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50 Best Black Braided Hairstyles That Turn Heads

Braids are an easy and so pleasant way to forget about hair styling for months, give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh environmental factors. Besides, with the awesome hairstyles listed below you will attract attention, admiring glances and sincere smiles.

african american braided hairstyles


#1: An Unmatched Combo: Braids + Curls

Can’t decide between braids or curls? Leave your problem of choice behind. With this awesome hairstyle you are getting 2 in 1. A braided section with an explosion of curls at the ends is a wonderful and exciting idea to try.

Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

# 2: Outstanding French Style Braids

Extremely chic and stylish, they are not going to be out of fashion in the near future. A gorgeous thick braid, starting at your bang wraps your head gracefully, just to be rolled up at the crown of your head. Look: it’s a crown, indeed!

cute braided hairstyles

#3: A Cascade Of Enchanting Braids

This is a truly universal braided hairstyle. You can simply clip some braids on top or tie them up, leaving the remaining braided ends loose on your shoulders for a luxurious, time-tested look.

braided mohawk hairstyles

#4: Sexy Mohawk

Wow, that’s pretty sexy! Tiny braids at the sides and back accentuate perfectly straight highlighted locks on top. This wonderful hairstyle will outline your face and graceful neckline.


#5: A Brilliant Braid-Inspired Solution

Are braids all over the head a bit too much for you? Don’t worry, there’s a brilliant alternative: braids at the roots and chic unbraided ends. This solution is very universal and suits any occasion.

natural braided hairstyles

#6: Superb Intricate Patterns

Tiny braids are both classy and classic but your can shape them into absolutely unexpected intricate patterns on top. Add some trendy hue to your hair color and here you are: one of the trendiest braided hairstyles.

braided hairstyles for black girls

#7: Showy Diagonal Braids

These pretty diagonal braids not only look cute and quite unusual, they are suitable for most face shapes, hair textures and and any age. Wherever you go, I bet you won’t remain unnoticed!

braid hairstyles for black women

#8: The Most Sophisticated Braided Updo Ever!

Unbelievable… look at that! Those elegant spirals, skillfully rolled into the most sophisticated updo, are worth to grace your head for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, like wedding, to say the least.

natural braided hairstyles

#9: A Feminine Braided Hairstyle For Medium Length

Tresses, falling on your face, always look very feminine and sexy. You can double the effect if you have them plaited into numerous tough braids. This hairstyle rims and slims your face outstandingly.

easy braid hairstyles

#10: Creative Cornrows

Cornrows are universal but you can shape them in a completely unexpected and creative way, like in this photo. Sleek sides and a stylized bun on top look very eccentric, but, definitely, mind-blowing, don’t you think?

african braided hairstyles

#11: Glamorous Yet Easy Braiding

Some comparatively easy-to-perform examples of braiding can turn into a very glamorous hairstyle, worthy to adorn a pop star. So why not to imitate such successful ideas?

braided updo hairstyles

#12: The Chic Braided Mohawk

This Mohawk-inspired hairstyle is very unique because of its perfect shape, reminding a sea horse. Pair this hairstyle with showy earrings and a stylish cocktail dress.

african american braid hairstyles

#13: You Are The One!

Some chic braided updos are not difficult to perform yet they produce a stunning effect and great impression on everyone around. This wonderful updo is a bright example.

braided prom hairstyles

#14: Sleek & Refined

Another universal updo to complement a gorgeous evening gown or office wear. It’s flawless and leaves space for imagination with all those charming straight and curved lines.

braid hairstyles for short hair

#15: A Twisty Accent

Twisty braids are a popular style but could you ever think you can create a masterpiece like this, using this simple braiding method? And one more thing: add some color for spice!

braid hairstyles for long hair

#16: A Neat Pile Of… Braids!

Thicker braids are very showy and you can experiment with them. In this impressive updo they are piled on top, while behind there’s something to stare at admiringly as well…

cute hairstyles with braids

#17: A Snail Shell

A thick braid is running around your head, getting thinner and ending in a cute tiny curl. This is a perfect hairstyle for an office look or a very special occasion where you need to look stunning.

micro braids hairstyles

#18: A Fantastic Nature-Inspired Hairstyle

Greenish is a doubtful hue for hair, but look how harmonious it is in this braided hairstyle. The braids are associated with the plant stems and the thin curly locks remind the tops of some exotic vegetation, and it’s growing… on your head!

braided headband hairstyle

#19: More Of A Color Theme

Do you find green a bit too bold for a hair color yet still wish to experiment with unusual hues? Here are some beautiful and hot roses in a very impressive hairstyle for creative ladies.

havana twists

#20: Havana Twists

Are you seeking for some truly dramatic hairstyle? With Havana twists you have found it. People will turn heads, so better prepare your best smile to respond to tons of refined compliments!

hairstyles for box braids

#21: Braids & Waves For Any Occasion

Braids, ending in waves, will provide you with good options for a choice of hairstyles. Wear them loose, cascading your shoulders for every day or pile everything up for a superlative updo that is never out of fashion.

individual braids hairstyles

#22: Charming Twists & A Playful Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles are trendy and so versatile. This asymmetric curly ponytail makes you look very feminine and playful. Beautiful twists complement this cute ponytail and make it one of a kind.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

#23: Creative Mohawk Variations

This brilliant hairstyle is a wonderful chance to open your face and show your beautiful long curly hair. It won’t take too much time and picture how fantastic you will look!

braid hairstyles for black girls

#24: Gorgeous French Braids

Tired of microbraids? Well, there are more brilliant ideas for any taste and mood. Variations with French braids are endless, and this one is a very popular kind, worthy to imitate.

pretty braided hairstyles

#25: Tenderness & Femininity

Hair swept to one side demonstrates women’s tenderness and femininity. Braids can set a direction and fix your luxurious hair in the right position to create a stylish contrasting hairstyle.

long braid hairstyles

#26: Twisty Elegance

Those multiple twists remind chains which can be shaped into something very original and unbelievably elegant. Asymmetrical patterns and soft flowing lines in this hairstyle are very impressive.

hairstyles with braids and curls

#27: A Trendy Disheveled Look

Thick braids, purple accents and a slightly disheveled look will turn heads anywhere where you go. It’s a unique blend of style, femininity and sex appeal.

braided hairstyles

#28: Braids + Twists = Perfection

This is an excellent example of an elaborate and sophisticated hairstyle where braids interlace with twists to create an impression of absolute perfection, inherent to all works of art. This is one of them, by the way.

braided hairstyles

#29: Easy & Ingenious

This is one of the best ways of how you can present your natural perm in the best light ever. Let some braids run slantwise for a more creative result.

cute braided hairstyles

#30: A Chic CocksComb

It’s unbelievable what shapes you can come up with, experimenting with braids. Don’t forget to complement such a stunning cockscomb with showy earrings, imitating the outlines of your hairstyle, like in the photo.

Kerry Washington braided downdo with a bouffant

#31: Braid-Encircled Bouffant

Kerry Washington looks adorable sporting her half up half down style with a braided around bouffant and sleek side bangs. Kerry relaxes her black coils but doesn’t ever discard braided hairstyles, even if it’s just a simple French braid.

Kerry Washington side fishtail braid

#32: Chic Side Fishtail

45th NAACP Image Awards ceremony witnessed the chicest side fishtail braid on the red carpet, rocked by Kerry Washington. Kerry’s braid featured a neat regular braided pattern, while her locks near the roots were teased, messed up and braided whimsically.

Jill Scott side bun from box braids

#33: Side Box-Braided Bun

Jill Scott is bright and stunning with her cherry red lips, long black eye-lashes, fancy eye-catching earrings and a chic side updo easily styled from thin box braids.

Jill Scott black asymmetric hairstyle

#34: Gorgeous Asymmetric Style With Braids & Curls

The 4th ESSENCE Black Women In Music event was charged with positive energy from Jill Scott’s super radiant look. Jill’s asymmetric half up half down hairstyle incorporated a closely braided section and a waterfall of black coils.

Ledisi dreadlocks updo

#35: Fancy Dread Locks Updo

Dreadlocks are not exactly braids, but just in case you are looking for an alternative way to style your black hair effortlessly, Ledisi can share numerous ideas of amazing hairstyles with dreadlocks. Here’s one of them.

Solange box braids

#36: Freely Hanging Box Braids

At a last year DJ event in Dubai Solange sported a chic black&white suit from Christian Sirano collection and freely hanging box braids, mimicking the texture and print of her suit.

Chanel Iman braided asymmetric downdo

#37: Intricate Side Braiding

Chanel Iman’s side braiding performs not just a decorative function. It’s a part of her side swept hairstyle with ideally sleek relaxed black locks passed on to one shoulder for a superb glamorous look. The edges of her mane are fancifully touched by the pink.

Janelle Monae black braided hairstyle

#38: Braided Faux Hawk For Natural Hair

Janelle Monae appeared at Met Gala rocking the classic red, black and white colors (Tadashi Shoji) and a head-turning braided fauxwhawk hairstyle with ideally sleek sides and a chunky black braid piled on her crown and forehead.

Jada Pinkett box braids with temple undercut

#39: Long Box Braids With Undercut

Jada Pinkett has always been versatile with her gorgeous hairstyles, so each time we expect something extraordinary from her. These long box braids are paired with an asymmetric undercut bleached and toned into golden blonde.

Joy Bryant black braided hairstyle

#40: Centre-Parted Senegalese Twists

Joy Bryant’s thin Senegalese twist braids offer gorgeous texture that looks awesome in very simple hairstyles, like this centre-parted downdo. With this particular one shoulder dress Joy can also sweep them to one side.

Alicia Keys symmetric box braids

#41: Symmetric Cornrows With A Braided Parting

Alicia Keys chooses breathtaking symmetric cornrows with a braided parting and beads at the ends. Image how they clink in movement?

Alicia Keys black braided Mohawk hairstyle

#42: Braided Mohawk With Undercuts

For her concert in Morocco Alicia Keys prepared a special Mohawk hairstyle that is especially impressive from a side view: close to the skin undercuts and a chunky braid urge us to wonder if we can copy this cool idea.

Rihanna red braided hairstyle

#43: Red Eye-Popping Framing Braid

Rihanna is always a girl to stare at and examine admiringly. Her fabulous face-framing red braid is contrasting with the emerald green lace earrings which create together a breathtaking play of colors.

Beyonce milkmaid braids

#44: Blonde Milkmaid Braids

Beyonce couldn’t simply pass by milkmaid braids trend, so she adopted it for one of her brightest looks. Yes, I know, it’s so far from natural hair, but looks pretty good on African American women, isn’t it?

Eva Marcille black braided hairstyle

#45: Bulky Top Bun From Box Braids

Eva Marcille is so incomparably bright and beautiful with her high bulky bun from box braids that you can hardly look away. Meanwhile, provided that you are currently wearing quality box braids, you’ll easily twist it yourself in a matter of minutes.

Keri Hilson box braids

#46: Twist From Box Braids

Keri Hilson also occasionally adopts the box braids trend, and she wears her braids in a modern way – without “baby hair” at front. Well, hers is sleeked cutely into a couple of tiny tendrils.

Keri Hilson black braided hairstyle

#47: Freely Flowing Black Curls With Braids

A chic black braided hairstyle can feature a wonderful mix of braids and curls, like this awesome downdo from Keri Hilson. Centre-parted thick black curls with 2 headband braids are a simple and great black hairstyle idea to embrace for any occasion.

Selita Ebanks side braid

#48: Loosely Braided Sexy Side Braid

Selita Ebanks looks extremely sexy with her silky jet black locks braided loosely and swept over one shoulder. Completed with red lips and cat eye sunglasses, this look is hard to outdo in the power of its sex appeal.

Jordin Sparks braided pony hairstyle

#49: Braids & Pony

Jordin Sparks rocked an usual pony at Billboards Music Awards. She had her hair divided into 6 sections to be braided for a textured backswept hairstyle with a sleek ponytail.

Zoe Saldana side braid

#50: Messy Side Braid

Zoe Saldana also prefers her black locks to be relaxed. Smooth texture and great thickness offer a wide range of trendy hairstyles, like this messy side braid with long face-framing bangs on either side.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/05/2015 11:47:00

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