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Medium length is one of the most popular ones, but in black women with natural hair it can cause certain styling complications. Hair is too bulky, uncontrollable, sticking out to all sides… sounds familiar? There are some really cute hairstyles for medium length to bring out your personality, and I want to list them here. Medium Afro styles only seem alike. In reality, bearing a similar rounded shape, each of them has its own mood, curl type and finish. Judge for yourself.

Medium Hairstyles For Black Women

#1: Polished Curls

These defined silky curls are voluminous and fluffy. They have a perfect size and defined curl pattern. And I can only imagine how fantastic they feel on the sides of your face! The polished finish is breathtaking. It’s one of the cutest curly hairstyles I’ve seen ever… what about you?

medium hairstyle for African American women

#2: Glossy Curly Updo For Relaxed Hair

This one will make you look like a sexy black panther, so glossy and curvaceous it is. Just the right amount of light mess in the large vintage curls and fantastic shine, perfectly paired with the red lips for a dramatic style. Save this idea for the nearest big event, it’s worthy, indeed.

curly updo for black women

#3: Natural Dense Ringlets

Those curls remain naturally coarse, dense and irregular, but they feature a cute messy pattern and a great rounded shape, framing your face. Looking at this, nobody will ever say “I don’t like big hair”. But if you still feel like trying something not as bulky as this, get inspired with creative braided hairstyles.

medium black hairstyle

#4: Micro Braids & Gorgeous Waves

Micro braids are a wonderful transitional style from relaxed hair to natural curls. Besides, it’s a really cool opportunity to sport beautiful placid waves like these and try other fun curly hairstyles, while your hair still lacks desirable length. Consider these only in case if your hair is strong, healthy and undamaged.

medium black hairstyle with micro braids

#5: Fun Puffy Style

Medium length for natural hair often turns out challenging for African American women when it comes to styling. But here we see an awesome example of medium puffy hairstyle. Pay particular attention to the ends of your hair, keep them conditioned, tangle-free, trimmed and moisturized.

black puffy medium hairstyle

Hope these have found a way to your heart. View also the section with Black Hairstyles to incorporate fresh ideas into your regular hairstyling routines.


By Karen-Ball 09/02/2016 18:18:00

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