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Reach New Heights By Maxing Out The Volume Because Big Hair Is Hot!

Dial Up The Volume

For super-sexy strands, bigger is better! But how do you make volume last? We've got the scoop.

Bombshell Formula: "My favorite recipe for volume begins while washing your hair." says Fox & Jane Salon in NYC Co-founder and Creative Director Lorean Cairns. Shampoo first and follow by conditioning only the ends. " Do not let the conditioner creep up past your mid-lengths!"

  • Next, towel-dry hair and work a volume-boosting product into the roots
  • Flip your head upside down and blow-dry hair completely dry
  • For added fullness, use a large-barrel curling iron to curl sections, rotating them away from the face. Don't fuss too much; you'll get more volume if you keep hair slightly messy, advises Cairns.
  • Flip hair over one more time, tousle with fingers and mist with light-hold hairspray.
  • Finish by flipping hair back upwards and voila-bombshell volume that'll last for hours!

Quick Trick

Stylist Lauren Kane of NYC's Paul Labrecque Salon recommends setting the hair at the crown around extra-large round brushes while the length is blow-dried. This preps roots, allowing for maximum fullness and lift while the remaining hair is styled. Gently unravel and blow-dry the top, and finish, by misting with a medium-or-firm-hold hairspray

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By Jamie 06/24/2015 10:23:00

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