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Choosing The Right Shampoo and Conditioner For Your Hair

Scratching your head over the wide range of shampoo and conditioner combos on the market? You're not alone. Lisa Marie Garcia, Farouk Systems VP of Education and Shows, breaks down what you need.

If you have:

Oily Hair

Avoid shampoos with moisturizing ingredients like oils and butters.

Dry Hair

Hydrating shampoo is key. On alternate days, wash hair with a conditioner—they contain surfactants just like shampoos so you will lightly cleanse while you moisturize

Combo Hair

Apply shampoo for oily hair at the scalp and work hydrating shampoo into the ends

Fine Hair

Pick a volumizing shampoo that won't weigh hair down

Thick Hair

Use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove oils and product build-up

By Audrey-Hunter 06/17/2015 09:23:00

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