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londe Ombre Hair

Ombre endows blonde hair with fabulous radiance. You may try blonde ombre on dishwater blonde, strawberry blonde, light brown and even medium brown as a basic color. Ashy blonde or platinum ends refresh your locks and make them brighter. Alternatively you can opt for golden notes, especially if your skin is tanned and has a warm subtone. Let’s view the examples.

#1: Dishwater Blonde Into Bright Platinum Blonde

Girls with natural dishwater blonde hair are getting so sick with their somewhat dull color that they resort to bleaching or dye their locks into the lighter shades of brown. But there’s a better suggestion to enliven your locks, preserving your natural hue at the roots – ombre!

blonde ombre for medium-to-long hair

#2: Gorgeous Brown Blonde Ombre

Women with hair, varying in lighter shades of brown can’t help going brown blonde, which is not surprising, by the way. Look how stunning it is whether you flat iron your tresses or curl them into soft flowing waves. Amazing bronde ombre will lighten your face thanks to very light blonde curls, and, I bet, your eyes will shine brighter too.

blonde ombre for medium brown hair

#3: Golden Blonde Waves

Thanks to the current trends every brown-haired fashionista can rock blond locks without having to bleach her tresses entirely from roots to ends. Brown blonde ombre is one of the most preferred solutions these days. With shorter tresses you may have it in the form of ombre highlights and go more on the golden blonde side.

golden blonde ombre hair

#4: Strawberry Blonde Into Ashy Blonde

Wow, these light hues give a very soft and tender feel, matching harmoniously in the 50/50 proportion. Long V-edged haircuts, certainly, make the biggest impression, but you can also try ombre like this on shorter tresses. Check this page for numerous ombre ideas for blonde, brown, red and black hair.

strawberry blonde into platinum blonde ombre

#5: Honey Blonde Into Platinum Blonde

Honey blonde fading into radiant platinum blonde makes an excellent base for bright summer looks. Being originally very charming, it does not require any sophisticated hairstyles. Messy natural-looking waves or braids would be right to the point. Here are ideas on beautiful wavy hairstyles for sunny days.

honey blonde into platinum ombre


Amelia Peters
By Amelia Peters 05/18/2015 12:18:00

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