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50 Phenomenal Blonde Hair Color Ideas For The Current Season

Blonde hair color is extremely multi-faceted. Whether you are a natural blonde, brunette or redhead, you can select your own super flattering blonde from clear monochromatic tones or sophisticated blends in breathtaking looks with highlights or sombre. The brightest Hollywood blondes and the rest of world-famous celebs with luxurious blonde locks are ready to share with you 50 fabulous ideas on blonde hair hues. Expressive platinum, all blondes with darkened roots and delicious honey blondes are among top favorites this season.

#1. Ashley Greene: Wheat Blonde With Warm Highlights & Darkened Roots

Ashley Greene looks adorable with this wheat blonde hair hue softened with subtle golden blonde highlights. If you want to make it more distinct, darken the roots like Ashley’s and wear simple centre-parted hairstyles.

Ashley Greene blonde hair color idea

#2. Blake Lively: Stunning Buttery Blonde Waves

These buttery blonde waves seem extremely feminine and sensuous. Be sure: the sophisticated blonde hue that unveils its delicate gleam in every curve of each curl won’t leave anyone indifferent. And it flatters Blake’s pearly complexion like no other.

Blake Lively blonde hair color idea

#3. Cameron Diaz: Honey Blonde With Root Exposure

Cameron Diaz has warned up her fair locks, introducing delicious honey notes and darkening the roots to enhance the contrast between her fair complexion, bright blue eyes and warm blonde tresses. Ah… and coral lips are a perfect compliment to her radiant look.

Cameron Diaz blonde hair color idea

#4. Diane Kruger: Brown Blonde Into Platinum Fade

Diane Kruger’s statement lob features a refined smooth fade of rich brown blonde at the roots into the lustrous platinum blonde locks. The hue of the roots also duplicates her eye-brow tone for complete harmony of the basic colors in her bright appearance.

Diane Kruger blonde hair color idea

#5. January Jones: Polished Creamy Blonde

This elegant asymmetric bob with a deep side parting needed a delicate and sophisticated shade to set off January Jones’ fair skin and bright blue eyes. And, sure, it was a big time for the intelligent creamy blonde. Embrace the idea!

January Jones blonde hair color idea

#6. Madonna: Golden Blonde Free Of Root Cover Up

While just a short time ego exposing your dark roots with medium blonde locks was considered the nastiest thing, today it’s very welcome. Celebrities rock them with pleasure at all gala events. Madonna with her shiny golden blonde locks does not plan to make an exception either.

Madonna blonde hair color idea

#7. Nicola Peltz: Caramelized Blonde

Blonde with admixture of caramel streaks will refresh your complexion, restoring its radiance and healthy blush. Nicola’s face is shining with freshness and beauty thanks to this particular brilliant hair color idea.

Nicola Peltz blonde hair color idea

#8. Rihanna: Sunny Curls & Dark Roots

Being a hair chameleon, Rihanna won’t go for anything boring, ordinary or commonplace. So, she opts for a joyful sunny blonde with distinct yellow glints and, certainly, dark roots – a truly impressive combo I’d say!

Rihanna blonde hair color idea

#9: Sarah Jessica Parker: Caramelized Ash Blonde

Girls with dishwater blonde natural hair color, why don’t you consider duplicating Parker’s awesome caramelized tone? And thin platinum blonde highlights for the face-framing locks are a cute bonus accent.

Sarah Jessica parker blonde hair color

#10. Taylor Swift: What A Wow Ash Blonde!

It turns out ash blonde can be pretty dynamic and expressive. Taylor Swift’s ashy blonde waves in combination with a bold make up are rather heart-stopping and can easily compete with dramatic brunette curls.

Taylor Swift blonde hair color idea

#11. Chloe Grace Moretz: Dreamed Sun-Kissed Locks

By now Chloe Grace Moretz has tried a broad palette of blondes and medium browns, but this particular dreamy sun-kissed blonde is, definitely, the one for summer! Besides, it is going to flatter not only very young girls.

Chloe Moretz blonde hair color idea

#12. Cara Delevigne: Sexy Bronde

Cara Delevigne who is commonly sticking to light brown palette and mousy blondes, this time decides on a sensuous brown blonde with caramel blonde highlights on a medium brown base – a really cool idea to embrace if you want to enliven your dishwater blonde.

Cara Delevigne blonde hair color idea

#13. Maria Sharapova: Cream Soda Blonde

Maria Sharapova, the highest paid athlete, according to the magazine Forbes, is also a pretty and hot blonde, who stays loyal to natural medium blonde hues. However, this cream soda blonde with yellowish tints at the bangs brings out her skin tone and natural colors like no other.

Maria Sharapova blonde hair color idea

#14. Julia Roberts: Russet Locks With Honey Dip Highlights

They say Julia Roberts never goes wrong with her hair color choices. And although we are more used to her luxurious auburn curls, this medium golden blonde with honey dip highlights, matching her velvety brown eyes, flatters her incredibly!

Julia Roberts blonde hair color idea

#15. Katherine Jenkins: Adorable Dirty Blonde

New albums, new hairdos and new hair colors… Katherine Jenkins is never late on any of these. Her spectacular dirty blonde with delicate ginger notes around the face and ashy ends is a wonderful choice for her complexion.

Katherine Jenkins blonde hair color idea

#16 Leigh Lezark: Medium Ash Blonde – Vanilla Malt

Not everyone can afford the lightest blonde tones, while medium ashy blondes are incredibly versatile. Leigh Lezark dresses up her long bob in a delicate medium blonde hue with ash tones and darkens the roots just a little bit.

Leigh Lezark blonde hair color idea

#17. Julianne Hough: Iced Out Blonde

How about a gulp of refreshing coolness? It’s same desirable in summer as generous sun rays. Whether to go for cool blonde or warm blonde, decide relying on your color type. Girls with pale skin tone, like Julianne Hough will definitely succeed with gorgeous iced blondes.

Julianne Hough blonde hair color idea

#18. Nicole Kidman: Ginger Blonde

Nicole Kidman is endowed by nature with a warm skin undertone, that’s why all the warm blondes are deservedly hers. This soft ginger blonde brings out her beautiful blue eyes and fair peachy skin.

Nicole Kidman blonde hair color idea

#19. Kate Mara: Honey Butter Blonde With Highlights

This fabulous lob with lots of texture and dimension, rocked by Kate Mara, screams with chic and style. With delicious honey butter blonde as a base, Kate’s face-framing tresses and tips are lightened almost to white gold.

Kate Mara blonde hair color idea

#20. Iggy Azalea: Light Beige Blonde – Chardonnay

Chardonnay blonde goes perfectly with very light cool-toned complexion and gives that divine bright look Iggy Azalea succeeded to achieve with a very light blonde hue and soft feminine waves.

Iggy Azalea blonde hair color idea

#21. Ellie Goulding: Extra Light Natural Blonde – Chamomile

This extra light blonde hue lights up Ellie Goulding’s face from within and looks fantastic with her white dress. That’s a pretty natural-looking and effortless solution for those who want to lighten their fair locks.

Ellie Goulding blonde hair

#22. Jamie King: Champagne Fizz

This hue is light and sprightly like champagne fizz. It features just a little amount of dark exposed root and claims to refresh your skin tone and accentuate the brightness of your eyes, same like it did for ravishing Jamie King.

Jaime King blonde hair color idea

#23. Alison Sweeney: Dark Natural Blonde – Almond Crème

Alison Sweeney decides on a dark natural blonde hue that goes pretty well with her light tan. To bring out the deep blue of her eyes, her front tresses are tinted with a slightly yellowish ginger tone – an awesome combo, indeed!

Alison Sweeny blonde hair color idea

#24. Kate Hudson: Pearly Beige Blonde With Honey Highlights

A combination of hair hues complimenting each other and blending together into a harmonious whole that flatters your complexion and eye color is something any woman is searching. Kate Hudson has found this sophisticated pearly blonde with melting thin honey streaks, and it’s one of her best choices ever!

Kate Hudson blonde hair color idea

#25. Shakira: Light Natural Blonde – Macadamia

Shakira’s fabulous lengthy locks always need an extraordinary hue, enhancing their beauty and revealing their charm at fullest. This light creamy natural blonde is absolutely self-sufficient, but adding a few apricot streaks around the face isn’t superfluous either.

Shakira blonde hair color idea

#26. Hayden Panettiere: Dark Golden Blonde With Highlights

Wow! This is something truly inspiring for beautiful tanned skin. Hayden Panettiere rocks a dark golden blonde base with a sprinkling of gilded highlights that provide added dimension for her messy updo.

Hayden Panettiere blonde hair color idea

#27. Cate Blanchett: Sandy Blonde

Cate Blanchett’s sandy blonde is perfectly smooth and silky. It makes a statement being rocked in simple ‘dos and works as an optimal background for bright make-up solutions.

Cate Blanchett blonde hair color idea

#28. Keltie Knight: Dimensional 3 Toned Blonde

Why opting for a monochromatic blonde when you can go for a more sophisticated 3 toned idea? Keltie Knights hair color is put together from a brown sugar hue, melting into honey downlights, and golden blonde base that is highlighted around the face randomly to platinum.

Keltie Knight blonde hair color idea

#29. Ashley Tisdale: Summer-Ready Dark Natural Blonde With Platinum Highlights

Ashley Tisdale has updated her style with this gorgeous long bob, completed by long sweepy bangs and statement blonde hair color choice. Those platinum highlights are pretty eye-popping!

Ashley Tisdale blonde hair color idea

#30. Reese Witherspoon: Golden Wheat

Golden wheat curls, red lips and blue eyes create a fabulous image of a temptress that Reese Witherspoon copes with excellently. Very subtle highlights in her locks boost dimension and add fullness to her gorgeous hair color.

Reese Witherspoon blonde hair color idea

#31. Gwen Stefani: Platinum Blonde

Gwen Stefani plays on contrasts of ultra light platinum blonde locks, dark brown eyes and red lips. The colors enhance each other and build the bombshell look, extremely flattering for a high contrast appearance like Gwen’s.

Gwen Stefani blonde hair color idea

#32. Jessica Stam: Rose Blonde

Ashy blonde with a very light rose tint is a great idea of blonde hair color upgrade for this season. If you want to achieve the same tender look as Jessica Stam’s note that her eye-brows tone is also matching.

Jessica Stam blonde hair color idea

#33. Amber Heard: Light Golden Blonde

Amber Heard’s skin literally blooms with this gorgeous light golden blonde hue tinted with random honey streaks to volumize her long graded locks, graced with side-swept bangs.

Amber Heard blonde hair color idea

#34. Toni Garnn: Dazzling Gold

The flows of rich soft color through these heavenly golden curls mesmerize. Toni Garnn looks extremely glamorous, while we are desperately trying to find at least a tiny flaw in her look. All in vain, girls, because she is flawless! At least on this photo…

Toni Garnn blonde hair color idea

#35. Nicky Hilton: Dark Pearly Blonde

Nicky Hilton’s tanned skin and deep blue eyes urgently needed illumination that she found with this breathtaking pearly blonde darkened at the roots and tips. It’s a worthy idea for those with light brown or dark blonde hair.

Nicky Hilton blonde hair color idea

#36. Georgia May Jagger: Dark Ashy Blonde

If your new hair hue enhances your eyes and flatters your skin, it’s a success. Georgia May Jagger looks so cute with this dark ashy blonde that it would be really hard to find a more flattering tone for her aristocratically pale skin.

Georgia May Jagger blonde hair

#37. Dree Hamingway: Richness Of Creamy Curls

Dree Hamingway is unbelievably beautiful with these silky creamy curls and the matching dress. She chose the ideal tone for her fair skin and cool-colored bluish grey eyes.

Dree Hemingway blonde hair

#38. Claudia Schiffer: Vanilla Blonde

Vanilla blonde is a signature hue of Claudia Schiffer and she often returns to it, as she did when presenting her very first collection of eyewear with Rodenstock.

Claudia Schiffer blonde hair color idea

#39. Rita Ora: Platinum Blonde with Rooty Dimension

Have you noticed that Rita Ora unveils her brightest looks when she goes platinum? This edgy platinum bob with rooty dimension and choppy disconnected ends brings out her vivid playful personality.

Rita Ora blonde hair color idea

#40. Kate Upton: Dark Golden Blonde With Latte Base

Kate Upton’s locks inspired by the 80’s offer a modern coloristic solution with a refined golden blonde hue applied on the medium brown latte base. Kate completes the look with a dramatic makeup featuring a cherry lip accent.

Kate Upton blonde hair color idea

#41. Clemence Poesy: Baby Blonde With Darker Roots

Clemence Poesy has found the best match for her innocent light blue eyes. This cute baby blonde graces her disconnected messy locks, whereas the right amount of darkened roots connects her style with the current trends.

Clemence Poesy blonde hair color idea

#42. Poppy Delevingne: Blonde Gradations

Poppy Delevingne spots a sophisticated fair color with subtle gradations of blonde. Dark blonde at the roots develops into the clear pearly blonde around the face and resolves into golden blonde ends.

Poppy Delevingne blonde hair color idea

#43. Taylor Schilling: Monochromatic Blonde

Every season hair color trends offer us freedom in the choice of hair hue solutions. Along with sombre and multi-toned looks, one of the hottest tendencies today is monochromatic shades, such as Taylor Schilling’s monochromatic blonde, for instance.

Taylor Schilling blonde hair color idea

#44. Gwyneth Paltrow: Swedish Blonde

Gwyneth Paltrow loves rocking sleek and polished symmetric centre-parted hairstyles. This one is special because of the chosen hue – Swedish blonde. It’s clear, serene and brings out Gwyneth’s blush.

Gwyneth Paltrow blonde hair color idea

#45. Bella Thorne: Golden Apricot

Adding some reddish tints into your blonde hair color like Bella Thorne may offer you a rather rare hair color solution, referred to as golden apricot. It’s a fresh idea for long blonde hair of this season, you are very welcome to try.

Bella Thorne blonde hair color idea

#46. Whitney Port: Honey Bronde

Brown blonde (bronde) continues being a hit. WhitneyPort sweetened her long bronde curls with honey sprinklings for an irresistibly charming look. This color is mind-blowing, to say the least!

Whitney Port blonde hair color idea

#47. Dianna Agron: Highlighted Dishwater Blonde

Maintaining a beautiful blonde hair color is usually painstaking. Even natural blondes are getting darker with age, acquiring that nondescript mousy or dishwater blonde you know. But the good news is it can become a great base for balayage coloring technique or highlights.

Dianna Agron blonde hair color idea

#48. Jessica Chastain: Signature Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is a reddish blonde hue that flatters fair-skinned women who have a warm skin undertone. It’s a signature hue of Jessica Chastain, and we see how wonderfully it brings out her beautiful eyes.

Jessica Chastain blonde hair color idea

#49. Sofia Vergara: Brown Sugar

Sofia Vergara has been recently drifting between dark blondes and brunette shades. One of her last brown blonde hues flatters her skin unbelievably. Her glazed brown sugar locks serve a perfect frame for these velvety brown eyes and expressive facial features.

Sofia Vergara blonde hair color idea

#50. Kirsten Dunst: Summer Blonde

Maximally natural-looking hair color solutions appear effortless and spontaneous. Kirsten Dunst rocks one of them in this photo. It’s just like in summer your natural blonde locks fade on top, remaining a bit darker underneath.

Kirsten Dunst blonde hair

Oh, well, I know sooo many cool options! Pin the hues you like to make sure you won’t forget them when you go to your stylist to upgrade your hair color and good luck in your coloristic transformations!

Lauren Young
By Lauren Young 05/28/2015 17:26:00

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