Middies Are Amazing: Hair at an in-between length can be long on style

Mid-length hair has so much going for it! For starters, it's very versatile and lets you create pretty much the same looks you can with long locks, but in half the time—you can easily go from loose, bouncy waves to pin-straight strands. There's more than one way to wear the middie, and David Babaii, Partner at Blo Blow Dry Bar, rounds up the three most popular right now

"The Gwyneth"

This sleek, super-straight, all-one-length bob is a classic cut that can flatter almost anyone by varying the length to complement your features. It's elegant and versatile, which is why it's all over the red carpet and runways

The A-line Bob

This one flatters most face shapes and hair textures. The cut is longer in front with angled sides and you can switch things up by adding fringe or by playing around with styling tools to add curls and pretty waves

The Wob

Otherwise known as the longer wavy bob, it complements most face shapes and boasts sexy texture that adds volume and swing. "With this look, take advantage of your natural texture or create different sized waves with a curling iron or even a flat iron," says Babaii

By Jamie 07/06/2015 14:15:00

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