By Jennifer-Short Published 07/19/2015 17:56:00 | Views: 498
Top 5 WaysTo Prevent Hat Hair

Head off dreaded "hat hair" with these pro tips from Jose Luis Salon in Austin, TX.

#1: Choose a hat made of natural wool or cotton; synthetic fabrics cause static and make your head sweat. Quick tip: Tub the inside if your hat with a dryer sheet to prevent static

#2: Buy a hat that's not too tight with a slightly loose brim so it doesn't crush your mane

#3: Blow-dried hair retains its shape longer, so make sure your locks are totally styled before putting on that hat.

#4: Pin short hair into mini bumps and secure with bobby pins before putting on your hat. When you take it off, remove pins and scrunch for a tousled look.

#5: Remove your hat every 30 minutes to keep it from going limp. If you can, mist roots with a dry shampoo and fluff to refresh

By Jennifer-Short 07/19/2015 17:56:00

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