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Rev it up this fall with one of the season's gorgeous new hues

Hair guru Frank Barbosa—he's worked on countless celebs and movie sets, including fashionista fave Sex and the City 2—shares everything you need to know about the season's new, super rich hues

Flame Thrower

Take a walk on the edgy side with a brunette snip infused with eye-popping panels of copper. Layers add lift on the top and hair clips over the face in a striking cheveron shape. Red-hot reds like this look best on women with warm skin tones. Color variations at the tips enhance the cut's strong lines, picking up light for added shine

Gold Infused Auburn

Scarlet might fade faster than other colors, but results like this warm, gold-infused auburn make it worth the extra upkeep. It's a knockout worn with a funky, updated bob with tapered sides and blunt bangs. Almost anyone can handle this muted hue, but its golden tones are especially flattering against an olive complexion

Cool Platinum

Best known for radiating a bombshell vibe, platinum can also be playful when paired with a flirty cut like this flippy shag with full, curvy fringe. Its extreme cool tones look best on natural blondes that have darkened over time and women with pale skin tones

Ginger Snap

This fiery look is bursting with high-octane shine! A shoulder-grazing pageboy with flippy, eye-obscuring fringe brings out its sultry appeal. According to Barbosa, the hue can flatter either fair or tan skin tones. It's also important that the copper tones are much warmer than the cool reds, and you should ask your colorist to avoid any violet or purple reds

Cafe Au Lait

Fall's the perfect time to go with this warm brunette with splashes of cinnamon placed on top, just where the sun would naturally hit it. Mocha looks great when contrasted with a pale, porcelain complexion, and Barbosa suggests your colorist use demi or temporary colors which fade out gradually without any obvious lines

Blonde Vivante

Highlights and lowlights add movement and depth to this mane's va-voom volume. At night, add mousse and direct layers up and over as you blow-dry, coaxing the front over the face. Anyone who wants to be blonde can handle this hue, says Barbosa, who adds that it works with either conservative or edgy cuts

Panel Play

Two-tone blonde radiates a beautiful, vinyl-like shine, says Barbosa, and the look is very current. The curvy bob's disconnected front panel is swept over the face so dazzling gold takes the spotlight. Because this customized color combines both cool and warm tones, pretty much anyone can wear it

Shot of Espresso

To break up deepest brunette, a close cap cut has narrow slices of ash blonde painted through the edgy, point-cut fringe. The cut and color combo is tailor-made for the girl with baby-fine hair, cool skin tones and pretty, even features, and is guaranteed to convery glamour and strength

Vampy Violet

Dip-dyed ends and interior panels continue to be a major trend, so why not give it a try? Here, the color accents are painted on at random to echo the cut's uneven perimeter, and they also show up in the blunt bangs. Keep in mind that pops of pastel will be hard to see unless you have light blonde locks.

Orange Spice

Are you fashion-forward? Then try this cutting-edge mix of all-over auburn with splashes of burnt orange in the fringe. Chipped-into ends add movement and hair is styled smooth to make the color combo really stand out. Rich pigments in several shades create a striking contrast when placed against the model's pale, porcelain complexion

Sunset Surprise

Combining burnt orange, gold and dark brunette, you need a strong personality and lots of confidence to pull off this head-turning shade. Those with pale or pink skin tones like this model's look best in the hue. A sleek-as-ice surface enhances the shine, while styling hair to one side adds a coy, mysterious finish.




By Jennifer-Short 12/17/2015 08:07:00

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