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5 Tips To Help You On the Endless Journey of Growing Out Your Hair

So you have made the decision to forgo expensive hair extensions and get long locks the natural way – growing your hair out!  Whether it is just growing bangs out or going for an overall longer look, we dread the slow process and the awkward stages hair must go through to get us to the length we want.  Although patience is the main ingredient in the recipe for hair growing success, there are a few things you can do to ease your growing pains.

  • Do NOT stop cutting your hair! First of all, if you let your hair grow without maintaining any sort of trimming schedule, your hair will lose all shape and style.  This is the point where many get annoyed with their hair and give up on growing it out!  Contrary to the popular belief that cutting the hair is counterproductive to growing the hair, you will actually have healthier long locks by getting the split ends trimmed along the way.  It is ok to stretch the normal every-six-to-eight-weeks-at-the-salon regimen by a few weeks, but don’t skip the trims altogether!
  • Spoil your strands! The longer hair grows the drier and more easily damaged it can get.  As the length of your hair changes, so should your hair care regimen.  Try to wash your hair every other day as opposed to every day and limit excessive heat styling.  In addition to your regular conditioning schedule, consider a weekly deep conditioner and ask your salon about deep conditioning treatments they may offer to keep you healthy during your growth spurt.
  • Your stylist is your friend! Let your stylist know about your growth plan.  We promise he or she will have great tips and ideas to keep you straight on your path to long locks.  They can recommend a trim schedule, conditioning options and even style ideas for when you hit the funky stages during your journey.
  • Go shopping! Not that a little retail therapy wouldn’t help the awkward hair blues, but specifically go shopping for fun hair accessories.  We don’t mean hats and scarves to cover your head either! Try headbands, barrettes, clips and all of the other fun hair accessories that are out there in a wide range of prices.  Look at what celebs like Blake Lively and Kirsten Dunst are doing to dress up their tresses and follow suit!
  • Remember Your Health! Do not forget that your diet does have an effect on your hair.  Lots of water and a healthy, balanced diet not only makes you feel better, but it makes your hair feel better too
By Lena 04/03/2015 08:16:00

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