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100 Locs Hairstyles For Black Women

Dreadlocks are not just a Rastafarian look anymore; this dreadlocks gallery highlights a variety of fashionable, attractive hairstyles you can create with dreadlocks, from beautiful formal updos to punk hair styles to casual everyday hairdos.

Longer dreads can easily be piled on the head for an elegant updo. Accessorize the look with bold flowers for a touch of color and chic flair sure to turn heads. If you prefer a more casual look, however, there are many other dreadlocks styles to choose from.


#1 Thick Loc Bob

#2 Side Swept Thick Locs

100 Dreadlock Hairstyles For Black Women

#3 Locs Fauxhawk

 100 Dreadlock Hairstyles For Black Women

#4 Long Locs

#5 Long Curly Locs With Colorful Highlights

#6 Messy Updo Locs

#7 Twisted Locs in an Updo 

#8 Locs in a knot with red hue

#9 Locs with Bangs

#10 Gorgeous, up-swept locs

#11 Short Curly Locs with brown highlights

#12 You can't get any bolder than long blonde locs

#13 This mid-length is just right for pretty locs

#14 Locs Updo

#15 Locs Updo

#16 Retro Style Locs Updo

#17 Side Swept Long wedding Locs

#18 Half Up Half Down Wedding Locs

#19 Locs in Pin Curls

 #20 Half Up Half Down

100 Dreadlock Hairstyles For Black Women

By Karen-Ball 06/29/2015 01:35:00

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