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50 Great Short Hairstyles for Black Women

When you are looking at the hairstyles of black ladies, you can see how extremely fashionable they are. And this is mostly because they prefer stylish short hairstyles. They say that short hairdos for black women are up-to-date, as they go not only with the fashion, but with the entire character of these ladies, who seem great and elegant in the brown and black hair that is cut short to the best size ever.

Mary J. Blige short black hairstyle

#1: Curvaceous Bangs

Short length is not an excuse to deny yourself the pleasure to rock some adorable curls. Long bangs that go with pixie are meant for diversify your styling experiments. Shape the seductive curvy bangs like Mary J Blige’s and consider switching to a new delicious hair hue to light up your new ravishing looks.

Jennifer Hudson pixie hairstyle for black women

#2: Crisp Feathers & Ultra Shine

Jennifer Hudson’s radiant look instantly arrests our attention with its high contrasts and lovely colors. Another attraction is Jennifer’s gorgeous short hairstyle with thick yet wispy feathers, jagged bangs and ultra shine finish.

Viola Davis curly bob for black women

#3: Texturized Waves

Viola Davis looks chic and modern, rocking her messy chocolate bob at the Variety Power Women Event. These jaunty texturized waves have completely blurred the side parting and accuracy of the edges, but they are so perfect that I wouldn’t change a thing about this lovely ‘do.

Chanel Iman black bob hairstyle with asymmetry

#4: Asymmetric Bob With Wispy Ends

The MTV Video Music Awards welcomed the irresistible Chanel Iman in the sexy Balmain dress and black asymmetric bob to match the outfit texture. The ends of Chanel’s bob are defined with a styling product to achieve the sensual wispy streaks.

Sierra McClain asymmetric bob for black women

#5: Sleek Purple-Gray Bob

Sierra McClain has surprised us with the beautiful angled bob in its sassy peek-a-boo interpretation. But what surprises us even more is Sierra’s lovely purple gray hue that adds this otherwise ordinary bob an unexpectedly extraordinary twist. It’s, definitely, a successful choice.

Zendaya black bob hairstyle

#6: Softened Geometry

Zendaya Coleman’s blunt cut geometric bob features the accuracy of edges and right angles. But this time the goal was to soften the strictness of her bob, and we see how easily it has been achieved. Zendaya’s tresses were just slightly flicked in. 

Kelly McCreary short natural hairstyle

#7: Side-Swept Natural Spirals

Kelly McCreary’ s natural short locks have been skillfully shaped, organized and styled asymmetrically. When you are sick and tired with your “big hair” look, curl your kinks on spiral rollers to achieve these defined and compact spirals. Next, you can style them in any way you like. Personally, I like Kelly’s asymmetric version very much.

Inna Modja short natural hairstyle

#8: Lovely Bouncy Kinks

Inna Modja is not against big hair, and how can she be when it looks so adorable? Inna just lets her kinks thrive, watching the shape of her haircut, and defines the bouncy spirals throughout when styling her coily mane.

Rhonda Ross short natural hairstyle

#9: Short Natural Kinks With The Blurred Afro Texture

Rhonda Ross makes an accent on the natural texture of her kinks deliberately. It may look quite simple and unsophisticated to someone, but if it flatters you, why not to sport this hairstyle while you are growing out your natural hair?

Britne Oldford short natural hairstyle

#10: Sweet Updo For Short Natural Hair

When your natural hair grows out a bit, you can already start experimenting with updos, especially on the days when you need neater and smarter looks. Britne Oldford’s natural locks are still fairly short, but look how smartly she combs back and pins up her kinks.

Jennifer Hudson short hairstyle for black women

#11: Contrast Of Textures For The Edgy Look

If you want to go for a really edgy look on short relaxed tresses, embrace the idea of Jennifer Hudson’s edgy pixie. It makes the right impression with the contrast of its textures: the sleek and smooth sides plus the edgy piecey top make a stunning combo.

Jade Avia pony puff hairstyle

#12: Red Pony Poof For Natural Hair

Jade Avia’s colored kinks are an adorable spectacle. Even more so when they are styled into the cute pony poof. What works sensationally in this look is the color sectioning, but the sleekness of sides and the touchable softness of the lovely coils are pretty impressive as well.

short hairstyle for black women

#13: Vintage Curls

Estelle’s vintage curls on her short relaxed locks make a perfect tandem with her sport-chic outfit. This is how Estelle was dressed and styled to attend the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015. Get inspired and feel free to adopt the ideas.

Danielle Brooks short black hairstyle

#14: Straightness & Edginess

Danielle Brooks looks pretty charming despite the edginess of her look. This is how we know that her style really becomes her. Danielle’s pixie is carefully flat-ironed and styled edgy with elongated angled bangs veiling her eyes. So-o-o-o chic!

Jourdan Dunn bob hairstyle

#15: Textured Asymmetric Bob With Ombre

One of Jourdan Dunn’s latest and most successful hairstyles is this textured bob with the distinct side parting and ombre upgrade. Jourdan’s messy whimsical waves resolve into the textured ends which hold the awesome A-line silhouette of her chin-length bob.

Shameless Maya short hairstyle for black women

#16: Purple Haze

Wow, that’s really as cool as it is simple! Shameless Maya has added the chic color finish to her short afro to transform it completely into the extraordinary black hairstyle that looks pretty posh despite the brightness of the purple, grazing the tips of her kinks.

Zendaya wavy bob hairstyle for black women

#17: Wavy Centre-Parted Bob

Zendaya Coleman is an expert of bob hairstyles, as she has tried on many bob varieties. This lovely bob features the silky beach waves with edgy tips and thin eye-brow-skimming bangs to match.

Nicole Murphy short curly hairstyle for black women

#18: Wet Look Coils

Nicole Murphy’s short curly hairstyle is meant to emphasize the aristocracy of her face oval and features. As a result, a very delicate look is achieved with the right balance of modesty and sex appeal.


#19: Piecey Pixie

Alicia Quarles is rocking a very simple pixie hairstyle that flatters not only her face and body build, but her lively personality in whole. Alicia’s choppy locks are textured to bring out the short chunky pieces on the crown.

Diese short hairstyle for black women

#20: Blonde Crewcut

Diese has graced the front row of the fall-winter 2015 Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show, sporting a sexy blonde crewcut and the revealing décolleté to complete the bold look. At least she didn’t remain unnoticed!

Dennenesch Zoude short hairstyle for black women

#21: Short Edgy Crop With Lift At The Roots

Dennenesch Zoude rocks a wonderful edgy hairstyle with the super-flattering lift above her forehead achieved by backcombing. As a result, this chic hairstyle is gaining the extraordinary spiky texture that is intentionally softened. I love!

Elle varner black hairstyle for short hair

#22: Asymmetric Curly Pony

Today you won’t surprise anyone with a curly pony, but Elle Varner has managed, using a simple trick – asymmetry. Elle’s longer curls are cascading along one side of her head, while the other is intentionally left sleek and uncovered.

Antonique Smith short bob for black women

#23: Blonde Bob With Fancy Bangs

Antonique Smith’s blonde bob from the Los Angeles Premiere of “A Haunted House2” impresses with the sophisticated style of the side bangs. They are arranged practically horizontally in light waves and fixed with hair spray. Embrace the idea to refresh your current bob hairstyles with long bangs.

Tionne Watkins short hairstyle for black women

#24: Contrast Of Textures, Lengths & Colors

Tionne Watkins rocks the eye-catching asymmetric hairstyle that suggests a thoughtful choice of the haircut base and its quality execution. The upper side of Tionne’s extravagant ‘do, styled in silky waves, is perfectly set off by the dark-hued undercut.

Alicia Quarles short black hairstyle

#25: Serene Pixie

Due to the fact that pixie is often styled edgy, Alicia Quarles’ serene version of this popular short style beneficially stands out from the crowd. Alicia’s short locks are lifted at the roots and combed down smoothly to avoid any accent on the texture, but to accentuate the neatness and simple beauty of the look.

African American Black Bob Hairstyle

#26: Classy Bob Hairstyle

Classy Bob Hairstyle is a wonderful option for the hair texture of black women. Besides, it suits many tastes and face shapes. Though there are many types of bob hairdos, this one remains the most popular.

Cute Bob Haircuts for Black Women

#27: Short Bob

Short Bob is one of bob hairdos varieties that won’t go out of style. It looks perfect on almost anyone. Some women find it boring, but still many celebrities wear it with confidence.

blunt cut

#28: Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut is an extreme version of bob with bangs that are angled on for forehead. Using highlights or streaks on this very hairdo is like icing on cake.

Halle Berry Cut

#29: Halle Berry Cut

Technically speaking, this is not a hairstyle, but Halle is very famous for short locks. This star has shown how beautiful and versatile short hair can be. Her usual styles range from textured pixie and to super short crop.

Sleek Inverted Bob Hairstyle

#30: Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle

Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle is one of Rihanna’s favorite styles. It requires very careful styling and can take much time. Aiming at a complete look, you can apply lighter highlights to your hair, as they can help to make this hairdo much more enhanced, making accents of specific face parts. This hairdo is popular with many Hollywood starts and popular singers. Why not try it out?

Mohawk Hairstyle

#31: Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk Hairstyle is another wonderful option for black women and is a popular way of expressing one’s personality. It is not only trendy, but pretty eccentric, providing a great chance of standing out of the crowd. This is mostly for risky girls, who like to noticed and stared at.

medium bob hairstyles for black women

#32: Layered Bob

Layered Bob is easily achieved by uniting layers of different lengths into the hair, though bob still remains at its ordinary one length styled trim. To add shine you can finish the style with oil sheen.

Short hairstyles for black women over 50

#33: Waves and Curls

Waves and Curls is a hairstyle that consists of two popular looks, and is now regarded to as one of the top rated short cuts for black women. It has everything a woman needs: desired natural curls and best balanced waves, which give a really awesome look.

black straight ponytail hairstyle bangs

#34: Bangs

The main benefit of the Bangs hairstyle for black women is that it never requires very high maintenance, unlike other full length styles. It is easily cared for at home and doesn’t need great hair modification. If you don’t have much time or patience, you should better choose this style.

Layered Razor Cut for black women

#35: Razor Cut Bob

Razor Cut Bob is specially created for those black women, who like playing with straight lines. The hairdo looks really great with a round face, as it helps to make it look a bit leaner. This style is very classy and elegant, but it needs a very good makeup and different accessories. Some celebrities use sunglasses.

Medium Bob Haircut

#36: Precision Cut

Precision Cut is a normal trim that has no curls, flips or layers. The cut is known for being extremely accurate. The effect of this is a precise and perfect cutting edge.

Bantu or Nubian Knots

#37: Bantu or Nubian Knots

Bantu or Nubian Knots includes rolling and twisting one’s hair into knots all over one’s head. They are great worn in knots, and the best part is the spiral curls, which they produce after you release them. This elegant look will make any woman exceptional.

Graduated Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

#38: Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob. This style is known for remaining current throughout many seasons. It is usually chosen due to the fact it requires minimal styling for maintaining the look. Just bump the ends using a flat iron and you are ready to go out!

Wavy hairstyles for black women

#39: Messy Hair Bob

Messy Hair Bob is for those, who’d like to look like a rock star or simply like rolling in a bed, having the hair down. If you belong to this type of women, messy hair bob is just for you. This is the most low-maintenance hairstyle!

French Twist Updo Hairstyle

#40: French Twist

French Twist is one of the most elegant hairstyles that became popular with black women for many occasions, ensuring a pretty simple, but very elegant look.

short bob haircut

#41: Side Swept Bangs Bob

Side Swept Bangs Bob makes its owner look a bit older. Long side swept bangs make a bob look more casual and more touchable. If you want to look older than you are, choose this very hairstyle.

Afro American layered Bob Hairstyles

#42: Retro Bowl Cut Hairstyle

Retro Bowl Cut Hairstyle has become pretty popular among most celebrities. If you’d like to have a very creative hairstyle, you should better choose this one. To create this hairdo you should have a smoothing cream and a flat iron. Besides, it is important to moisturize your hair regularly.

Buzz cut hairstyles

#43: Buzz Cuts

Buzz Cuts have never been taboo options in case of women of color, but they are more popular among black women. Because of the denser and stronger hair texture, they seem to pull off this style with great skills. Many celebrities choose this style to expose the facial features. That is why they go short, very short.

Overgrown Bob

#44: Overgrown Bob

Overgrown Bob is the look that works for many different purposes. If you are trying to grow out your bob hairdo or simply want to have another style, keeping the length, choose this one. It looks really great, because there is always a chance for versatility to get a shorter look, you can curl it, or just leave straight for a rather sleek look.

Sassy haircuts for black women

#45: Pixie Cuts

Pixie Cuts. This is the look of women with short tresses – the hair that sits above the ear length, or it can be medium to short in length. The cut includes the hair that remains short in the sides and the rear, but is longer at the crown.

Short Pixie Haircut

#46: Spiked Pixie

Spiked Pixie is the hairstyle that creates an illusion of an electrifying stare. It is possible by fabricating sharp spikes. The look reminds the creating of flips. The difference is that the ends remain pointed and are not bent. It is important to start with clean hair, finishing with oil sheen and freezing spray for luster and hold.

Curly hairstyles for black girls

#47: Curly Puff

Curly Puff is for those, who believe that curly hair is a real problem. Curly puff is just a perfect solution for such cases. This is a pretty simple hairstyle that is suited for short hair. The hairdo can be achieved at home with the help of a few special brushes.

Short African American Curly Hairstyle

#48: Short Curly Crop

Short Curly Crop is the style that depends of the length of hair. The easiest option is to dress the short bob up, adding a head full of curls.

Short Curly Bob Hairstyles

#49: Short, Curly, and Messy

Short, Curly, and Messy is the easiest hairdo to obtain. However, it remains one of the most fashionable. Do you have naturally curly hair? Then just wash it and wear! The length here may vary from the one close to scalp and the one below the ears. Many things depend on what the owner of the hairdo is more comfortable with.

cute short cut hairstyles for black women

#50: Chop Cut

Chop Cut is another popular hairstyle for black women. It is mainly for those ladies, who have naturally thin hair and a really afraid to style them. There is no need to fear, if you choose chop cut. This is a very elegant short hairdo that becomes a real rescue for many black women. This is a sort of a modified version of the bob cut, when the split ends are unevenly cut in order to give it a more featured look.

While choosing a proper hairstyle for yourself, take into consideration the fact that it is a challenging and time-consuming process. If you are not absolutely sure as to what to choose, you should better consult your stylist, ask family and friends, look through different magazines, etc. Then your choice will be perfect. Stay beautiful and elegant! 




Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/05/2015 12:03:00

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