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Sun. Pool. Beach. Damage

Everybody loves summer-except maybe your hair. With the sun's rays, chlorine and saltwater taking a toll on your tresses, you need expert advice. JCP salon artistic director Nick Stenson answers our top 10 questions about how we can help our hair conquer the summer dulls and look fabulous all summer long!

1) What can the sun and summer elements like the pool and beach do to our hair color, shine and health?

Summer is when our hair takes the most beating, between the elements of chlorine, saltwater pools (salt dries out the hair) and the rays from the sun is going to get at it and lighten it. Summer is especially hard on people who color their on a regular basis. Blondes love to be extra blonde during the summer, so they have to do extra conditioning and extra protection.

2) And if we have a darker haircolor, like red or brunette?

Sun can fade any haircolor. Red is the quickest color to slip out of the hair, so protecting against the elements is going to be critical. Chlorine is the number-one agent that will remove color from anybody's hair

3) What can we do to protect our hair?

I always recommend, if you're going to be out in the sun and you have beautiful, freshly colored hair, put some sun tan lotion on your hair; the SPF factor in there will coat the hair and protect it from the sun. Obviously your hair won't look that great with lotion in there, but it will definitely protect it. Leave-in conditioners also make a world difference. Leave-in spray treatments really protect the hair.

4) Do hats really help protect our hair from the sun?

Hats definitely help, without a doubt—any way you can protect your hair. We laugh sometimes when we see people in the city with an umbrella in the sun, but that really works! Those women are really protecting their haircolor.

5) Can leave-in conditioners help protect against chlorine?

Any leave-in conditioner or any kind of spray-in treatment is definitely going to protect your hair, especially when you're going into a pool. If you're a swimmer, make sure you put in a leave-in conditioner in the hair before you go into the pool. When you get out of the pool, use a clarifying shampoo and put a heavy moisturizing conditioner on as soon as you can.

6) Are there any special salon treatments that can help keep our hair looking great?

Definitely! This is the perfect time of year for maintenance. Try to get into the salon every two to three weeks and get a glossing treatment for your hair, which is really going to seal down the cuticles, and keep your haircolor deeper in the hair. In addition to helping with fading, it's going to add extra shine. Also, protein treatments and hydration treatments help add protein back into the hair and close down the cuticle as well.

7) What if we weren't so good at protecting our hair, it's halfway through summer and we're noticing a lot of damage. What now?

Make sure that every six to eight weeks you're getting a trim. It's going to take off just the dead layer on the ends and help close down the cuticle so your haircolor doesn't slip out. Adding dimension to your haircolor is also good. As the summer goes on, your haircolor will get lighter and lighter. By adding lowlights it adds dimension and makes the ahir look more vibrant and shiny. As a bonus, lowlights are done by depositing color, and there's a conditioning agent in the color that also helps the hair, the color is actually going to add some moisture back in the hair.

8) So, the color that faded becomes highlights, and the new lowlights are the same shade your color used to be?

Exactly, Especially for blondes, this is the perfect time to add dimension to your hair. As the summer goes on, your hair is naturally going to lighten up, so by the end, you'll have the protection from the lowlight color.

9) What if our hair just keeps fading and fading, and we really need fresh color. Can we do that?

Yes, but understand that anytime you use a high-lift color in your hair, or you use a bleaching agent, you're putting a level of sacrifice on your hair, if you're going lighter, it's going to take longer to rebuild your hair's health after the color process. Make sure you're getting professional color and not a box color because that's going to add more damage, and always use professional hair care products made for at home use.

10) Let's say we were absolutely horrible taking care of our hair this summer—and our hair is really yucky looking. What can we do to save it?

Definitely get a trim, but don't feel like you have to completely give up on your hair. Do weekly salon treatments for a month straight; that well take away a lot of the summer damage that your hair has been through. The best advice? It's easy to get a fresh color for summer and then go, but don't run away from the salon all summer long. Get back in, get a few treatments throughout the summer (glossing treatments go a long way) and make sure you're keeping up on your six to eight week trims

By Audrey-Hunter 06/16/2015 09:40:00

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