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100 Sensational Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

If your hair is thick, that’s really big luck, but you should know how to cope with your luxurious mane. Thick hair is always characterized by restive nature.

100 Sensational Medium Length Haircuts For Thick Hair

layered haircut for medium thick hair

#1: Soft Mid-Length Layers

Eva Longoria opts for a mid-length layered haircut with soft ends for one of her breathtaking looks. The insignificant difference of lengths between the outer and the inner layers renders soft roundness to her hairstyle. It’s crucial to mitigate the ends in such a shoulder length haircut to achieve the smooth transition between the two lengths. Strong hold mousse, applied to damp locks, will be ideal for styling. Next, you’d simply blow-dry your hair and shape the loose curls away from the face from mid-shaft to ends.

lob haircut for thick hair

#2: Smooth Lob

Salma Hayek’s lob was one of her best haircuts so far. The thick ends slide onto her shoulders, and the straight parting slims Salma’s face. You need to style this haircut so that the ends flip in evenly. Shine-boosting spray would be the ideal final stroke for this style.

curly lob hairstyle for thick hair

#3: Mid-Length Playful Lob

Gorgeous Christina Aguilera decided on this playful bob once. If you style your lob for thick hair in curls, you’ll achieve a light aerial hairstyle with a trapezoidal silhouette. Basically this is the ideal solution for triangular faces. You should remember that blonde hair needs to be thinned out through the ends. When styling the curls like Christina’s, use a conic curling iron. Before you fix the hairstyle with hairspray, tousle your locks thoroughly to mess them up a little.

layered haircut for medium thick hair with bangs

#4: Layering & Light Straight Bangs

Paris Hilton knows how to change her looks and always look irresistible. The difference in lengths adds her haircut lightness and movement. The straight bangs make the glance more mysterious. It’s better to style such a haircut with volumizing spray, blow-dryer and a large round thermal ceramic brush. Make sure you achieve the right bent from roots to ends for each lock. This is an ideal haircut variety for round faces.

Rihanna medium curly hairstyle

#5: Layered Aerial Curls

Rihanna is ravishing in every look she tries. But the medium-length haircut introduces a sassy note into her image thanks to the difference in lengths between the layers. And Rihanna’s cute curls are getting a fabulous feel of bounce as a result. This hairstyle is ideal for thick curly hair. When styling your mane, use a curl enhancer and blowdry your locks with a diffuser attachment to achieve the trendy messy finish we see in fashionistas’ photos these days.

medium a-line haircut for thick hair

#6: Mid-Length Layered Haircut With Thinned Out Ends

Beyonce always follows the hottest hair trends. A haircut with a few layers and well-trimmed ends is effortless in styling. It works for both curly and straight hair. Highlights are going to make it look lighter. If you want to style a “bedhead” look on the base of such a haircut, do regular styling with a round brush and blow-dryer and apply some hair spray for the final fixation. While it’s still wet, crush and flatten you ‘do slightly to make it look more careless and spontaneous.

lob haircut for thick hair with horizontal bangs

#7: Extravagant Lob With Straight Heavy Bangs

Naomi Campbell is a renowned expert if fashion questions. Her lob with thick ends and straight heavy bangs looks gorgeous. When you style this medium haircut straight, like Naomi, it looks both mysterious and strict. The bangs like these flatter faces with regular features and beautiful eyes. To style Naomi’s bob you’d use a flat iron. Apply some thermal spray before flat ironing to protect your hair from high temperatures. Add a shine enhancer as the final touch.

layered haircut for medium thick hair

#8: Gorgeous Long Layers

Lucy Liu can boast of thick heavy mane. And she has chosen the ideal haircut variety for her hair type – two-length layered haircut with thinned out ends. The haircut has gained the superb roundness and softness thanks to the shorter length of the top layer. And the longer locks add Lucy’s hairstyle the alluring liveliness. The styling is made with a hair dryer and a large round brush.

Sarah Jessica Parker medium haircut

Everett Collection/Shutterstock.com

#9: Sexy Waves For Medium Length

Sarah Jessica Parker often experiments with new haircuts and hairstyles. One of her gorgeous looks is based on a one-length haircut with layered ends and light straight bangs. This haircut variety is optimal for girls with long faces. To achieve Parker’s sexy waves, use a large barrel curling iron. It doesn’t make curls, but shapes large soft waves. Once you have finished, brush your hair to gain the integrity of the style and prevent your locks from falling apart into separate waves.

Layered haircut for thick medium hair with bangs

#10: Romantic Medium Length Layered Haircut With long Side Bangs

Catherine Zeta Jones stays loyal to her rich velvety brown hair color. The actress uses a medium-length layered haircut to convey lightness to her brunette locks. To achieve the texture of Catherine’s hairstyle, use a thermal brush, blow dryer and volumizing spray or strong hold mousse. Blow-dry each lock on the brush scrolling it constantly. While a lock is dry yet still warm, wrap it into a roll and fix the roll with a clip. Repeat the same procedure for each lock and let them cool down. Remove the clips and shape the final look of the ‘do with your hands. Add a bit hair spray to fix the result.

long angled bob for thick hair

#11: Lob With Elongated Front Pieces

Jennifer Lopez rocks a chic bob with elongated face-framing locks. They soften Jennifer’s face and add femininity to her overall look. The quality haircut with defined ends makes it effortless in styling. Once you take a blow dryer and a brush in your hands, the locks seem to settle themselves exactly the way you want.

curly lob for thick hair

#12: Playful Bob With Golden Curls

The Queen of Pop often rocks chic curly hairstyles. Madonna opts for a long bob haircut to present her curls in the best light. This shape is soft and lightweight. A professionally performed haircut for curly hair like this doesn’t need styling at all. You only apply some strong hold curl enhancer and let your locks air dry. Curly hair sometimes lacks natural shine, so you may want to apply shine spray additionally as the final stroke.

long bob haircut with layered ends

#13: Soft Bob With Flirty Ends

Jessica Alba has gained cool dynamics for her gorgeous style not only due to the right choice of haircut, but also thanks to her super flattering hair color solution. Her bob with graded bangs and shortened front locks is enlivened with lovely caramel highlights. When styling your medium haircut, provide a good lift at the roots and define the ends, using a medium size round brush and a blow-dryer. Fix the result with strong hold hair spray.

Layered A-line haircut for thick mid-length hair

#14: Layered Haircut For Blonde Locks

Ashley Olsen looks divine with her lovely soft layered haircut for mid-length hair. The blonding with deep darkened roods and very thin pearly streaks create an illusion of tender sun rays in her locks. If you want to achieve Ashley’s waves, you will be surprise at how easily you can style them. Divide your locks with a centre parting into 2 sections. Twist each section and heat the twist with a flat iron. Let it cool down. Untwist your locks and fix the lovely waves with hair spray. This hairstyle can be done only on dry hair.

A-line wavy hairstyle for thick hair

#15: Charming Waves For Mid-Length Locks

Elizabeth Olsen has chosen the ideal frame for her beautiful face. The light layering throughout the top locks and the solid layer underneath create the moderate volume on the sides of her face. This haircut is recommended for round faces. The light waves are shaped with a large-barrel curling iron. The cut can be worn not only centre-parted, but also side-parted if you want to achieve a more feminine look.

centre-parted layered haircut for thick hair

#16: Soft Mid-Length Progression For A Round Face

This time Sasha Alexander commits herself to a lovely layered haircut with a significant difference of lengths between the layers. Thus, the volume in her hairstyle is distributed evenly. Waves are shaped easier if you previously apply mousse to your locks and style them with a blow dryer and a medium size round brush. Don’t forget to define the ends. Brush your locks once you have finished with waves to avoid the excessive volume.

Layered haircut for round face

#17: Innocent Layers

Selena Gomez has a round face that she prefers to correct with mid-length haircuts. This one features smoothly blended layers which let her achieve the rounded silhouette with evenly distributed volume. The subtle highlights make Selena’s hairstyle for medium thick hair look dimensional and lightweight. The lovely innocent locks are created with a small barrel curling iron. The side parting elongates Selena’s round face.

curly lob hairstyle for thick hair

#18: Exciting Lob

Kirsten Dunst has a round face that she aptly corrects with a long side-parted bob. To achieve this beautiful hair texture you don’t have to resort to any secret tricks. You can use a triple barrel waver that shapes tiny waves or braid a few braids, heat them with a flat iron, let them cool down and unweave them. Both types of styling are performed when your hair is dry.

sleek accurate lob with bangs

#19: Lob With Blunt Cut Bangs

Tyra Banks looks like modern Cleopatra. Straight horizontal bangs accentuate her beautiful eyes, and the awesome dense tresses, framing Tyra’s face, complete this accurate look harmoniously. The haircut is styled with a flat iron. The ideal straightness and sleekness of the locks are the two styling goals you need to pursue.

voluminous hairstyle for thick hair and round face

#20: Maximal Volume For A Mid-Length Haircut

Adele’s round face benefits from the mid-length layered haircut that lets the ends of her locks curl into voluminous rolls. The side parting makes Adele’s face appear a bit longer. The styling is performed with a middle-size round brush and a blow-dryer. Volumizing spray or mousse, applied previously to your locks, is going to improve the fixation. It’s important to create maximal volume to compensate the fullness of the face.

Layered haircut with highlights for thick hair

#21: One In A Million… Medium Length Hairstyle For Thick Hair

One of Victoria’s Secret’s angels Alessandra Ambrosio highlights the thickness of her luxurious mane with a layered haircut that features dense ends. The lightness of the look in this case is achieved with the professionally performed bronding. Speaking of styling, Alessandra’s locks are shaped with a medium curling iron and settled with a natural bristle hair brush. Shine spray is good for the final finish.

Jennifer Anniston layered haircut

#22: Lob With Face-Framing Layering

If there was an award for the most luxurious mane in Hollywood, Jennifer Anniston could easily win it. No wonder that her statement layered haircut is actively copied by fashionistas. Jennifer manages to conceal her a bit too wide cheekbones with layering for the face-framing locks. Highlights add a feel of movement and lightness to Anniston’s thick tresses. When performed professionally, this haircut doesn’t require any laborious styling.

wavy hairstyle for a layered haircut

#23: Extremely Feminine Look

Justin Timberlake’s wife Jessica Biel always looks ravishing thanks to her thick beautiful tresses. Jessica’s haircut choice is meant to accentuate her femininity. This particular haircut features layers with a subtle difference between their lengths. The tender playfulness is achieved thanks to the sun-kissed highlights. Once you shape the soft waves with a medium barrel curling iron, it’s important to tousle your locks for a light messy finish.

layered haircut for mid-length hair

#24: Soft Sliding Layers

Julianne Hough compliments her natural beauty with a gorgeous medium-length haircut for women. The layered cut, styled into soft waves with the off-centered parting, suits Julianne’s appearance superbly.

wavy hairstyle for medium thick hair

#25: Soft Waves For Thick Locks

Julia Roberts’ hair always looks flawless. Despite the enviable thickness of Julia’s locks, the silhouette of her hairstyle looks a bit rounded thanks to the length difference between the layers of her cut. The lovely waves can be shaped with a medium barrel curling iron. And remember to mess them up a little bit for a more natural spontaneous look.

long bob hairstyle for wavy hair

#26: Lob For Curly Hair

Drew Barrymore is gifted with very beautiful wavy hair. She brings out its beauty with soft highlights and blunt cuts. The centre parting and moderate volume along the sides of Drew’s face convey her look a note of childish innocence.

Sandra Bullock A-line lob

#27: Charming Bob With Elongated Bangs

Sandra Bullock always plays up the beauty of her straight thick locks successfully. This photo presents her soft mid-length bob with a bit shortened top layer. The side elongated bangs soften Sandra’s face and bring out the beauty of her cheekbones. If your hair is straight, you won’t need any special styling for this cut. It’s going to look gorgeous any time, highlighting the delicacy of your neck and shoulder line.

wavy hairstyle for thick hair

#28: One-Length Haircut For Thick Hair

Olivia Wilde is a very beautiful woman, despite the fact that her face shape and its proportions are not ideal. Olivia has a square face with prominent cheekbones and a strong jawline. But the actress knows how to frame it properly. Olivia’s haircut features very subtle layering, so you’d believe that it’s a one-length cut. It’s a perfect base for diverse updos and downdos. The lovely bronding solution makes Olivia’s brunette hair color refined and sophisticated. The waves like those you see in the picture are styled with a medium barrel curling iron. It’s important to curl them vertically and always in the same direction. Next brush them with a natural bristle brush to gain the ideally integral wave.

layered haircut for thick hair of medium length

#29: Mid-Length Bouncy Layers

This haircut features a few lengths. The soft transition between them is achieved thanks to the right finish for the ends. The styling of this haircut requires a blow-dryer and a round brush without any additional styling products. This way you’ll achieve the fabulous feels of movement and bounce of your layered locks.

platinum blonde layered hairstyle

#30: Angled Layers For Platinum Locks

The light angled layers with soft yet evident transitions between them work fabulous for blonde locks. The top layer features the shortest length that conveys the feminine roundness to the silhouette of the cut. The lower locks are layered slightly to preserve the effect of hair thickness. If the tips of your locks are thinned out correctly, you are gaining wonderful plasticity of your mane that is going to look awesome in both straight and curly hairstyles.

mid-length layered haircut with bangs

#31: Graded Haircut With Light Straight Bangs

This layered medium haircut would be ideal for a round face, because it offers moderate volume on top and vertical lines along the sides of your face. Light straight bangs can camouflage a wide forehead. To provide some lift at the roots during styling, you need to apply volumizing root boost spray and style your locks as always with a round brush and a blow-dryer.

Alexa Chung layered haircut

#32: Choppy Haircut With Subtle Ombre

Alexa Chung is famous for her statement messy hairstyles on the base of a mid-length choppy haircut with bangs. If you are looking for a successful coloristic solution to go with your new cut, subtle ombre is ideal for medium length. It doesn’t require frequent procedures of redyeing for the new growth and looks very harmonious when color transitions are smooth and rather natural-looking.

glamorous wavy hairstyle for thick hair

#33: Magic & Sophisticated

Ahhh….what a ravishing look from Revlon Professional stylists! The top layer of this haircut is a bit shorter than the underlayers. The long curtain-like bangs, hitting below the cheekbones, are centre-parted to frame the face delicately and accentuate the beautiful chin line. The gorgeous feminine locks are shaped from the mid shaft with a medium-size curling iron. Next they are brushed with a natural bristle brush and settled into large curls.

long curly hairstyle for thick hair

#34: Angelic Locks For Medium Lengths

This haircut is recommended only for thick hair, otherwise the ends would look too fine. The top locks are cropped chaotically to cascade delicately, turning your hairstyle into the gorgeous waterfall of volume and length. A medium-size curling iron defines perfect locks, curled away from the face, from mid shaft towards the ends.

beach waves for medium hair

#35: Hippie Style

A medium length and sufficient hair thickness are a great ground for experiments. Subtle layers and softened ends create a good base for lovely downdos. The ‘do like in the photo is styled according to the technique mentioned above, when you’d twist your locks into 2 big twists and heat them with a curling iron. Let them cool down and untwist, tousle your locks and enjoy the chic hairstyle!

medium layered a-line haircut with bangs

#36: Edgy Haircut With Long Bangs

The expressive lines like these can be achieved only on thick hair. The two lengths with edgy ends and the thick side bangs will let you style some cool sexy peek-a-boos with outstanding texture. This haircut looks exclusive and proves to be low-maintenance.

layered haircut for medium hair with highlights

#37: Pliable Cut for Medium Hair

Mid-length haircuts can vary and create absolutely different looks. In this example the hair is cut in one length, but thanks to the right trimming through the ends, it provides a soft harmonious A-line silhouette when styled in light waves. The dense side bangs compliment the hairstyle and enhance its feel of femininity.

layered haircut for thick blonde hair

#38: Aerial Layers & Side Bangs

The haircuts with shorter locks around the crown and the smooth transition to longer tresses, retain the natural volume of thick hair and also let it reveal at fullest. The ‘do is styled with a blow dryer and a large round brush. Then the locks are laid out arbitrarily and fixed with strong hold hair spray. The long side bangs add a sassy flair to the look.

long bob haircut for thick hair

#39: Classy Lob Styled In Large Waves

Any short to medium bob haircut is initially pretty dynamic, which makes it a perfect option for thick hair. The gorgeous texture like in the photo can be achieved with a large-barrel curling iron. Once the locks are shaped, they need to be brushed and styled in waves. Fix the result with hair spray and remember to use thermal protection whenever you resort to electric appliances for hairstyling.

a-line layered haircut for medium hair

#40: Medium Layered Haircut As A Base For Messy Waves

Hair that is cut with a significant difference in lengths between the outer and the inner layers looks beautiful in both straight and curly hairstyles. If you want to duplicate the look with trendy messy waves, divide your locks with a centre-parting into 2 sections. Make a thick twist for each section and heat it with a flat iron. Leave the twist to cool down and untwist. Tousle the locks and fix them with strong hold hair spray.

a-line haircut with bangs for thick hair

#41: Edgy A-Line Bob

The “wow” factor of this layered edgy bob is the beautiful soft oval silhouette. The cool edgy texture, gained thanks to the angled layers, is also above any praise. The long side bangs, hitting at your cheek-bones, is the special extra quirk that makes you stand out from the crowd. You’ll find this haircut especially flattering if you have a round or square face shape.

mid-length layered haircut with straight bangs

#42: Soft Layering With Straight Elongated Bangs

Here is a wonderful example of soft extravagance from Revlon Professional stylists. This haircut will suit girls with angular faces (high prominent forehead and a strong jawline). The look you see in the photo is pretty strict but sexy. Style the soft waves with a medium barrel curling iron and enjoy your exquisiteness!

layered haircut with bangs for thick hair and round face

#43: Layered Cut For Round Faces

This haircut will maximally reveal the beauty of a round face. The elongated locks along the sides of your face improve the proportions. The cropped locks around the crown let you effortlessly create the desired volume on top. This photo, besides, demonstrates a good example of super flattering bangs for round faces. Normally such bangs are not recommended for full faces, but if you get them long and comb to one side, you’ll achieve a lovely feminine look that will compliment your round face.

layered haircut for thick hair with arched bangs

#44: Dynamic Layers & Blunt Cut Arched Bangs

The difference of lengths between layers offers cool volume and fabulous feel of movement. The straight bangs are a lovely compliment to the cut. If the ends of your tresses are thinned out properly, you won’t have any troubles with styling. It would be enough to blow-dry your locks without brushing so that they settle chaotically.

a-line lob haircut without bangs

#45: Classic A-Line Lob

Copper hair color already makes your hairstyle eye-catching. So, if your choice is a bright hair hue, a simple classic haircut is the optimal solution that won’t let you go a bit over the edge with your look. A lob with a slight elongation towards the front locks is a maximally practical haircut that is easy to style. The density at the tips makes such a hairstyle fairly stable. Even after sleep you hair will look good. The cut without bangs with a side parting like in the photo will be extremely flattering for a round face.

layered haircut for thick hair with horizontal bangs

#46: Progressive Haircut With Arched Bangs

Layering on straight hair always makes your haircut more movable. It doesn’t need styling, because your tresses settle themselves. The arched bangs are a good compliment for a layered haircut, if you are used to horizontal bangs. This type of bangs draws attention to your eyes and frames the outlines of your face miraculously.

layered haircut with bangs for thick hair

#47: Progressive Paircut For Wavy Hair

This haircut has the same benefits. If your hair is wavy, you are going to achieve the lovely waves naturally and will only need to flat iron the bangs. In case you want to try this hairstyle for straight hair, you can make the waves with a large barrel curling iron so that only a curve of each lock is shaped, but not a complete curl. The contrast of texture is one more plus that increases the rating of your hairstyle.

Layered haircut for medium hair with edgy bangs

#48: Edgy Haircut For Medium Length

This haircut features layers which are quite distinct but well-blended at the same time. The cut looks awesome on blonde and brunette hair. You can style it straight or curly. The elongated horizontal bangs also feature the edgy finish. This look is created by the stylists of the word-famous hairdressing company Tony & Guy.

a-line lob haircut without bangs

#49: Romantic Lob Without Bangs

The classic bob haircut uses a special technique when the inner locks are cut the shortest and every new outer layer is a few millimeters longer. As a result, the ends flip in without any styling. In elongated versions of bob the principle is the same. The beautiful appearance and easiness in styling is a perfect combo! Girls with round and square faces should style bobs with a side parting.

layered lob for thick hair

#50: Bob With Graded Outer Layers

The indistinct off-centered parting, back-swept long bangs and the shortened top locks make the silhouette of this lob soft and oval. You can style this cut with a blow-dryer, tousling your locks with hands. Apply some mousse to your damp hair previously. As a result, you achieve a sexy messy look.


Top 100 Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair


Jessica Alba medium layered haircut

#51. Medium Edgy Haircut

Early this year Jessica Alba showed off her updated mid-length haircut with edgy tips. Her thick hair is heavily layered towards the ends to come up with those awesome thin streaks, skimming her shoulders.

Rita Ora medium layered haircut

#52. Steeply-Angled Razored Lob

At Donna Karan’s fashion show Rita Ora rocked a super stylish image of a blonde in black. Her awesome long bob featured really steep front angles and chic razored contours which seemed so fluffy and touchable, wow!

Rita Ora wavy lob

#53. Cropped Choppy Bob

Rita Ora is extremely cute trying on the role of a Sponge Bob fan! Her pretty blonde choppy bob corresponds absolutely. She has her thick hair layered near the ends (to avoid the dreaded triangular shape) and styled into large voluminous waves.


Kerry Washington medium haircut

#54. Single-Level Haircut Layered Through The Ends

Kerry Washington is celebrating her first summer as a mom. This is how she looks when giving her first interview after the birth of her baby girl. Her one-level haircut below the shoulders is layered at the very tips and through the front locks. Chocolate balayage highlights blend in perfectly.

Kerry Washington mid-length haircut with bangs

#55. Shoulder-Skimming Lob With Fringy Bangs

And here we see a photo of Kerry Washington from her pre-baby period. Kerry is rocking her stylish edgy lob with trimmed bangs straight across her forehead. She chooses the same chocolate hue for highlights, and this time they are thin random streaks.

Hailee Steinfeld medium haircut with bangs

#56. Silky Chocolate Layered Haircut With Horizontal Bangs

Hailee Steinfeld loves her gorgeous hair long and sleek, but for the occasion she has had it generously layered which, certainly, reduces the length, creating a great contrast of horizontal and vertical lines.


Sarah Jessica Parker medium haircut

#57. Lob With A Fringy Finish

It’s rather rare to see Sarah Jessica Parker with these short lengths, yet she is invariably beautiful with all of her cuts and styles. This lob offers a fantastic fringy finish for the edges – a cool idea, you can embrace for your mid-length haircut.

Lea Seydoux choppy haircut

#58. Mid-Length Choppy Bob

If Lea Seydoux takes a break from a long length, she is always after a long bob. Usually she keeps it one-level but gives proper attention to its contours. Rounding the face-framing locks and chopping the tips boost texture and maintain an attractive shape.

Kylie Minogue medium haircut

#59. Haircut With Long Soft Tiers

Kylie Minogue hair is softly layered and paired with long symmetric side bangs. This haircut is an ideal for Kylie’s favorite free-flowing hairstyles with loose waves.

Jada Pinkett Smith medium haircut

#60. One-Length Tresses With Symmetric Undercuts

Jada Pinkett Smith’s natural hair is remarkable for its density and strength. Having relaxed her coils, Jada alleviates her mane with symmetric temple undercuts which can be hidden or exposed. Her last Oscar’s style is extremely chic!

Lily Collins long bob haircut

#61. Shaggy Lob

Lily Colins is a princess of trendy edgy bob. She varies its length and styling nuances, but its shaggy version is one of her favorites. I adore this shoulder-grazing cut with chopped ends and grading at front.

Millie Mackintosh medium haircut

#62. Universal Mid-Length Cut

Millie Mackintosh decides on a universal length for her cut that is going to be good in both updos and downdo styles. Her elongated bangs serve as a starting point for the front layering.

Nicole Richie medium bob

#63. Asymmetric Bob

Graphic accuracy of Nicole Richie’s bob can’t help amazing us. When she sweeps a part of her shorter side over the longer one, it looks like an added layer. What an excellent transformer haircut!

Jessica Biel medium haircut

#64. Accurate Layers & Mid-Cheek Bangs

Jessica Biel has got distinct layering all the way through her length with awesome balayage highlights for the locks in front. Her long bangs are hitting right at the middle of her cheek. They are trimmed and sett off thanks to the beautiful color gradations.

Alexa Chung medium haircut

#65. Medium Layered A-Line Haircut

Alexa Chung’s thick wavy hair would appear too bulky without layering. Her tiers start at the jaw level conveying a graceful A-line silhouette to her haircut that is additionally supported by side symmetric bangs.

Jennifer Lawrence medium haircut

#66. Razored Shoulder-Skimming Haircut

Today Jennifer Lawrence has gone much shorter and a bit shaggier, but I love this particular medium haircut of hers. It offers very thin sharply angled layers which create fabulous texture.

Katie Holmes medium haircut

#67. Dark Brown Shaggy Haircut

Katie Holmes’ appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival once again surprised the public with her first-class sense of style. Katie’s satin Bordeaux gown was complemented with a superb gradually layered A-line haircut and nude make up.

Jennifer Aniston medium haircut

#68. Simple Angled Lob

Jennifer Aniston resorts to a shorter crop when she needs to restore her hair. This time it’s a sweet lob with angled front locks and rich warm medium brown hue.

Kim Kardashian medium layered haircut

#69. Wispy Layers

Usually Kim Kardashian prefers longer haircuts, that’s why this awesome shag with thin wispy layers was accepted gladly by her fans as something new. I love the sense of movement about it and pointedly thinned out tips.

Mindy Kaling medium layered haircut with bangs

#70. Layers & Bangs

Mindy Kaling is very pretty with these step-by-step layers which blend with her straight arched bangs, drawing attention to her eyes. Sleek texture of her straight hairstyle helps to bring out the perfect contours of the cut.

Rihanna long bob haircut

#71.Shoulder-Length Bob With Light Elongated Bangs

Rihanna’s bob attracts with its precision and ingenious simplicity. Its strongest point is, certainly, the blunt thinned out bangs veiling Rihanna’s eyes mysteriously.

Jennifer Lopez shag haircut

#72. Sexy Shag With Curtain Bangs

Jennifer Lopez often rocks shags with great pleasure. One of her looks for Cosmo cover features her mid-length sexy shag with gorgeous texture and volume, enhanced by highlights and back-combing.

Carrie Underwood medium haircut

#73. Soft Melting Layers

Carrie Underwood appeared at CMT Music Awards radiating charisma and charm with every detail of her look. Carrie presented a graded cut with long soft layers enhanced with subtle caramel to creamy blonde ombre.

Keira Knightley medium shag haircut

#74. Ruffled Shag

Wow! What a stunning girl Keira Knightley is! This chic look is from the June issue of UK Elle, and it presents Keira’s medium-length shag haircut with piecey texture and light bangs. Like, love, adore!

Miranda kerr medium shag haircut

#75. Allover Layers

Miranda Kerr’s haircut demonstrates lots of layers performed in steps to relieve her thick mane of extra bulk and create edgy outlines. This side-swept look is rather spontaneous but picture-perfect, unquestionably.

Olivia Wilde medium layered haircut

#76. Low Layers

Olivia Wilde has a square face with a strong jawline. That’s why her medium haircut offers layers that start below her chin. Now her tucked-behind-the-ears look is not exactly her best option, but if she lets those soft brown curls fall on the sides of her cheeks, she’ll be ravishing.

Penelope Cruz medium haircut

#77. Wispy Layers

Being not only a talented actress, but also a beautiful woman and celebrity, Penelope Cruz becomes a face of big brands such as Lancome and Loewe. Here is her photo from the Loewe campaign for the current season. Medium layered cuts and wet hairstyles are at the peak this summer.

Penelope Cruz blunt bob

#78. Blunt Lob

And the previous season’s photoshoot for Loewe spotlights Penelope Cruz with a polished blunt cut bob complemented with horizontal bangs and layered front locks. Oh, well, she is also a gorgeous model!

Madonna medium layered haircut

#79: Through-The-Length Layers

Ever-young and fresh-looking Madonna won’t trade her blonde layered haircut for anything less chic. Her shag has levels all through the length, starting as high as her centre-parted bangs.

Amber heard medium layered haircut

#80: Sharply Angled Layers

Amber Heard wants to sport her layers sharp and edgy, and they flatter her face and hair texture so, that she decides to enhance them with finely-streaked subtle highlights.

Allison Williams layered haircut

#81: Soft Layers & Chopped Ends

Allison Williams would rather retain single-length locks at the back, drawing attention to her thoroughly layered face-framing tresses. She can wear this haircut centre-parted or style a side parting with a wave instead of bangs.

Kristen Stewart medium haircut for thick hair

#82: Weightless Layers

Kristen Stewart’s hair instantly gets fabulous body and feel of movement when it’s slightly layered and styled in light waves. Her photoshoot for Marie Claire`s issue is a good illustrative example.

Lily aldridge medium haircut for thick hair

#83: Long Distinct Layers

Lily Aldridge is so beautiful with her tucked behind one ear layered haircut… It’s become a success thanks to distinct layers that do not appear higher than the chin-level. Thus, Lily is getting controllable and easily-styled locks.

Katy Perry bob haircut with bangs

#84: Blunt Neatly Angled Bob

Katy Perry is bright and eccentric once again. She is rocking McDonald’s-inspired pieces from Moschino collection and a blunt bob with cropped straight-across-the-forehead bangs. The bow adds spice to the whole look.

Winona Ryder haircut for thick hair

#85: Smooth Texture-Enhancing Layers

Winona Ryder’s thick locks are subtly layered for texture. The layers blend smoothly and remain indistinct, while we can enjoy Winona’s messy downdos with crazy free-flowing waves.

Reese Witherspoon long bob

#86: Lob With Wispy Bangs

A fresh photo from Reese Witherspoon demonstrates all the hottest trends of the season: orange lips, mirror sunglasses, white dress and highlighted bob with choppy ends and wispy bangs. So cute!

Angelina Jolie medium haircut for thick hair

#87: Texture-Building Layers

An awesome black-and-white photoshoot of Angelina Jolie is a total success. It presents Angelina’s haircut with vague layers that throw light on the texture and choppy ends.

Gina Gershon medium layered haircut

#88: Shoulder-Grazing Cut With Razored Edges

Gina Gershon is sporting a statement haircut of medium length with razored finish for the bangs and face-framing locks. Her bottom line is neatly trimmed and flipped out.

Sandra Bullock medium layered haircut

#89: Sharp Layers For Sombre

Sandra Bullock’s thick hair is absolutely lovely in sleek straight hairstyles. Her haircut needed those sharp low layers as a base for a sophisticated black-into-dark-chocolate somber.

Claudia schiffer medium haircut

#90: Light Feathery Layers

Light layers and light blonde hair color support the ethereal feel of Claudia Schiffer’s look, while her sunglasses introduce a dramatic note into her style. We love!

bob haircut for thick hair

#91: The Cute Bob

For those who are blessed with thick hair, a medium-length bob haircut is excellent for presenting the hair to the best effect. This haircut features a blunt cut, side-swept bang, and sleek yet voluminous texture.


#92: Exceptional Curls

Large loose curls can be fantastic for thick hair. You can choose a longer bob with a center parting and weave like in the photo below to achieve that special charming effect.


#93: The Long Sleek Bob

This is a perfect way to demonstrate beautiful healthy hair. A long bob with thick silky tresses can elongate your face perfectly. However, it’s better to avoid this option if your face is naturally long.


#94: The Black Swan

Thick hair can also be layered lightly towards the ends. Look how stunning thick, shoulder-length layered hair can be when it’s weaved. Choose larger curls and a thick bang.


#95: The Sexy Shag Haircut

Three layers, distributed evenly through to shoulder length allows the hair to beautifully accentuate the jawline and neck. The side-swept bang is a fitting asymmetrical element to make your image even sexier.


#96: Shoulder Length & Slanted Bangs

If you enjoy wearing your straight thick hair loose, this simple shoulder-length haircut is an excellent choice as it emphasizes the natural beauty of your hair. Accentuate it with slanting bangs, sliding down to the eye-line.


#97: The Graduated Haircut with Highlights

If you are lucky enough to possess thick hair, consider a professional graduated haircut like the one below. This will enable you to weave or flat-iron your hair. And adding stunning chocolate highlights is a great idea for brunettes.


#98: The Shag Haircut – A Hit for Thick Hair!

Loads of layering and long bangs work wonderfully for thick straight hair! Concentrate all the volume just above the jawline and leave some longer tresses scattered over your shoulders. Very stylish and universal!


#99: The Feminine Wavy Bob

Here is another variation of a medium-length bob that looks fantastic with a weave. This haircut will enhance the femininity and charm of girls with delicate facial features.


#100: The Striking, Shattered Shag Haircut

Volume, a feathery finish, A-line, slanting bangs, and a hot trendy look… this haircut offers everything a modern woman wants in a stylish haircut. 


Lena Hamm
By Lena Hamm 03/20/2015 03:07:00

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