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5 Grand Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Women

Black women are endowed with extraordinary hair type, on one hand, and multiple choices on styling solutions, on the other. Mohawk hairstyles are one of them. These are often opted for as hairdos that make a statement. No wonder, you can look very special with a Mohawk regardless of your current length. Here are real Mohawks and fauxhawks, Mohawk updos and fun curly styles.

Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Women

#1: Gorgeous Extra Short Mohawk

This special extra short Mohawk has its signature style. It’s cut closely to the skin at the sides and back with the edgy Mohawk crest that doesn’t reach the nape of your head but stops at your crown. If you have a beautiful oval face and a great head shape, this short haircut is for you, unquestionably.

short mohawk for black women


#2: Short Mohawk Hairstyle, Loved By Hundreds

There are hairstyles winning hundreds of likes wherever they appear. This cute edgy pixie styled into Mohawk is one of them. With sleeked down side tresses and the messed up top, graced by added texture and enhanced by a silky finish, it ‘s winning our hearts instantly.

pixie into mahawk for black hair


#3: Curly Mohawk With A Vintage Flair

African American women love this style because it suggests not fighting with curly structure of your hair but making it your ally. Being extremely charming, this vintage inspired hairstyle looks very neat and creative with colorful highlighting for the Mohawk stripe.

curly mohawk for black women


#4: Bright Delightful Mohawk

When you have a gorgeous cut like this, you simply can’t help enjoying your look every second. Even when you don’t see yourself in the mirror, you read in the eyes of everyone around just how gorgeous you are with those stylish spikes flowing unexpectedly into bold waves.

chic spiky mohawk for black women


#5: Stunning Mohawk Updo For A Special Occasion

This breathtaking updo with a retro tint is ideal for wedding, prom or any other big occasion. It’s twice interesting, as it has managed to blend some madly popular elements from the past, such as Victory rolls and the famous structure of a Mohawk updo. If you like an idea of stylish updos but lack the length so far, consider exquisite box braids hairstyles.

Mohawk updo for african american women

Mohawks are, by the way, an endless subject. I think they are one of few most versatile hairstyles which are constantly replenishing their stock.





By Karen-Ball 09/03/2016 05:14:00

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