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A couple of years ago, I decided to "go purple". The idea sparked my inner rebel. It seemed exotic, edgy and controversial. Now, everywhere I go—out to dinner, to the movie theater, the grocery store— I spot at least one, if not more, purple haired women. Suddenly, I'm mainstream.

Top Purple Hair Dyes

Organic Coloursystems No Limits Violet

Solid through salons, this is the at-home version of the professional line. Organic Colour Systems' selling point is that it uses fewer chemicals and no ammonia, reducing hair damage. The No Limits semi-permanent fantasy color line is also free of PPDs and PTDs, which are pigments used in many dyes that can sometimes cause allergic reactions -

Sparks Purple Passion

More than a couple of purple-haired women shared with me their love of this line for its staying power. It certainly looked good on them. The line is PPD- and cruelty-free, and is available on Amazon.

Manic Panic

This New York city-based cosmetics brand has been selling fantasy hair colors since 1977. It currently boasts nine different hair color variations of purple. The brand has two semi-permanent lines: Classic, which can last four to six weeks, and Amplified, created to last 30-percent longer — and they do not contain bleach, ammonia, peroxide, parabens or PPD, and are vegan and cruelty-free. Manic Panic also offers huan-hair and synthetic-hair extensions in purple shades

By Jennifer-Short 10/01/2015 08:00:00

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