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Variations Of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde is a trendy hair color. It’s a famous warm reddish blonde hue that looks refined and pretty fancy in some of its variations. Most blondes and redheads have tried it and appreciated its benefits. Among celebrities the most popular strawberry blondes are Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Cynthia Nixon, Sienna Miller…

These are true strawberry blonde icons, and we often can’t resist copying their stunning looks at least partially. However, we, girls, don’t feel like looking the same for too long. That’s why we experiment with hair colors so often. I’ve looked around for 20 different shades of strawberry blonde. Some of them are rather into the beige and neutral tone with a very delicate pinkish tint, others incline to warm reddish shades. There are also darker and lighter versions, more intense and softer ones. I bet you’ll find here something you really like.


#1: Refined Beige

beige strawberry blonde hair color

Being darker and redder at the roots, this fabulous color melts into soft caramel hues towards the ends, but the transition is so seamless that you can hardly notice the change of the color at all. Subtle ombre highlights are the coolest, unquestionably.

strawberry blonde hair

#2: Two-Tone Strawberry Blonde Locks

These awesome locks feature a gorgeous coloristic solution with warmer golden hue around the face and pale ends. It’s a fantastic idea for blondes who want to add a fancy note to their hair color.

strawberry blonder hair for teenagers

#3: Bright Strawberry Blonde Tresses

Although this hair color is not literally bright, it is clear and bold enough for a strawberry blonde. And, as you see, it looks great with blue eyes and porcelain skin. I can easily imagine it on a teen-ager or a woman in her 30.

blonde to strawberry blonde transformation

#4: White Gold To Strawberry Blonde Transformation

This blonde with darker roots was originally charming, but if you wear the same color for too long, you are getting a bit boring no matter how beautiful it is. Transitioning to the cool tone of strawberry blonde long hair can be a very pleasing color shift.

dark strawberry blonde hair color

#5: Dark Strawberry Blonde

Darker hues of the color, loved by so many, are a good match for women with more contrasting looks. It will flatter tanned skin and dark or bright eyes. Natural waves and a beautiful hair hue is all it takes to look stunning.

dark strawberry blonde hair with highlights

#6: A Sweet Couple

There are many monochromatic looks with strawberry blonde, but it also can win from combinations with other delicious hues. The cool-toned strawberry blonde for the base looks fabulous with warm honey highlights.

golden blonde and strawberry blonde

#7: Rainbow

This coloristic idea offers a rainbow effect with golden blonde at the roots melting into strawberry blonde in the middle and again coming back to the golden shade at the ends – a rather unusual and very eye-catching solution.

intense strawberry blonde hair color

#8: Intense

This one is almost red, and it’s really more into red than a classic strawberry blonde. But at the same time this rich complex hue can be referred to the most intense shades of the later.

warm strawberry blonde hair color

#9: Honey & Strawberries

This awesome radiant hue of strawberry blonde sweetened with honey syrup radiates beauty and clarity. The ends were made just a little bit lighter to convey the depth and fullness of the color.

light strawberry blonde hair

#10: Very Light Strawberry Blonde

Going a tone or two lighter can be flattering for a very fair skin. You can leave strawberry blonde shade only at the roots letting it fade into pale wheat blonde towards the tips.

cool tone of strawberry blonde hair

#11: Soft & Creamy

As for me, a perfect tone is neutral: neither too dark or bright, nor too light. It’s delicate and creamy like this one. It’s certainly, an individual matter, but I believe it’s hard to find something more versatile.

strawberry blonde curls

#12: Pearly Curls

Adding a pearly finish with a shine enhancer, you help your favorite hue to reveal its beauty at fullest. It opens its most precious notes one by one, like a delicate fragrance, and you enjoy the stunning 3D effect and fullness of color.

strawberry blonde with highlights

#13: Pastel

Here are light pastel pinkish and tangerine tints you can consider as an original summer hair color. I can imagine it looking awesome in free flowing curly downdos.

silky strawberry blonde hair

#14: Silkiness & Charm

Peachy skin and glossy strawberry blonde hair is an impressive combination. Rocking the same hue in casual messy styles, you’ll shift the emphasis from flawless elegance to sweet romance.

caramel hair with strawberry blonde ends

#15: Strawberry Blonde Accents

This sophisticated coloristic solution opts for a creamy blonde with a light pinkish tint for the base and creative balayage highlights with pastel flamingo hue for the ends.

highlighted strawberry blonde hair

#16: Strawberries With Cream

Strawberry blonde base is getting even more appealing with creamy highlights added throughout. I love this clear graceful combination in a messy braided hairstyle and can picture it in more elegant looks.

strawberry blonde hair with honey highlights

#17: Buttery Strawberry Blonde With Golden Touches

Here is how you can make strawberry blonde warmer and sunnier for summer. Adding soft golden highlights and styling your locks with a smooth silky finish, you draw attention to its fabulous buttery texture and extremely delicious color.

strawberry blonde curls with highlights

#18: Heavenly Curls

As you see, strawberry blonde and sun kisses blonde is a good match, colorists frequently use these days. You can vary the prevalence of one hue or another. Here they use more of the golden blonde shade for the top locks on the crown, while the tips are only randomly teased to play with a dimensional effect.

curly strawberry blonde hairstyle

#19: Gorgeous Glossy Strawberry For Porcelain Skin

This hue is deeply-feminine and intriguing especially when you need to set off very fair warm-toned skin. It’s going to look fairly well not only in formal and vintage hairstyles, but also in modern messy updos and downdos.

warm strawberry blonde hair color

#20: Almost Red

You may need to bring shade almost to the copper red, adding strawberry blonde highlights only for the ends. The intensity of this color harmonizes with the blue eyes and fair skin of the model.

Chloe Anderson
By Chloe Anderson 05/20/2015 16:34:00

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