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Get You Perfect Summer Shade: The 15 Hottest Hues For Summer 2015

It's hot. Better find some shade...or rather, the perfect shade! The season is heating up and so is haircolor. All Nutrient Educators Vince Smith of Vince Smith Hair Experience in New York, NY; Andrea Harbison of La Dolce Vita Salon in Franklin, TN amd Trent Day of Salon Roxy in Valrico, FL; give up the 411 on all things summer and haircolor

The 15 Hottest Hues For Summer 2015

- Super Light Blonde

- Cool Golden Blonde

- Tobacco Blonde

- Rose Gold

- Strawberry Blonde

- Golden Brunette

- Cappuccino

- Iced Mocha

- Toasted Hazelnut

- Dark Auburn

- Mahogany Brunette

- Deep Burgundy

- Vibrant Scarlet

- Ruby Red

- Pastel Rainbow

Pretty Please - Naturally Beautiful

Vince: "If you want a more natural, pretty haircolor, stay within one or two shades of your natural haircolor. For example, if you're dark brown, don't go lighter than light brown. Also, add richness and shine -  try a burnished gold or mocha tone over brunette, or a cool gold or sandy gold over blonde."

Andrea: "If you prefer a more natural color try hand-painted highlights - they give a great sun-kissed look to the hair. If you're more of an all-over-color girl, All-Nutrient haircolor is amazing for creating natural color with lots of shine."

Trent: "For natural and pretty haircolor, go for lots of detailed highlights that can be dove-tailed with a transitional color."

All Wild Up - Bold and Bright

Vince: "For those who really like to make a statement with their haircolor, be creative and let your heart sing through your hair. Bright rainbow colors are one way to push it. Also, you can add punch to your natural haircolor by adding accent highlights."

Andrea: "If you're the one who loves to do wild and crazy color, the best techniques are really when you mix several together. You might try foils, all-over color and balayage all in one and it will come out with an amazing result. Try something new!."

Trent: "Be expressive on purpose! Try color panels and blocks - bold bangs and undercuts with side panels that contrast. No peeking! Haircolor wants to be seen!."

Going Blonde - Traditional Summer

Vince: "If you're a brunette who wants to lighten up your haircolor for summer without going blonde, I always like to mimic what nature would do. If you were outdoors with your hair pulled back, the sun would lighten the hair around your face and toward the ends of your ponytail. Ask your colorist to add some caramel or cappuccino-colored highlights where the sun would put them."

Andrea: "For my clients who do not like bleach on their hair, All-Nutrient's super light series is a great alternative. I use this to create subtle highlights in the ahir that look amazing on brunettes!."

Trent: "Try adding fine highlights and lowlights using balayage, and follow it with a color glaze. Keep the color dimensional, romantic and natural; you want harmonious warm/rich tones to give that natural sheen, but keep it tone on tone."

Going More Blonde - Amping Up Tradition

Vince: "To summer-ize your already blonde hair, ask your stylist to add face-framing highlights. Or, if you have all-over color, you can allow the sun to lighten your hair naturally; when you go for your touch-up, ask your stylist to use a clear glaze to keep the lighter color nature has given you."

Andrea: "For my already-blondes I like to throw in some warmer tones,. The sun tends to naturally lighten the hair already, and All-Nutrient has amazing colors for adding in lowlights to your already super-blonde hair to create a beautiful summer blonde!."

Trent: "Go blonder at the base, and add soft panels of either pastel or platinum blonde."

Protectant And Serve - Keep Your Hue Safe

Vince: "Just walking around in the sun with your hair unprotected by a hat or scarf will cause significant color fade and lightening! If your hair color is correctly formulated, your hair will fade on-tone, which can create a lighter, pretty version of your original color. To protect your color from the sun, though, you should use a chelating, clarifying treatment regularly. I recommend All-Nutrient's ClarpHx."

Andrea: "To protect your hair from the elements, I recommend All-Nutrient ColorSafe Shampoo and Conditioner, as well ColorSafe Nourishing Mist; spray the mist on your hair when you're headed to the pool or right after you shampoo to protect from the sun. And clarify your hair after the pool! All-Nutrients ClarpHx removes chlorine without stripping your hair."

Trent: "Color protection is important! Products with color-locking, UV, moisture and protein make it a slam dunk. No need to add more to the morning routine of products layering if it's all there."




By Lena-Hamm 06/02/2015 12:17:00

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