By Karen-Ball Published 06/14/2015 18:06:00 | Views: 739
Conditioning is key to a successful transition!

If you are currently wearing a relaxer, but would like to transition to a texturizer or go from straight hair to curly hair, remember conditioning is key to a successful transition.

You can transition gradually by cutting an inch of relaxed hair as you grow an inch of natural hair. Eventually, all of your hair will be natural. When you get about three inches of new growth, you can begin using the texturizer on the new hair only. Continue to trim away the straight relaxed ends until all of the remaining hair is texturized.

It will take patience and commitment, but it can be done. Conditioning is the key to a succesful transition. Manage your expectations and know what's involved in the transition. Hair grows at a length of 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month so it may take nine months to two years to truly grow out the hair.

By Karen-Ball 06/14/2015 18:06:00

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