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Should you wash your hair daily? This is a question that has been asked over and over again.  I guess the right answer depends on your hair type. Is your hair normal, dry, frizzy or greasy. Before we begin, let me explain why it is important to wash your hair.

Why wash your hair?

While the answer seems obvious, it still deserves a little clarification. As mammals, our face and scalps are covered by a gland called Sebaceous. Sebaceous secretes oily or waxy matter called Sebum to lubricate and waterproof the skin and hair. The sebum accumulates day after day on the scalp and hair.  Shampoos contain a mixture of surfactants, which in contact with water, rid the scalp and hair of impurities. Washing your hair frequently rids the scalp and hair of the natural oil sebum and can cause dryness accompanied by itching.

The question is how often should you wash your hair?

If your hair is normal: Two shampoos per week is more than enough. From time to time, use a moisturizing shampoo to keep your hair in perfect health.

If your hair is dry:  It needs to be hydrated. Washing your hair once or twice a week with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, containing essential fatty acids. Use leave-in conditioner or hair oil after each shampooing, but also every day on dry hair to nourish.

If your hair is frizzy:  know that your scalp produces less sebum than is necessary. To compensate for this, wash his mane once or twice a week with specific treatments, specially designed for this type of hair. Applying a conditioner and a nourishing mask (based, for example avocado oil or coconut) is essential.

Very popular, is the trend of Co-washingThis method consists of replacing the shampoo with a conditioner, richer in nourishing ingredients to rid the hair and scalp of dirt and pollutants while imparting moisture and protein back into the strands.

If your hair is greasy: unlike other hair types, which require on average only one to two shampoos per week, greasy hair should be washed everyday. The sebaceous glands of the scalp produce too much sebum. So they do not shine at the end of the day.



By Jamie R 05/26/2016 07:22:00

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