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Where the part is: A Comb is the only tool you need to give your hair a brand-new look

New Color. Fresh Cut. There are plenty of ways to update your hairstyle. What if I told you that you could radically change your look with just a comb? Hair parts have the power to emphasize your best features and minimize others, so finding the most flattering hair part for you is the simplest way to put your best face forward.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on a part. Face shape is most important, but also think about your hair type and texture as well as your own personal style. With any part, it's always a good idea to part your hair while it is still wet, which will allow for the hair to dry with the most even volume and with the most natural-looking part.

The center part is best suited for heart-shaped and angular faces. The severe symmmetry the part lends to the face puts an emphasis on the brows and eyes while elongating the face. The look is ideal for thin hair as it keeps the sides even. The center part also works well with tousled beach waves and long and loose bohemian curls.

To find your center, the part should start at your hairline directly above the space between your eyes, with the hair arranged evenly on both sides.

Some examples of a flattering center part

The off-center part works best on heart-shaped, oval and triangular faces. This part minimizes prominent chins and foreheads while emphasizing the hair's layers. It's also ideal for awkward stages of growing out your bangs and distracts from regrowth. It's best suited for laid-back hairstyles, easy waves and no-fuss tousling. Just be sure to keep roots smooth to keep the look from appearing too messy.

Some examples of a flattering off-center part

An off-center part is ideal for distracting from regrowth and perfect for the awkward stages of growing out your hair

Round, diamond, heart-shaped and oval faces can all benefit from the balance a side part can provide. Side parts are an easy way to create volume, making them helpful to fine hair as well. The volume created by side parts can also work to soften jawlines and reduce the appearance of harsh angles. For this look, your part should be aligned with the arch of your eyebrow on your favored side.

Some examples of a flattering side part

All face shapes can benefit from the balance a classic side part provides

Deep side parts are the striking counterpart to the classic side part. Providing balance to fuller face frames, the deep side part can flatter a wide face and soften chins and cheekbones. It is also versatile - it can be styled in a glamorous, Old Hollywood fashion with a smooth top and curled ends, or sleek and chic on flat ironed hair with high shine. Deep side parts should start directly above the outer half of the eyebrow.

Some examples of a flattering deep side part

A deep side part can be dramatic and provide balance to fuller face frames and can soften jawlines



By Jamie R 09/08/2015 10:53:00

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