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Red holds a special place in the canon of hair colors known as the look-at-me color, this shade is not for the faint of heart and was proudly worn by such Old Hollywood icons as Rita Hayworth and Lucille Ball. It's distinctive and immediately makes a statement.

Pick your shade of red based on your skin tone. The general principle is to pair warmer skin tones with darker reds like copper or rust and cooler skin tones with lighter shades like ginger or orange-red or auburn as they warm up any type of complexion. Go ahead and be caught redheaded, you'll love the memorable results

Red-Hot Highlights

Ravishing red demands special attention due to its unique qualities. Of all hair colors, red is the most susceptible to fading because of its molecular structure. These tips can keep your color beautifully bright

  • Be sure that your colorist gives the color proper time to set as red dye takes longer to saturate the strands
  • Red hair is particularly vulnerable to UV rays. Be careful not to have too much sun exposure as it will diminish your auburn tresses. Look for products with UV protection and antioxidants. These will help protect your hair from sun damage and keep your hair vibrant
  • Use cherry, beet or pomegranate juice as a rinse. These home treatments will enrich your red hair in a holistic way and can easily be found at any grocery store


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By Jennifer-Short 10/01/2015 08:07:00

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