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Fringe Fever: Trending now? Wispy, Bowed, Blunt, and side-swept we like-y them all

Bangs add that instant wow factor, no matter what else is going on with your hair (we've all had those days). You can pull the length back and you've got your best friend fringe as the prime focal point. Choose a style that complements your face shape and hair texture and you won't be disappointed!

Don't do it!

Pro tip from Clint Wilson, co-founder, Salon SCK, New York, NY - Make sure you have a good stylist who offers fringe trims between haircuts. While you may get the urge to cut it yourself, in most cases it doesn't work out well. You'll keep cutting them shorter and shorter until you end up with baby bangs

16 Wispy, Bowed, Blunt, and side-swept Fringe Hairstyles


By Jennifer-Short 09/24/2015 13:04:00

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