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Timeless Short, Medium & Long Haircuts For Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to be capricious in styling. How many times have you flat ironed your locks carefully to discover that they have curled randomly again as soon as you stepped out your home on a humid day? The best solution here is to stop fighting with your hair texture but to make it a part of your signature style. With a good haircut, you may look fantastic regardless of weather. Here are great examples of curly haircuts for different hair lengths.

#1: Stacked Curly Bob Haircut

If you hair has a tight curly texture, your stacked bob will hold its shape perfectly, while with less regular curls its edges will be rather blurred, making the style appear messier. This one is complemented with a glossy finish, accentuating the firm springy curls.

curly stacked bob haircut

#2: Long Curly Haircut

Thin curly hair looks weightless and wispy in long haircuts. Here is a cut that has been performed in long soft layers and left to be curled naturally to create a fantastic messy hairstyle, opening the forehead and setting the face in a charming frame. If you ever dare to cut your long tresses short for a change, you may need to find some great short hairstyles for fine hair.

long layered curly haircut

#3: Layered Curly Chin-Grazing Cut

Layers on curly hair can give fantastic volume that can be enhanced with backcombing and highlights. Fluffy curls around your face teased by the breeze are fun and pleasurable… So, if you can imagine this style for yourself, don’t hesitate.

bob haircut for curly hair

#4: Curly Bob With Side Bangs

When you stop fighting with your disobedient curls and begin to enjoy them, you are going to get a gorgeously messy look like this. And a chin-length bob with layers and side bangs is a perfect basic cut for such a nonchalant curly hairstyle. I’d also like to share with you another 20 delightful short wavy hairstyles.

haircut for short to medium curly hair

#5: Ashy Blonde Curly Pixie

These blonde curls are weightless and airy like the tenderest soufflé. Although we are more used to a spiky pixie, this one is no less adorable, it’s just different – more feminine and romantic. It’s a fairly good solution for fine hair.

curly pixie haircut

With a cute curly haircut flattering your face, you can also look very different. Please, check the page with curly hairstyles for new ideas on how to style your beautiful curls.

By Kerri-Logan 09/04/2016 07:20:00

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