown eyes which literally mesmerize when you look into them.

Eva Longoria ombre for brown hair

#80: Silky Brown Sombre

Silky and vibrant chocolate tresses are a hair dream of any brunette. Eva Longoria has made it come true with her ideal sombre look for brown hair. I love the smooth seamless gradation of color and the shine, lots of shine!

Kim Kardashian ombre for brown hair

#81: Crisp Ombre

Kim Kardashian’s crisp ombre is reminiscent of some accurate paint brush strokes on the canvass. Feels like an artist has been carefully mixing colors to obtain this exceptional warm beige that sets off the dark brown base.

Sandra Bullock ombre for brown hair

#82: Amazing Rich Mocha & Chocolate Blend

Sandra Bullock’s hair is always a masterpiece. Strong, thick, long and dyed ideally, it’s becoming an object of envy for many women. I love both the hue combination and the way they harmoniously blend together.

Naya Rivera brown ombre

#83: Light Caramel & Beige On The Medium Brown Base

Naya Rivera is rocking a sophisticated ombre solution with the complimenting medium brown tones spread throughout her locks and creating a fabulous play of highlights and lowlights.

Sarah Jessica Parker brown ombre

#84: Caramel Ombre & Face-Framing

Sarah Jessica Parking looks like a goddess on this photo where everything is flawless: her outfit, hair and make up. Parker’s long brown layers are defined with caramel ombre to bring out their texture and freely-flowing character.

Selena gomez brown ombre

#85: Ginger Touches To The Vibrant Brown Waves

Looking sun-kissed is cool in any season. Selena Gomez opts for unusual ombre highlights with ginger notes grazing her fantastic vibrant brown locks. If you are for subtle variants of highlights and ombre, this is a real godsend.

Black To Golden Brown

#86: Black To Golden Brown

Draya Michele’s glossy black tresses get a fabulous color compliment in terms of these delicate golden brown strands “woven” into Draya’s locks so that the color transition is evident but fairly well-matched.

Ombre For Red Hair

ombre for dark hair

#87: Wine Red To Sunny Golds

This luxurious bright ombre is an idea for dark-haired women who do not mind adding some shade to the roots as well. Rich red wine hue blends harmoniously with sunny golds and gives its very final chord in pale blonds.

red ombre

#88: Burgundy Into Cherry Cola

And here is a solution for brighter ladies. Brunettes with contrasting appearance, who do not mind bold experiments, will enjoy their ablaze cherry cola ends.

red ombre for brown hair

#89: Dark Brown Into Fiery Red

If you want a spicier and more eye-catching effect, nothing will make you hotter, then these fiery red tresses framing your face. You, certainly, have to be endowed with a quite contrasting appearance, like Demi Lovato, for instance.

red hair ombre

#90: Red Makes Friends With Blond

Red-haired beauties are commonly naturally bright, but they also seek diversity, same like all of us. Different shades of blonds match wonderfully with red hair, both for highlights and ends.

ombre for black women

#91: Chili Red Ombre

These eye-catching chili-red locks seem to be attached to the elongated dark brown bob. Being rather bold and distinct, the transition, nevertheless, looks very professional and stylish.

red hair ombre ideas

#92: Hot Red Into Peachy

This hot red is gorgeous yet it screams to be slightly cooled. Peachy blossom, caressing the ends of these incredible fiery tresses, is right to the point.

red into blonde ombre

#93: Red Through Strawberry Blond Into Golden Blond

The seamless transition of breathtaking hues in the palettes of reds and blonds simply compels everyone attention. Red-haired girls, don’t miss a brilliant idea!

Bonnie McKee red ombre hair

#94: Flamingo

Being always ultra bright, Bonnie McKee has a special weakness for eye-catching red hair colors. Her flamingo-inspired ombre may seem a bit too blazing, but she can be sure it won’t ever remain unnoticed.

Kristen Stewart red ombre

#95: Chestnut Red With Natural Blonde Roots

Kristen Stewart’s appearance at the Cannes red carpet with the statement red hair color was also a big event. A few seasons ago we’d say that she simply didn’t take care of her outgrown roots, but today things are different.

Nicole Kidman red ombre

#96: Natural-Looking Red Ombre With Faded Ends

Nicole Kidman, on the contrary, never spoils us with extremes or sensations when it comes to style. She sticks to what was given to her by nature – beautiful fair hair with a reddish tint that flatters her so much.

Bella Thorne red hair ombre

#97: Ginger & Red With Darkened Roots

As for Bella Thorne’s hair hues, the girl resorts to the color blocking principle. Her face-framing strands are chestnut red, while the middle sections tend to the ginger blonde. Together with the darkened roots, Bella is getting a pretty cool hair color solution for red hair.

Julia Roberts ombre

#98: Julia Robert’s Ombre

When you say Julia Robert’s style, you always mean high class and good taste. That’s why you simply can’t miss this beautiful red hair ombre version from Julia: the smooth gradation of color and exclusive blend of copper-toned highlights and lowlights won’t leave you indifferent.

Bella Thorne red hair with omre

#99: Reddish Caramel

Bella Thorne’s heavenly hair color features a darker hue at the roots and tips, and the central part of each lock is saturated with noble brilliance and refined copper glitter.

Sienna Miller rose gold ombre

#100: Rose Gold Ombre

Everyone who has seen Sienna Miller’s rose gold ombre, has been much impressed. It offers a fantastic fade of the color that is not quite common for hair but can be considered as a cool temporary style.


If you still haven’t tried ombre trend, before going to a salon make sure that you’ll look through as many pictures with ombre styles for your hair color as you need to feel confident about what you’d like to see as a result. Once you decide on certain colors for your ombre, take the chosen picture to the colorist you’ll work with. The practice shows that the idea of what is, for instance, “soft chestnut ribbons”, “sweeping highlights in medium rose gold tones” or “toffee-colored highlights throughout” differ significantly from person to person. So, better be prepared and good luck!



Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/08/2015 19:12:00

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