By Jamie R Published 09/08/2015 03:06:00 | Views: 898
Thin Hair and Layers

The decision to get layers on your thin, fine hair goes beyond the density and texture of your hair. Layers will work on fine, thin hair if they are curly or wavy and will not work well if your hair is straight. 

If you have a fine curly or wavy hair, adding layers will allow the shorter layers to curl more giving the appearance of volume. If you have hair that is straight, adding layers will make it appear thinner and stringy. Instead, I would recommend getting a blunt cut that is angled forward slightly. It should be a little longer in front than in the back. You can also have your stylist add a slight bevel at the ends to assist in styling the ends if you wish.



By Jamie R 09/08/2015 03:06:00

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