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20 Fabulous Asian Hairstyles You Can Easily Pull Off

#1: One Side Pinned Asian Downdo with Soft Ombre Waves

One of Aimee Song’s best red carpet hairstyles is the downdo pictured here. The soft big flowing waves with a caramel ombre added an extra oomph to the look. Aimee had one side pinned behind her ear for a cool asymmetric quirk. These soft, voluminous waves can be easily achieved with a 2” barrel curling iron.

side-swept Asian hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#2: Dainty Straight Hair in Side-Swept Asian Hairstyle

“Good morning. Charlie!” Do you still remember her as one of the sexy members of Charlie’s Angels? Lucy Liu is of Chinese descent, and she is among the most beautiful Hollywood faces. Her signature looks are always simple but very classy. The downdo she wore to the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards proves it. Lucy rocked her straight flowing tresses side-parted and tucked behind the ear on one side.

long Asian hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

#3: Asian American Straight Bob Haircut

Bob cuts have always been extremely popular. No wonder this particular style constantly makes its way to the runways and red carpet. Tian Yuan chooses this simple yet timeless hairstyle, because it makes her look youthful and nonchalant yet classy. With a bit of setting spray, it will last the whole day, so it’s a perfect choice for a whole-day event.

Asian bob hairstyle

taniavolobueva /

#4: Asian Actress Hairstyle – Voluminous Layered Curls

Jadyn Wong goes for an 80’s hairstyle look with her voluminous medium-to-large curls, set in different directions with hairspray. Recreating this look is not difficult with a 1” barrel curling iron. Spray a heat protectant mist before you begin working with a curling iron. This hairstyle is perfect if you wish to look effortlessly chic and draw attention to the freshness of your face.

long wavy Asian hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#5: Gorgeous Asian Hairstyle With Smooth Silky Waves

These fine classic waves ooze timeless class and taste. One of our best picks is Ming Na Wen’s cascading wavy hairstyle for thick velvety brown locks. The waves are neatly curled outwards and parted in big sections. It’s hard to imagine a more gracious and feminine frame for a woman’s face than this gorgeous downdo.

cool Asian hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#6: Asian Pixie Hairstyle Brushed Up With Volume

This fashion enthusiast totally caught our attention, not only because of her pretty face or those chic Gucci items, but also because of her cute pixie haircut, styled in lovely waves. It is true that having very short hair can limit the choice of hairstyles you can make, but this fab lady showed us how to rock a pixie effortlessly and with style. Creating volume on top with a volumizing mousse and brushing your hair backwards is one way to flaunt it!

short Asian hairstyle

taniavolobueva /

#7: Neat Top-Knot Asian Updo

This season your hair buns can be either messy or neat. Here’s one hip and trendy idea for girls who love buns and top knots. Cierra Ramirez has a naturally beautiful face, and a neat high bun perfectly draws attention to her facial features. Use a strong hold hairspray to keep the style intact throughout the day.

Asian bun updo

Helga Esteb /

#8: Short and Sassy Asian Hairstyle With Bangs

The Japanese are quite known for their diverse sense of fashion, particularly when it comes to hair. Yoko Maki, one of Japan’s most top-rated actresses, pulls off different stunning hairstyles, but her glamorous long pixie with jagged bangs is a look that is definitely a scene-stealer. The unevenly cut fringe screams boldness and high fashion! This haircut won’t require much maintenance, so it’s something a girl with straight hair can easily pull off.

short Asian hairstyle with bangs

Ekaterina Bykova /

#9: Side Asian Downdo With Caramel Brown Ombre

Jenna Ushkowitz shows us how to rock ombre hair, so that it looks gorgeously sexy. Style large soft waves with a 2” barrel curling iron, sweep them to one side and secure the locks comfortably with a few bobby pins. Finish off with a nourishing hair coat for the added shine.

long curly Asian hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

#10: Loose Asian Bun Updo With A Bouffant

Bring out the elegance with the style that doesn’t make you feel older. This loose updo definitely has a youthful aura. The former Disney star Brenda Song is one of the finest Asian beauties. Here is a photo where she flaunts the sophisticated bouffant hairstyle at the 2014 FOX TCA Winter Party. Tease your locks at the roots to achieve the volume needed for the bouffant and create a neat bun to complete your classy updo.

trendy Asian updo

Helga Esteb /

#11: Asian Updo Hairstyle With Long Bangs

This classic and effortlessly beautiful hairdo compliments Lee Eun Woo’s lovely features and truly brings the glow in her image with those loose front layers. The soft waves are all curled at the back into a low bun and small sections are pulled out additionally to create a classy laid back look.

Asian updo with bangs

Andrea Raffin /

#12: Asian Dyed Hairstyle – Awesome Platinum Blonde Bob

Bob cuts for medium length hair is undeniably a very common hairstyle, but Pom Klementieff shows how to dispel that common misconception. At the 2015 Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globes after party she got all the eyes on her funky bright platinum blonde hair. To add more dimension to her hairstyle, she got some subtle messy waves and a soft, wavy side fringe.

Asian A-line bob

Helga Esteb /

#13: Mocha Brown Waves In Long Asian American Hairstyle

Soft and loose curls never fail to give a very sophisticated flair to your entire look. Brooke Burns graced her beautiful mocha brown hair with soft, large curls swept to one side for a more vintage vibe.

long side-swept Asian hairstyle

Phil Stafford /

#14: Long Asian A-Line Hairstyle With Subtle Golden Brown Ombre

There are tons of hairstyles that you can do with really long hair to bring out its natural beauty. Elaine Tan has graced her dainty long locks with soft beach waves and added a lovely side fringe. The subtle golden brown ombre introduces another portion of sophistication and style into Elaine’s look.

long Asian hairstyle with side bangs and ombre

Jaguar PS /

#15: Asian Braided Hairstyle For Long Hair

No other hairstyle would probably enhance Elina Abai Kyzy’s native Asian beauty more than these long braids-in-braid accessorized with tribal beads and accents. If you also want to go for a bohemian vibe, this hairstyle is definitely a good idea.

braided Asian hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#16: New Asian Hairstyle 2015

Are you a girl who always goes for something new and cute in terms of hairstyles? Here’s a lovely hairstyle from 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards. Hong Chau had her hair neatly gathered into a high ponytail, braided and secured as a bun with an elastic band.

cute Asian updo hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#17: Barely There Waves With Light Face-Framing Highlights

Jamie Chung sported very delicate waves at the 2015 Critics Choice Awards. Her ravishing “barely there” waves looked flawlessly natural. The subtle face-framing highlights in this exquisite Asian hairstyle are something we absolutely love about this hairstyle!

Asian wavy hairstyle with highlights

DFree /

#18: Mirror-Like Shine And Silk Of Asian Hair

Another elegant take on the common look with straight hair is this divine hairstyle, Tang Wei wore to the Black Hat Premiere. The downdo requires a soft volume to achieve the bounce of straight tresses. As we see, they look anything but flat. Let all the hair flow to one side. For a more exquisite look, curl the ends randomly and finish with a shiny hair serum.

sleek side-swept Asian hairstyle

DFree /

#19: Slicked Back Asian Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

This hairstyle requires lots of hair mousse and setting spray because you would want your locks to hold the lift at the roots and stay voluminous throughout the day. Gwendoline Yeo made an elegant statement with this sleek hairstyle and her plain white gown. Achieving this won’t take a very long time, as you will only need to comb your hair back, create volume at the roots by gentle teasing, and then fix the result with lots of hairspray.

beautiful Asian hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#20: Flowing Curls with Golden Blonde Ombre

Here’s another proof that ombre is today’s hottest hair color trend. Knitwear Fashion Designer Cory Paglinco shows how lovely curls can go with ombre hair in Asian hairstyles. The key point of this hairstyle is the direction of your curls. Part your locks in the middle and curl them away from your face.

dyed Asian hairstyle

Anton Oparin /

These hairstyles can either be achieved on your own or styled professionally. Remember to go for a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable and confident. We hope you have you found your own best pick. Whether you have long or short hair, this hairstyle list will help you to get your bearings!


Audrey Hunter
By Audrey Hunter 04/13/2015 14:30:00

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