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Hair Color Trends Spring Summer 2016: Desert Rose
As the weather continues to warm up, we are beginning to see rich new colors from stylist everywhere. The most notable color trend this Spring /  Summer 2016 is the desert rose. A truly original shade created by stylist NikKi Lee for actress Emma Roberts.
Nikki Lee is one of the famous Nine Zero One salon hairstylist in Los Angeles that actress Emma Roberts turned to change her look.
The actress wanted something original for her Coachella Festival appearance. Nikki was able to achieve the new hue by mixing blonde and Red to create a truly original gradient that only the sunrise over the desert can have. The desert rose has become a must have for many celebrities.
Since posting the picture of her new hair color on Instagram, she has received nearly 5,000 comments from girls and fans ready to emulate her new color  
The desert rose is the perfect color for Blondes, or at most very light brown (honey) colored hair and would not look the same on dark brown or natural red. Also, this type of gradient is perfectly enhanced by a wavy natural effect.
By Lily-Oliver 05/30/2016 03:52:00

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