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Blondes: 3 Tips To Prevent Brassiness and Damage

Be Beautiful, Not Brassy!

How it should look: Buttery blond, cool platinum and sun-kissed
How it looks when it is brassy: Yellow and dull

If you're a bleached blonde, preventing brassiness and damage should be top priority! dipHUE Creative Director Justin Anderson has some tricks to help:

1) The best way to brighten blonde and counteract brassiness from the water or environment is to use a purple shampoo

2) While conditioners smell nice and temporarily make hair feel soft, Anderson likes to add oils back into colored hair with an at-home oil treatment. "Apply a generous amount to dry hair, and sweep it back while running errands or working out." he says

3) A good brush is key when styling color-treated hair. "I prefer the Ibiza boar bristle brushes because they don't pull on hair or heat up like metal round brushes

By Karen-Ball 06/12/2015 12:27:00

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