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50 Handsome Haircuts For Black Men

Black men have a rich choice of haircuts, ranging through traditional lengths: short, medium and long. Most men though stick to short and medium-length haircuts, because they offer a stylish look and low maintenance.

The Most Popular Haircuts For Black Men

Denzel Washington short haircut

#1: Grown Out Buzz

Lately Denzel Washington has been varying the length of his hair from the complete bald to outgrown buzzes. This buzz is long enough to reveal the texture yet fairly short to cause any styling complications.

Morgan Freeman haircut

#2: Silver Buzz

Morgan Freeman’s buzz is unique thanks to its color and good length. Being balanced with the matching moustache and beard, it creates a dignified natural look for a mature man.

Don Cheadle short haircut

#3: Simple Close Cut

Don Cheadle has a high forehead with a receding hairline. That’s why his best choice would be a closely cut haircut. Here is his look from the Queen Latifah show.

Samuel L Jackson bald

#4: Bald

This photo of Samuel L Jackson is from Wimbledon’s final match of tennis championships. Cool, bald and smartly dressed in a navy blue jacket, the legendary actor enjoyed the match from the Royal Box, sitting next to Victoria Beckham. No hairstyle, but style is always there.

Will Smith haircut

#5: Vacation Fade

Will Smith was spotted rocking a nice fade haircut and a bright turquoise T-shirt during his July break in Ibiza. We love his look and wish him the very best vacation!

Chiwetel Ejiofor haircut

#6: Buzz Cut

Chiwetel Ejiofor presented a chic buzz cut at Wimbledon. Being cleanly shaved and dressed in a dark navy suit, Chiwetel Ejiofor won +100 style points, compared to his usual looks with full hair.

Ediie Murphy haircut

#7: Closely Clipped

Eddie Murphy posed at the Hercules premiere as a super stylish man in black. His closely clipped haircut with a vague hint on sideburns gives just a shade, not texture, but looks extremely clean and appealing.

Jeffrey Wright haircut

#8: Short & Neat

When Jeffrey Wright has his hair cut short, he looks younger and much more attractive. I’d say this photo is featuring his critical length. The well-trimmed moustache and wedge-shaped beard are a good match.

Giancarlo Esposito haircut

#9: Short Cut With Afro On Top

Giancarlo Esposito rocks a short length that, however, lets show off the curly texture of his hair of top, revealing his African American roots, while his radiant smile is 100% Italian.

Blair Underwood haircut

#10: Well-Trimmed Afro

Kinky coils begin to cause you styling troubles only when they are long. And keeping them short and well-trimmed, you are gaining enviable density and fabulous texture. With this haircut Blair Underwood takes the best from what was given to him by nature.

Cuba Gooding Jr haircut

#11: Fade On The Temples

Cuba Gooding Jr has opted for a clean look that can at the same time demonstrate the texture. This short fade haircut with polished temples is stylish, neat and simply cute.

Anthony Mackie haircut

#12: Accurate Buzz

Anthony Mackie shows with his example that natural black hair can be flawlessly cut for an impeccable smart look with geometric precision. I love the clean lines and accurate angles of this short haircut.

Ice Cube haircut

#13: Short ‘Fro With Sideburns Fading Into Beard

Ice Cube rocks a real man’s ‘fro with precisely trimmed beard and moustache. Thus, strengthening his jawline, he acquires a neat manly look.

Idris Elba black haircut

#14: High Top Fade

A stylish suit, nice tattoo, cool photoshoot and a flawless high fade haircut with a smooth polishing finish on the sides…Ladies, how do you hold yourself back from falling in love with Idris Elba?

David Oyelowo black haircut

#15: Buzz With Geometric Forehead Line

David Oyelowo appeared at the Lexus Short Film Event with this statement buzz cut, prominent for its clean lines and right angles at the temples. His rectangular shades complement the look.

Nate Parker short haircut

#16: Low Fade

Nate Parker’s low fade features a sculpted afro top with steep sides fading to the bare skin. Add an angled line of hair growth, like Nate’s, and you’ll get one of the chicest black male haircuts ever!

John Boyega black haircut for men

#17: Awesome Fade With Sideburns

Wow, what a flawless fade John Boyega is sporting! It can boast of optimal length and skillful gradation of hair with enviable precision of contours throughout the cut.

Adonis Bosso black haircut for men

#18: Short Tapered Afro Cut

You have probably seen famous male model Adonis Bosso in all kinds of ad campaigns for mega popular brands, and now we can enjoy his handsome profile and chic extra short haircut with length reduction.

Michael Wilcher black haircut for men

#19: Extra-Short Buzz With Slim Sideburns

Michael Wilcher needs an accurate neat haircut that frames his sculptured face but doesn’t distract attention from it. He got it with this extra-short buzz.

Rahmell Peebles short haircut for men

#20: High Fade With Geometric Contours

Rahmell Peebles is also a model. He goes for a high taper and neat facial hair style that fades up from beard to the moustache outlines to define the chin line and balance the look.

Sascha M'Baye black haircut for men

#21: Square-Framed Shade Haircut

Semi-professional footballer Sasha M’Baye decides on a low-maintenance extra short shade cut with square framing for the forehead.

Tidiou M'Baye black haircut for men

#22: Grown Out Buzz

Sasha’s brother male model Tediou M’Baye has grown out his buzz to bring out the texture of his cute dense kinky coils. This cut looks awesome on young African American guys.

Ray J short black haircut

#23: High Blended Fade

Ray J’s stylish fade starts high, close to the top and is tapered smoothly to the completely bare skin. He also opts for the square forehead framing to achieve a clean accurate manly look.

Trey Songz black haircut for men

#24: Polished Buzz

Trey Songz proves that you can acquire a cool smooth look even if your cut is not a fade. Trey keeps it one length that is short and carefully trimmed with particular attention given to the contours.

Usher black haircut

#25: Side Taper

Usher’s haircut is fabulous. It shows off his natural texture, demonstrates accurate contours and chic tapering of the above-the-ear sections.

Drake black haircut for men

#26: Outgrown Buzz With A Shaved In Piece

Drake keeps his hair short enough just to come out with some texture. Flawless contouring is also there as a must of any quality short haircut. At the same time Drake wouldn’t leave it ordinary, so here comes the zest – his shaved in piece.

Noah Stewart extra short haircut

#27: Extra Short Fade

Opera tenor Noah Stewart has a flawless facial profile and skull shape. An extra short haircut that borders with complete baldness is the best option to demonstrate his physical attractiveness while reaping all the benefits of low-maintenance men’s haircuts.

Luke James African Amerian haircut for men

#28: Natural Curly Top

Luke James rocks a rather big ‘fro on top with clean steeply tapered sides and back. This awesome haircut requires frequent trimming to keep it in shape, but it’s worth it, undoubtedly.

Taio Cruz short haircut for black men

#29: Clean, Short & Angled

Taio Cruz sticks to the same extra short signature style that shows off the very best of him. A plain extra short haircut with angled contours on the forehead is all that a man on the go needs.

John Legend short haircut

#30: Small Neatly Trimmed ‘Fro

John Legend opts to keep his style unsophisticated but ingenious. His short length brings out the brushy texture of natural black hair which is absolutely flattering for his looks and image.

Kanye West haircut

#31: Smart Buzz

Being not only a famous American rapper and Kim Kardashian’s husband, but also an entrepreneur and fashion designer, Kanye West realizes the weight of a good quality cut in the man’s image. His is smartly trimmed to a classy black buzz.

Lenny Kravitz black haircut

#32: Medium Natural Curls

Lenny Kravitz can afford growing his natural curls out without looking too grungy and ungroomed. The key is the right length and shape control. Lenny’s coils are trimmed so that his cut acquires a rounded silhouette.

Frank Ocean black haircut

#33: Temple Fade

Frank Ocean also supports the fade trend, but he goes for its most conservative version – temple fade. Its contours are just slightly blurred at the temples, and the result is pretty cool.

Miguel black haircut

#34: Tapered Sides

Miguel is endowed by nature with a very cute curly texture that is not excessively dense and unruly. Thus, he chooses this nice medium haircut with tapered sides for a cleaner and more sophisticated look.

Tinie Tempah

#35: Buzz With Accurately Defined Contours

Instead of pursuing originality, Tinie Tempah opts for a classy buzz haircut that, however, features extremely accurate geometric line of hair growth.

Jeremih faux hawk

#36: Faux Hawk

Thick dense natural hair holds a faux hawk excellently. Jeremih takes advantage of this option and goes for a neatly trimmed low-maintenance cut with an elevation on the crown.

Black Mens Hairstyles

#37: Closely Cut Perfection

This haircut is very simple, short and requires no maintenance. It perfectly emphasizes handsome male facial features and can be accentuated with short beard and moustache outlines, perfectly trimmed likewise.

African american hairstyles for men

#38: Classy Curls & Natural Look

This is an awesome haircut for African American men. Neither short, nor long, it demonstrates natural kinky texture in its best light. Besides, you won’t have troubles, maintaining this hairstyle: a little bit of moisturizing gel will do just fine and that’s it.

Black men haircuts fade

#39: Extremely Short, Edgy & Wavy

This one is a very trendy haircut, based upon the contrast of lines and accentuated by unique hair texture of black men, – a very worthy option to try.

Short Hairstyles For Black Men

#40: Easy-Going Curls For An Easy-Going Guy

These trendy and attractive curls look very professional and natural at the same time. You feel like running your fingers through them.

Hair twist black men

#41: Devilishly Handsome

Here is another stylish haircut for natural hair that looks awesome on a black man. Those tiny springy curls are pretty universal and require little to none maintenance.

Curly Mohawk For Black Men

#42: Creative Mohawk

Men love variations of Mohawk hairstyles because they look bold and rough. Besides, you can experiment with side patterns, like in the photo. What can your haircut tell about you?

Flat top hairstyles for Black men

#43: A Flat Top + A Fade Effect

This is a hot and attractive haircut, featuring contrasts in lines and hair length. You will love it because it’s quite original and easy in maintenance.

Black Men Buzz Haircut Styles

#44: Simple & Flawless

Classic facial features can’t benefit better than from a simple short buzz haircut. With this haircut people will concentrate on your face, while you’ll always be confident that your hairstyle is flawless.

low fade haircut black men

#45: Your Favorite Fade Haircut

Fade haircuts are really among men’s favorites. On black men they look especially advantageous, because they let demonstrate a very showy fading effect, thanks to natural hair thickness and darker hues.

Curly Mohawk Black Men Hairstyles

#46: More Conservative Mohawks

Most men remain conservative when it comes to the choice of a new hairstyle. Mohawk hairstyles vary, and you can always pick a nice example without any extremes, like in the photo.

Short Hairstyles

#47: Wavy Texture In Short Hairstyles

Short haircuts are very universal, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some impressive texture to them. This haircut is very neat and attractive, apart from being stylish and professional.

Showy Frizz

#48: Showy Frizz With Accentuated Sides

>Men’s haircuts with thinner sides always look quite impressive. This haircut will suit any age and emphasize imposing appearance of a man.

Braids Hairstyles For Black Mens

#49: Curvy Braids

Braids are a popular theme for Afro-American hairstyles, both male and female. This one looks very harmoniously on younger guys.

Artsy Haircuts

#50: Artsy Haircuts

Wow! That’s quite unusual, a good idea for someone who wants to stand out of the crowd, who is self-confident and creative, are you?

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/06/2015 01:41:00

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