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Always brush hair when it's dry. Hair soaks up to 50% of its weight when it's wet, weakening the bonds and making it more prone to tears in the hair fibers.

Vented brushes

They are best for mild heat treatment. Designed to speed drying time, vents direct the hot hair which flows through the brush. Vent holes in the barrel, paddle or styler are an effective way of allowing the heat from the blowdryers to circulate around the roots of hair to create more volume.


They are perfect for high-heat treatment. The larger the brush, the bigger the curl you an achieve when blowdrying. These hairbrushes typically have a metal or ceramic barrel shaft with natural or nylon bristles or a mix of both. Ceramic brushes conduct heat more effectively by holding in the heat from the blowdryer. They work like a heated hairbrush helping to mold the hair.


They are designed for finishing touches. A Styler brush is the tool for you if you like wearing your hair flipped up or flicked under, for example if you have a bob and you like the ends of your hair curved towards your neck. Constructed of either wood or plastic with either natural or nylon bristles, they're ideal for someone with thick hair looking for a nice wave without too much volume.


They are great for something and detangling hair. A paddle brush makes more hair cuticles lie flat and polishes them to add shine and sleekness. Usually quite large, flat and wide, paddles can be made from plastic, wood or ceramic materials. Bristle-type might be boar (which tends to be softer), nylon, ball-tipped nylon or a mix of boar and nylon. Bristles that sit on a cushion and contour to your head provide a stimulating scalp massage while distributing natural oil from your roots evenly over your head


There are many types of bristles made to accomodate different types and styles of hair. What's right for you?

Boar bristles are best on fine hair. they gently strip the scalp of dead strands and create a healthy, shiny look by closing the hair cuticle so that your locks reflect the light

Nylon bristles are pliable and have the ability to penetrate any texture. Their flexibility allows them to 'give' and glide through all hair types. They are not ideal for heat treatment because they can melt

Wire pin bristles are best for thick, unruly manes. Their inflexibility lets them power through the toughest snags and snarls

Ion/Tourmaline bristles are coated with minerals that are activated by heat to emit negative ions and kill static. They can also helo eliminate bacteria

By Lisa-Rivera 09/15/2015 04:21:00

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