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Our Favorite Low Bun Hairstyles

Low bun hairstyles are classy and trendy. They are great for a busy woman on the go who strives to do her hair in a way that is simple and fashionable. You can create many different looks with this style: professional for office, relaxed, bohemian to run errands, or formal for a night out on the town.

Our Favorite Low Bun Hairstyles

#1: Slicked Back Middle Part With Straight Bangs

Cierra gives off a professional vibe with this sleek do. To achieve the look, hair is parted neatly down the middle and slicked smoothly back with a product. Flat iron your bangs and leave them out to drape the sides of your face. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail, trying to avoid fly aways. Then twist and tuck your pony around the elastic and securethe bun with bobby pins.

long bun hairstyle with long bangs

LP2 Studio /

#2: Side Part With a Fun Twist

Uzo Aduba looks extremely classy with this slick style. The hair is smoothed back and parted on the far side of the head. The remaining hair is then pulled back in two small ponytails, one above the other and secured with clear elastics. Take a comb and slightly tease the ponytails and then combine them together into one fun and flirty twist.

low bun hairstyle for black hair

Helga Esteb /

#3. Side Part With Face-Framing Bangs

Carrie Coon has a glamorous look with this side part updo. The product used to increase volume is applied to the roots at the top and back of the head, while the bangs are swept over to one side. A small bun is createdlow at the nape.

side part low bun hairstyle

CarlaVanWagoner /

#4: Crown Braid And Straight Blunt Bangs

Rashida Jones achieves a sweet Bohemian look with this lovely braided updo. The bangs are cut bluntly and styled straight across the forehead. Two pieces of hair are pulled out at the top and put into two small braids, then twisted and secured with bobby pins. The remaining hair is pulled back into a ponytail and then tucked up and underneath the elastic.

low bun hairstyle with a crown braid

Helga Esteb /

#5: Voluminous Low Bun

Stana Katic pulls off this pretty style with volume teased roots and a light wave on top. The rest of the hair is extremely sleek and pulled back with a tight, low bun. This look suggests a lot of hairspray to keep every lock in place.

low bun hairstyle with teased hair

DFree /

#6: Low Bun With A Side Part And A Polished Finish

Sarah Hyland looks stunning with this polished side part updo hairstyle. Her hair is parted to the far right and styled smooth and shiny, showing off the lovely highlights. At the nape Sarah’s long locks are wrapped into sweet, twisty knots off to the side.

polished low bun hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#7: Loose Curly Bun

Izabella Miko rocks a beachy wave look with face-framing curvy bangs and loose curls pinned in the back. To recreate this look use a curl enhancing, texturizing spray all over. Pull the hair back into a loose ponytail and leave a few long pieces out in the front. Scrunch the back of your hair and wrap it loosely around the elastic leaving nice loose curls.

low loose bun hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#8: Sophisticated Loose Bun With A Middle Part

Keltie Knight is very sophisticated with her loose waves parted right down the middle. Her bangs are long and sweeping, while the rest of her hair is tucked and pinned gracefully in the back.

cute messy low bun hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#9: Natural Messy Waves

Stana Katic shows off her shiny waves by letting them hang messy and loose all over. The back hair is pinned up loosely for this playful and sexy look.

low bun hairstyle for wavy hair

Helga Esteb /

#10: Thick Teased Bun

Jenny Slate’s thick curly locks are teased and styled asymmetrically with lots of extra volume. Her hair is swept over to one side and tucked under into a thick bun.

loose textured low bun hairstyle

Phil Stafford /

Low bun hairstyles are easy to achieve. They give you a professional salon look that can be created in just a few minutes and are a great choice for any busy woman.

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