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The 30 Gorgeous Blonde Hairstyles To Make A Splash In Your World

Finding a perfect hair hue isn’t as crucial for anyone else as it is for blondes. You can look bolder or less dramatic, extremely feminine or girly-flirty, sexy or innocently sweet, retro-fabulous or ultra-modern. The choice of the right cut, certainly, matters as well, but with the right shade of blonde even the simplest elegant styles make a statement.

So what will be your new hue – bright brilliant,…pale and ashy? Warm or cool? Golden or platinum? Half blond half black hair, maybe? You should choose relying on your taste and skin undertone (warmer shades for warm undertones and cool shades for the cooler skin tones).

If the later one is something that is given us by Mother Nature, speaking of tastes, we know that they differ. And it’s always easier to decide on something when you have visual examples in front of your eyes. Here you will find 30 most eye-catching hairstyles and hair hues for blondes.

#1: Golden Blonde Beach Waves

Kissed by the sun, caresses by the sea breeze, this fantastic golden blonde hue is a dream of many girls. Loose shiny beach waves, letting the semitones overflow, suit it the most.

beach waves for golden blonde hair

#2: Gorgeous Blonde Bobby Pinned Updo

Although updos do not provide an opportunity to show off your luxurious blonde locks, they offer very elegant sleek and tucked up styles for very special occasions.

sleek blonde updo

#3: Blond Provocation

Blonde hair can be very bright and provocatively sexy, like this sassy slightly tousled straight hairstyle, featuring pale blond hue with a light touch of warmer notes and caramel downlights.

pale blonde hair with highlights and downlights

#4: Sunny Beach

Saturated with the life-giving sun energy, these warm-toned mighty beach waves look incredibly natural and very beautiful. Subtle highlights add a fantastic dimensional effect and the right sheen for the face.

golden blonde beach waves

#5: Ash Blonde Waves

Beach waves are invariably popular among the hits of every summer season. This babe has also opted for this extremely liked style to demonstrate her enviable long ash blond locks.

ash blonde beach waves

#6: Dazzling Black-To-Blonde Tresses

Frankly speaking, I come across very few half blond half black hair styles I really like. These alternating black and white streaks are a real success in my humble opinion.

black to blonde hair

#7: Fanciful Edgy Bob With Pale Pink Highlights

This bob is incredibly beautiful and stylish. Check out its awesome feathery texture and shattered silhouette, defined with edgy contours and cool pastel pink highlights.

pale blonde tousled bob

#8: Warm Blonde Hair In “Beadhead” Style

This appealing hairstyle for thin medium hair features simultaneously 2 “wow” factors: a fantastic warm blond hue, accentuated with very subtle strawberry blonde highlights, and a trendy “bedhead” effect with volume, concentrated on the sides on the face.

blonde bedhead style

#9: Warm Blond Ponytail

Another current tendency is associated with ponytails. This one is simple and classy with hair raised on the crown and the wrapping bangs, shifting the focus to the nape of the head and the chic low ponytail.

blonde ponytail

#10: Mohawk-Inspired Ponytail

With side hair slicked under the bouffant and awesome centered volume, this sculptural formal ponytail is an exceptionally eye-catching style you may adopt for a very special occasion, night out with friends or even an office day.

blonde bouffant ponytail

#11: Warm Blond Wavy A-line Bob

The elongated side locks and skilful layering have provided smooth rounded contours and just the perfect volume for this A-line curly bob, toned in the tenderest tones of blonde.

warm blond curly a-line bob

#12: Superb Golden Blonde Hair

This wet curly mussy look in the best possible tones of golden blonde couldn’t have been performed more successfully. It expresses innocence and style, carelessness and freshness.

golden blonde curly bob

#13: Pale Blonde Vintage Curls

Moving vintage curls and a bright make up can blend very harmoniously into the modern street style if completed with abstract outfit prints and bold stylish accessories.

vintage curly blonde hairstyle

#14: Short Ultra Voluminous Cool Toned Bob

This edgy shattered bob features an irregular curl pattern and exquisite texture, ideal for the cooler tones of blonde. The impression is it’s her natural curl, and it looks flawless in its irregularity.

ash blonde tousled bob

#15: Short Layered Asymmetric Bob In Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde illuminates fair skin with cool undertone like no other hue. If you pair it with a showy short bob with jagged outlines and long asymmetric bangs, you’ll get an absolutely winning combo.

blonde layered asymmetric bob

#16: Half Black Half Blond

The idea of the seamless transition of color, so crucial for all the ombre techniques, is boldly defied with this look. And the offered solution does look very interesting and challenging.

half black half blonde hair

#17: Serpentine

The fancy serpentine braiding allows wearing long hair loose in a chic way. Besides, it looks so cool that you won’t be deprived of attention, that’s for sure.

serpentine braiding for blonde hair

#18: Awesome Layered Cut In Black&White

Here is another zestful black-and-blonde hairstyle. Perfect layering of the upper pale blonde layer reveals a highly contrasting black underlayer. And, wow, the effect is stunning!

blonde hair with black downlights

#19: Heavenly Golden Blonde Twists

We are used to see twists on black hair but here is how exquisitely they may look in its blonde interpretation. The hue of pink gold is also beyond compare.

twists for blonde hair

# 20: Outstanding Solid Curl In Summer Wheat Blonde

Unbelievable density and flowability are the unquestionable focal points of this impressive hairstyle. Thick long blond hair would work perfectly if you fancy bringing this idea to life.

long blonde hair with loose curls

#21: Hilarity

Light and optimistic blonde curls look adorable when messed up. These are a very appealing length, cut and style for summer when you strive to get rid of any extra weight, including the one on your head.

short curly ash blonde hairstyle

#22: Featherweight Curly Pixie

This pale blonde pixie resembles a handful of white feathers – so airy and gaseous it appears. Thus, if you are considering a very short and light blonde look, give this idea a chance, especially if you hair has a tendency to curl.

short curly blonde pixie

#23: Spiked & Edgy Pixie

And here is a bolder, edgier and more challenging version of the same pale blond pixie. Straight hair and decisive character are the ideal attributes if you have views on this prescription.

short blonde spiky hairstyle

#24: In The Mainstream

Who doesn’t want to look natural and stylish, feel free and careless, when it comes to hair styling? Bob haircut is low-maintenance and very democratic in this relation. This tousled ash blond bob only needs a little bit teasing at the roots while blow-drying.

ash blonde tousled bob hairstyle

#25: Supreme Contour Layering

Sleek hairstyles are most capable of color expression. So, we can fully admire the cool tones of the white gold in this gorgeous hairstyle. And the stunning layering for the contours is a very appealing bonus.

sleek layered blonde hairstyle

#26: Strawberry Blond Delight

Strawberry blond appears very feminine, soft and tender. Only a delightful flowing curl can enhance this effect, bringing it to the peak of style and good taste.

curly strawberry blonde a-line hairstyle

#27: Long Disconnected Bob With Subtle Waves

Simplicity and serenity of this elegant blonde style are the keys of its triumph. Grace of the soft waves, framing the face, has found its best manifestation in the glowing tints of the pale blonde.

cool blonde tousled hairstyle

#28: Mermaid

Fishtail is a hot trend and a chic hairstyle suitable for hair of practically any type and color. On blonde highlighted hair this side fishtail, paired with headband braiding looks extremely chic and showy.

blonde fishtail hairstyle

#29: Spiffy Vintage Style

Extra large curls, the gorgeous wave for the fringe and a fabulous volume make this charming vintage style for golden blonde hair irresistible. It suits ravishing women, who are 100% confident of their overwhelming beauty.

vintage blonde hairstyle

#30: Strawberry With Champagne

Her strawberry blonde hairstyle is light and flirty like champagne bubbles. Alluring curled and whipped up ends create tempting volume, while the roots remain untouched.

warm blonde bob hairstyle

Well, by now I believe you’ve made a rough draft of your new ravishing looks to make a splash at the nearest events in your life. I wish you to look absolutely gorgeous with your new flattering blonde hues and styles.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/08/2015 12:48:00

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