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4 Indulging Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Nothing is as delicious as chocolate, and no hair color is as rich and luscious as a chocolate brown. Ranging from milk chocolate to dark and sometimes with a caramel swirl, check out this tasty color menu.

Milk Chocolate Truffle

A tone-on-tone mix of cool and warm are the ingredients to this gorgeous truffle brown.  Tip: if you’re changing your color, make sure to freshen your makeup colors as well.  You want your makeup to compliment your new ‘do, not clash with it.


Rich Brownie

This dark golden brown brings to mind a freshly baked brownie.  Tip: dark colors reflect light better than lighter shades.  Make sure to deep condition 1x per week or as directed by a hair care pro.  Healthy hair = shiny hair.



Ultra smooth warm dark brunette with lots of red.  Incredibly rich… flourless chocolate torte rich.  Tip: always protect your color investment from fading by using a product designed to screen UV rays, or wear a hat when outdoors.


Sundae Toppings

The ultimate brunette indulgence is this rich hot fudge-ey brown, with subtle ribbons of caramel.  Tip: ask your stylist (or a makeup artist) if you need your brows darkened. If they’re much lighter than your hair it can look unbalanced.


As you can see, these chocolate browns are anything but boring!  If you’re brunette already, try adding some gold or red to your color to up the chocolate quotient.  Not brunette?  Go for it!  Just remember, it might be difficult or impossible to get your lighter color back so you might decide to indulge, but with caution.  As always, seek the advice and service of a professional if you’re going more than 2 shades from your natural color or if you already have color and/or chemicals in your hair.

Enjoy a calorie-free serving of delicious chocolate hair color!


By Sonia-Ellison 08/31/2016 21:15:00

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