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Ballerina Knot Updo Hairstyles

Ballerina Knot Updo

The ballerina knot is a very trendy hairstyle that a lot of women will find a good look. The ballerina knot is considered an updo that is placed higher at the crown and is done in a very simple manner to look like a knot. There are different ways to add different looks to the knot using extensions or natural hair. It is just a matter of getting creative. The ballerina know has made appearances at fashions shows like Michael Kors line as well on some top celebrities for award shows and movie premieres. The ballerina knot is appropriate enough for major events as well as everyday way. However, some ladies will not find this look as flattering as it opens up a lot of areas including the face and neck to more. The photos below are some great ideas for the variety of different ways to wear the ballerina knot updo. The higher location of the bun really opens up the facial area as these images show. Women have been wearing this hairstyle for sometime and it will continue to be popular for many occasions.

Runway Ballerina Updo

The first photo here is from Michael Kors Fashion show. The cloths line looks great and the simple ballerina updos look fantastic with the dresses. The models have really beautiful faces and good facial shapes which make this hairstyle even better. The back placed in a simple right below the crown. It is easy to see that this hairstyle really opens up the neck and back area so those areas should be considered before going with this hairstyle. This simple ballerina knot is great for everyday wear.

Ballerina Knot How To

Creating the ballerina knot is also very simple. The hair can be done as is or with a little texture using a curling iron or crimper. Next brush the hair back and tie into a ponytail tied near the crown of the head. Twist the pony tail and twirl into a circular shape. Spray on some hairspray and use hairpins to hold in place for a great hairstyle. Intertwining the ponytail in different ways can also create different looking ballerina knots with a little more style and are more unique. Extensions can be used to create these different looks as well.

Ballerina Knot for a Queen

This ballerina knot was worn by Kirsten Dunst to a premiere of Marie Antoinette. The hairstyle is not only fit for a big even like this but becomes a great look overall for Kirsten. The textured hair is combed back with a higher ballerina knot. The knot is not the simplest and includes some different layers. A very simple, yet very beautiful hairstyle is presented here.

Ballerina Updo with a Touch

This ballerina knot is a very nice option from the simpler updos. The hair is combed straight back without any texture but a sleek look and braids are added to the high bun. It is a small variation from the simple ballerina knot and a good hairstyle selection for proportioned facial features. Emma Rossum looks dashing with the hairstyle as the updo really opens up her delicate facial features. This is more of a formal updo. rossum

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