By Audrey-Hunter Published 07/19/2015 18:07:00 | Views: 898
4 Keys to Fade-Free Color

Who wants to spend all that time and money in a salon only to have her hair color fade before its expiration date? Celebrity stylist Diane Bailey, who has worked with Beyonce, tells us how to prevent our color from losing it vibrancy far too soon.

  • Follow the cardinal rule of coloring: wait 24-48 hours before shampooing to help lock hair color in.
  • Rinse hair with cold water after shampooing and conditioning. Warm water opens up the hair cuticle while cold water seals it
  • Besides water, sun is your color's worst enemy. Protect it by covering up with a scarf or apply a leave-in conditioner or oil-based treatment before heading outside.
  • A color-safe shampoo is a must. Choose one that's gentle and sulfate-free.
By Audrey-Hunter 07/19/2015 18:07:00

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