By Audrey-Hunter Published 06/17/2015 05:13:00 | Views: 789
2 Secrets to a Better Blowout

If your DIY blowdries tend to fall flat, Mario Russo, Owner & Lead Stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, suggests two easy (but little-known) tricks to success:

  • Before you grab your brush, allow wet hair to air-dry first. Or, if you're in a hurry, rough-dry hair using your hands until it feels about 80% dry. This pre-dry season will make your hair much easier to manipulate and style later
  • Almost all blow-dryers can operate on multiple heat settings so take advantage of them. Use the medium setting to pre-dry, the highest heat setting to build the shape of your style and the cool air button to set strands in place and create shine all over


By Audrey-Hunter 06/17/2015 05:13:00

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