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The Iconic 1940s Wartime 'Victory Rolls' Hairstyle Tutorial

In the early 1940s, during World War II, women were rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in the war effort. Fashion was changing due ... Full story

The 1950's Poodle Hairstyle Tutorial

The Poodle is a popular hairstyle of the 40's and 50's, made famous by Lucille Ball and also by Betty Grable in her Iconic 1943 ... Full story

How To Create Retro Roll Updo Hairstyle

Hey guys! So today's tutorial is the last in the series, and even though the weeks been pretty busy and it seems like it's passed ... Full story

How to create Bumper Bangs

Hey guys:) Today's tutorial was fun for me because it has several components going on at once what with the Side Victory Rolls, the Back-over Roll, and of course, ... Full story

How To Create Rockabilly Rosie Hairstyle

Back again with style number three! Every time I do another tutorial I think its my new favorite, and today's is no exception! This one is probably ... Full story

How To Create Retro Victory Rolls Hairstyle

The amazing Victory Rolls! I am just so happy with how this style turned out.  Its totally retro, totally vintage, totally classic pin-up girl. Its ... Full story

How to create the retro/vintage 'pinup girl' hairstyle

You guessed it! I'm starting another mini hair tutorial series today, and I'm really excited to hear what you guys think throughout this next week ... Full story

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