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The secret to getting the ultimate bouncy blowout

A great blowout is all about the products as well as the mechanics of the person doing the blow-drying. I always suggest starting with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and condition, like a volumizing version for finer hair, moisturizing formula for curly or dry hair or a smoothing duo for thicker hair.

I tend to use a leave-in conditioner all over, combing it through for even distribution, and a shine product mostly on ends (use sparingly for fine or thinner hair). Next, I apply a root lift on top to help add some body; for fine hair, a volumizing spray is also used. Then, I add a thermal protectant to shield hair from the heat.

For the drying technique, I suggest rough-drying with just your fingers until hair is about 70% dry. Take sections and begin roundbrushing with a good quality ionic boar bristle brush--this will add shine and help close down the cuticle, making hair more manageable.

Raise sections on top and roll the brush several times to create lift and bend through the length. If you want fullness, carefully unwind the section and pin it up to cool, versus pulling the brush through the length for a straighter, smoother look

By Lisa-Rivera 06/04/2015 13:43:00

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