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This is Not Your Granny's Gray

When it comes to gray hair, the usual maneuver is to cover it up—or dye trying. But when today's PYTs start spotting silver strands then you know this isn't Grandmomma's mane.


Why gray and why now? "It's something different and something new, so it's really exciting for everyone," exclaims celebrity hair stylist Ursula Stephen. (She's the hair genius behind Rihanna's spotlight-stealing silver strands) Expert colorist Christol Williams, of Christol Salon & Spa in Clinton, MD, adds, "We've seen a lot of the honey blondes. golden blondes and pale blondes over the years, so I think now, people are more into the pastel, iridescent, grayish, lavender type tones." The fashion-forward mane movement has created dozens of fair-haired beauties, in a variety of subdued shades. "There are different hues of gray. There's silver gray, then there are some that have hints of blue, hints of purple, hints of pink and then the typical gray with black in it," details star stylist stephen


Can't wait to score silver strands? You're in luck: icy gray is matter what your age! "Girls who are super young are wearing gray hair, so it doesn't really have an age limit to it. If you're older and you're naturally gray, then it works because it's your natural color. But, if you're young and you can pull it off, that's amazing too, I think that's the fun part about it," shares Stephen. Rihanna's go-to stylist continues, "Anybody gutsy enough to wear it, I think should wear it. It's a fun color, it's a cool trend and I think anyone who has healthy hair should do it."


While it may seem simple, it takes a lot to drain hair of its color. To achieve the muted, pale hue you desire, Williams points out, "Your hair has to be extremely healthy," The colorist explains, "You have to lift the hair multiple times, as a lot of people's natural haircolor is generally dark." The process can take a toll on your hair, so be sure to take this into consideration when "going gray." "I recommend it more for Natural hair and extremely healthy hair. Just keep in mind that it requires maintenance as far as conditioning, because your hair will be a little bit more dry," says Williams.


With so many silvery hues, it can be hard to select the perfect gray shade and how to wear a gray style. Peek-a-boo silver strands instantly add edge to a coif, while all-over color pops. "I think all over is the best way to do it. The streak is fun, but I think once you take the plunge and go all over, it's a bigger impact," shares Stephen.

Whether you're looking to make a subtle or sudden impact, there's a gray for you. According to Williams, your shade choice should be, "based on your complexion, your eye color and how pink your undertone is—it's more for clients who do well with cool colors. "Have a warmer skin tone? Don't worry—you can still rock a gorgeous gray 'do! Williams, a color expert, suggest going with a darker shade of gray to balance out your complexion. To add even more flair to your 'do, try enhancing your mane with multiple hues. Stylist to the stars, Stephen suggests, "If you want to be more trendy with it, add blue or pink to it."


Shading your tresses gray will require you to show your hair a little extra love, but the TLC will be totally worth it! Color touch-ups should be scheduled according to your hair growth, but, as celeb stylist Stephen reveals, "Because it's such a trendy color, seeing a little growth is not a big deal—because everybody knows you're not naturally gray." While timely touchups may be optional, conditioning treatments are a must. "You definitely want to do a lot of conditioning treatments, keep it moisturized and try not to use a lot of heat products like curling irons, flat irons, blow-dryers or things like that," recommends Stephen. Williams agrees adding, "As far as conditioning , I would say at least once a month, get a moisturizing, hydration treatment in the salon.: Her other tips for going gray? "Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And make sure you go to a professional colorist."


By Jennifer-Short 08/06/2015 04:58:00

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