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Your texture may be a handful at times, but with the right cut and color, the results can be downright majestic

Stop shelling out dough at the blow-dry bar and wasting time with the flat iron. Embracing your hair's natural bend can open up fun styling options. Our best tip? Find a stylist who specializes in curly hair and he'll give you the right cut and teach you what styling tools and products to use to rock those ringlets.

Coil 911

Since curly hair tends to be more dry and brittle than other types, it needs a bit of babying. Master Stylist Tony Odisho tells how to serve and protect:

  • Use a hair protectant that contains UV when you're out in the sun
  • Throw on a hat to help prevent damage
  • Skip the shampoo and use a cleansing conditioner to detangle and provide nourishment
  • Ditch the blow-dryer, straightening iron, and other hot tools and let hair dry naturally

Most Unbeatable Color For Curly Hair

"Balayage is one of the hottest hair trends and great for curly hair," says Marina Knotorinahis, co-owner of Amani Salon and Spa in Lynbrook, NY. "A colorist will hand-paint strands so that each section's got a different color, adding lots of difinition and reducing that one-dimensional look."

By Vanessa-North 09/21/2015 07:02:00

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