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A Few Superb Natural Curly Hairstyles For Your Curly Coils:

Natural curly hair can’t be left uncontrolled and unstyled, because it looks awkward and causes many problems. Trying to avoid them, some coily girls resort to box braids or braided hairstyles. But there are always those who prefer to show off their natural texture in beautiful curly hairstyles for natural hair. I have picked up the most popular ones for varied lengths. Here they are.

Cute Ideas For Natural Curly Hairstyles

#1: Springy Curls For Natural Hair

Big hair can look fabulous, little messy but well-organized. Springy curls take frizz under control and communicate a cute shape to your coils. You can have those fun spirals centre-parted and highlighted for a balanced daily hairstyle that has its zest and irresistible appeal.

springy curls for natural hair

#2: A Perfect Puff

With this playful hairstyle you will be rocking your natural hair texture proudly. The trick is in slicking the hair, framing your forehead, and letting the remaining coils show off their puffiness in all their beauty. The style reminds Mohawk, and you don’t have to grow out your hair too long to sport it.

natural puff hairstyle

#3: Asymmetric Curly Hairstyle For Natural Hair

Longer natural curls offer an opportunity of eye-catching asymmetric hairstyles. This one features side swept curly mane with a perfectly slicked side and curly bangs on the other. An interesting hair hue, like burgundy or cherry cola will move your curly natural hairstyle to the next level.

curly hairstyle for natural hair

#4: A Bun Alternative

Buns are so elegant but what to do if you lack length? Here is a great solution that looks very much like a high bun but it features untucked ends and appears no less gorgeous. If you additionally complement this style with a braid, I bet you’ll make a splash in the neighborhood. In case length is still your sensitive issue, consider box braids hairstyles.

short natural hairstyle

#5: Very Short & Very Cute

The shorter is your natural hair the easier it is to style it. Not always? Well, if you have the right haircut, it’s definitely so. A good shape, flattering for your face and well-trimmed edges are the keys to success. Further you can incorporate highlights to light up your short hairstyle and make it even more exciting. And here are great haircuts for your boyfriend.

short curly hairstyle for natural hair

I have always been very impressed with versatility of hairstyles for black hair. That’s why, I’ve collected the cutest ones in a separate section Natural Hairstyles that you are very welcome to visit.


By Karen-Ball 09/02/2016 18:31:00

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