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Thinking of cutting it short? First, read up on these top 10 mistakes, so you don't end up crying over lost length

See a short cut you love? Great! But how do you know it'll be right for you? will you regret the fact that you can't glue your hair back on? While hair extensions could be a solution to chopping locks too short, they can also be an expensive lesson in planning ahead

If you want to make certain the short cut you have in mind is one you'll love, avoid these mistakes others have made

#1: Going From Rapunzel to Joan of Arc at the stake

If you have a super-long mane don't just tell your stylist to "go for it". Going short is something you should always ease into, especially if you've been wearing your hair very long for years. Start by removing an inch or two and see if you like the look. Continue in increments, adding layers as you go

#2: Making a major change during a chaotic time

 If you've recently had upheaval in your life, if it's all trauma and drama, this is not the time to blame you look. Often, says Malcolm Bonowitz, president of North East Salons in Pocono, PA, women are unhappy with their new cut because they're really unhappy with something else in their loves. Approach a short cut with a happy, positive outlook!

#3: Forgetting to ask what going short will do for you

If your hair is dry, damaged or over-processed, cutting your hair will make it look healthy again. If you have no time for fussing with locks, short hair will help shave precious minutes off your styling routine. If you have fine hair, a short cut will definitely make it look healthier and thicker. Ask yourself what you want most from your hair, then ask a professional stylist if short hair will help you get it. If there's no benefit beyond simply making a change, make certain you're flexible about a new 'do and not tied to your current cut

#4: Failing to recognize that you haven't changed your look for a while for a reason

Going from long to short can be a shock. Can you handle it? If you generally avoid change, cutting your hair may not be for you. Women who seldom switch up their hairstyles will leave a salon in tears if they don't like a new look. If you like classic styles, stick with the one you have. If you enjoy cutting-edge fashion, then go 'shead and try something new!

#5: Not realizing it takes time to adjust to a new cut

Women who leave a salon hating their hair don't usually give themselves a chance to adjust to it. Consider how much other's opinions matter to you. If a "thumbs down" from your man will put you in a tizzy, don't go for a short cut just to prove you're independent. On the other hand, if you take the time to adjust to your style and get compliments, you'll be much happier

#6: Ignoring your facial shape

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can wear hair of any length. If your face is square, avoid super-short cuts; if it is round, you need height, some length and enough hair at the sides to partly conceal apple cheeks. Also, long facial shapes are dragged by long hair, but if hair is too short, a pointed chin becomes a focal point. Don't know your facial shape? Look in a mirror and using lipstick, trace the outlines of your face. The outline will tell you everything you need to know!

#7: Thinking you'll look like a celebrity

Stars change their looks all the time because they have the money, power and face to pull off almost anything. You have your own hair type and facial shape; a super-short cut won't make you look like any star who, incidentally, can add costly extensions the next day if she hates her look

#8: Skipping the test run

Pull your hair back or try on a short wig to see how you will really look with short hair before the cut

#9: Being close-minded

Bring several photos of short cuts you like into the salon, giving your stylist the chance to explain what will work for you and what won't. After your consultation, wait a few days to make the right decision

#10: Having a negative attitude

If you've decided to make the move to short, turn it into a celebration. Consider a new color on the same day, get a brow shaping and even a manicure. Then, stop in a store and grab some hot new products that will extend the versatility of your short style. Make it a play day!

By Jamie 01/13/2016 10:30:00

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