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100 Medium Layered Haircuts To Light You Up

Every woman wants to look feminine and well-groomed, but taking into account the hectic rhythm of modern life, practicality is viewed as the main advantage of our everyday hairstyles. Having read this article, you’ll find out more about the most popular today and extremely universal layered haircut. You are going to be surprised at the diversity of hairstyles and coloristic solutions that can be performed on its base. And, certainly, you’ll be able to find your own universal variety of layered haircut. A few simple rules to grasp is all it takes to look chic every day.

Best Medium Layered Haircuts

Milla Jovovich medium layered haircut

#1: Layers For Shoulder-Skimming Bob

Everyone who has thick curly hair knows that without proper layering your hairstyle would acquire an unflattering triangular shape. Milla Jovovich graced the “Cymbeline” premieres in Venice, sporting her statement curly bob with incorporated layers which are meant to achieve this perfect shape.

Elizabeth Banks mid-length layered haircut

#2: Chin-Length Layers For The Tapered Silhouette

Elizabeth Banks looks spring-fresh with her lovely floral dress and medium-length flaxen blonde locks. Elizabeth’s haircut features the chin length layers descending towards the tips to shape the lovely tapered silhouette that works best with medium-to-long hair.

Edith Bowman layered haircut

#3: Thin Layers & Bangs

Edith Bowman’s beautiful blonde tresses gain fabulous piecey texture thanks to the thin face-framing layers which blend with her side bangs. The feel of touchable textured locks and a beautiful shape are guaranteed with The haircut like Edith’s.

Cameron Diaz medium layered haircut

#4: Long Angled Layers

For the Sex Tape Photocall in London Cameron Diaz prepared these lovely effortless-looking waves easily achieved on the basis of a medium layered haircut. Cameron’s long angled layers are sprinkled around her face, and I love the effect absolutely.

Kim Kardashian medium layered haircut

#5: Medium Layers For Light Waves

Kim Kardashian’s thick brunette locks look luxurious when she styles them in cascading waves. A sprinkling of medium layers is badly needed to remove the excessive bulk of her thick mane and let those lovely light waves flow with ease.

Kyly Clarke medium layered haircut

#6: Long Graceful Layers To Shape The Curls

Kyly Clarke’s radiant look was one of the greatest adornments of the Sydney Spring Carnival Launch. Kyly’s lovely A-line downdo is styled in loose curls to bring out the graceful long layers of her highlighted medium brown locks.

Laura Whitmore medium layered haircut

#7: Multiple Piecey Layers

Laura Whitmore’s adorable blonde mane was upgraded with a lovely mid-length layered haircut for the spring-summer 2015 London Fashion Week. The multiple piecey layers scattered over her shoulders provide this beautiful texture even without any particular styling routines. Quite handy for every day, eh?

Demi Lovato medium layered haircut

#8: Razored Layers For The Asymmetric Cut

Demi Lovato’s statement asymmetric haircut is an absolute hit that attracts attention to so many details in her style – the temple undercut, razored layers for the longer side and the extraordinary petroleum blue ends.

Gwyneth Paltrow medium layered haircut

#9: Light Layers For Beach Waves

Gwyneth Paltrow loves to rock her blonde tresses in freely hanging styles. Light beach waves are among downdos that become her in particular. To enhance the texture of Gwyneth’s locks, they were layered thoroughly towards the ends.

Kristen Stewart medium layered haircuts

#10: Razor Sharp Edges

Kristen Stewart’s lovely face also benefits from asymmetry. Her messy short-to-medium hairstyle is done on the base of the asymmetric haircut where the long side bangs are razor-layered and merged with the longer side of the cut.

Greta Gerwig medium layered haircut

#11: Face-Framing Layers Instead Of Bangs

For the “Time Out Of Mind” premiere in New York Greta Gerwig has opted for a light feminine look in romantic spirit. Her spontaneous and a bit messy curls were framed by the front layering that can gracefully substitute side bangs.

Dakota Fanning layered haircut

#12: Wispy Layers For Fine Hair

Dakota Fanning’s fine blonde locks are initially delicate and lightweight. But they, certainly, benefit from layering as well, first of all, in terms of texture. The wispy layers that start below Dakota’s chin tailor the tips of her locks miraculously.

Alessandra Ambrosio medium layered haircut

#13: Voluminous Layers

Alessandra Ambrosio’s hair would appear too heavy without layering. That’s why her stylist thinned out her mane with an array of medium and long layers that provide controllable volume and luxurious texture of thick hair.

Leighton Meester medium layered haircut

#14: Subtle Layers For Sophisticated Strands

Leighton Meester’s adorable look is built on the contrast of harsh and subtle color combinations, accurate geometric shapes and soft feminine lines. Her sophisticated strands are tinted with delicious caramel hues and complimented with light barely noticeable layers.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley layered mid-length haircut

#15: Honey-Sweetened Wavy Layers

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked amazing with her wavy bronde layers cascading down her shoulders. The good news is layering always helps to reveal the texture of your hair encouraging light waves, if your locks are naturally blessed with the tendency.

Alexa Chung medium layered haircut

#16: Sun-Kisses Bouncy Layers

My mood is instantly up after a quick glance at Alexa Chung’s radiant look. Alexa’s adorable sun-kissed curls ooze positive energy not only through the color but the lively texture of these bouncy layers that you simply can’t look away.

Julie Bowen medium layered haircut

#17: Playful Layering

To maintain our optimistic mindset, let’s also have a look at Julie Bowen’s perky layers performed on her relatively short length. Julie’s face-framing layers start at the level of her cheek-bones and descend towards the ends to accentuate the playfulness of these fabulous golden blonde spirals.

Julianne Hough layered bob haircut

#18: Posh Layers

The refined shoulder-length layers of Julianne Hough belong to those sought-after looks which always appear exclusively glamorous and attract admiring glances. I like the disconnected texture and this inventive coloristic solution in particular.

Elsa Pataky mid-length layered haircut

#19: Side-Swept Crispy Layers

Layered bob is an upgraded version of the classic bob, chosen by so many women as a basic universal haircut. Layering helps to achieve the ideal silhouette of the cut, which we can observe, viewing Elsa Pataky’s chic side-swept bob.

Miroslava Duma medium layered haircut

#20: Sharp Medium Layers

Miroslava Duma’s glossy chocolate locks are cut blunt at the shoulder length. The sharp medium layers add an edge to her rich solid hair look and shape the cute A-line frame for her lovely face.

Kim Cattrall medium layered haircut

#21: Shaggy Layers

Shag haircuts and hairstyles are charged with a special sassy spirit that flatters women in any age. Kim Cattrall is 58, and she looks breathtaking with these lovely shaggy layers throughout.

Ali Larter medium layered haircut

#22: Long Curly Layers

Ali Larter centre-parted layered look speaks irresistible sex appeal. The effect is achieved thanks to the successful choice of the blonde and brown blend in addition to long curly layers tousled nonchalantly towards the ends.

Rebecca DaCosta medium layered haircut

#23: Angled Flippy Layers

Rebecca DaCosta’s velvety brown tresses feature a string of flippy layers which are angled and flipped out for this gorgeous red-carpet look. A trick to note: the asymmetry enhances the “wow” factor of Rebecca’s hairstyle.

Jessica Szohr medium layered haircut

#24: Choppy Messy Bob

If you like messy bobs, get the choppy layers like Jessica Szohr’s. They work universally: remove the excessive bulk of thick hair or enhance volume of fine tresses. Jessica’s layers are additionally highlighted to bring out their texture.

Katie Holmes medium layered haircut

#25: Lovely Bounce & Volume Boost

Katie Holmes monochromatic chocolate brown amazes us with its depth and noble brilliance. The layering on Katie’s medium locks let them reveal their nature in the lovely bounce and amazing volume.

Jenny McCarthy medium layered haircut

#26: Layers Throughout

Jenny McCarthy’s thick locks have been layered throughout to alleviate their weight and convey them a more appealing shape. Now we can admire her bombshell blonde curls which still look impressively thick but not all that bulky or too voluminous.

Joey Yung medium layered haircut

#27: Delicate Texture-Enhancing Layers

Joey Yung arrived to the Burberry Prorsum spring-summer 2015 fashion show rocking a simple side-swept downdo. A good layered haircut for medium length enhances your texture, and you do not need any particular styling for every day.

Kate Winslet medium layered haircut

#28: Flowing Flicks

Kate Winslet will always be associated with her legendary role of Rose DeWitt-Bukater From “Titanic”, and this is how we love to see Kate Winslet – with her romantic layered locks flowing in the breeze.

Sandrine Kiberlain medium layered haircut

#29: Ethereal Layers

Sandrine Kiberlain’s angelic pale blonde locks are too flawless to seem real. Her light long layers are not easy to identify at first sight, but we know they are there from the way how sweet her wispy tips look.

Courtney Bingham-Sixx medium layered haircut

#30: Long Straight Layers

Courtney Bingham-Sixx’s heavy silky tresses benefit from layering tremendously. It gives perfect shaping to the ends and her haircut silhouette in whole. Plus it serves a perfect base for highlights, ombre or other coloristic experiments.

medium layered haircut with blunt bangs

#31: Layered Haircut With Straight Heavy Bangs

This kind of layered haircut puts an accent on your eyes and brings out the delicacy of your neckline. However, there are certain nuances with this cut to pay attention to. Straight bangs like these are not recommended for girls with wide cheekbones, because the simplicity of lines is going to accentuate them. And as for a slim and slightly elongated face, such type of bangs will be very flattering and help to correct the proportions. To achieve the quality straightening, begin styling from the front locks and pay particular attention to the bangs.

Teri Polo medium-length layered haircut

#32: Layered Haircut For Fine Hair With Deep Darkened Roots

Teri Polo’s style is a bright example of how chic you can look with a layered haircut for fine hair. The deep toned roots create the effect of added volume which is a salvation for fine hair. The bangs are an inherent part of such a cool cut. They are soft and can be worn either side-parted or centre-parted.

medium length layered haircut for curly hair

#33: Romantic Locks In Layered Haircuts

Soft bouncy curls will help you look both stylish and feminine at any event. Besides, they are going to accentuate the romantic note of your personality. If you want to achieve the effect of adorable bouncy curls you’ll need to use styling products such as mousses or foams. Apply them to your wet locks and blow dry until they are completely dry. Next, use a curling iron to define curls and fix your ‘do with hair spray once you have finished.

mid-length layered haircut with side bangs

#34: Layered Haircut With Cropped Locks On The Crown

The base of this hairstyle is the classic layered haircut. The shortened locks on the crown boost volume. This style will look the most impressive on naturally fine locks. It’s an ideal version for a round face. Hair powder would be the best styling product to maintain the shape of this sexy hairstyle.

Taylor Swift medium layered haircut

#35: Mid-Length Graded Haircut With Asymmetry

One of the wonderful haircuts Taylor Swift often sports is the graded cut with asymmetry. It works only for straight hair and turns out to be pretty unpretentious in maintenance. When styling, pay particular attention to the ends of your locks. The hairstyle like Taylor’s will correct your face shape if needed and make your look ravishing.

medium layered haircut red hair

#36: Layered Haircut & Creative Hair Color

A common classic haircut paired with a bright hair color solution may lead to unexpectedly cool results, thanks to the combination of a bold hue with extraordinary texture. This particular style is recommended for stylish and self-confident girls.

medium layered haircut with bangs

#37: Side Bangs In Layered Haircuts For Fashionistas

Side layered bangs soften your face and make it slimmer visually. That’s why this solution is recommended for the girls with round faces and wide cheek-bones. Such bangs offer a full array of styling variations you can experiment with. For example, you can create an elegant evening look, highlighting your bangs, or go for a casual style with bangs brushed off your face.

medium length layered haircut for curly hair

#38: Layered Haircut For Curly Hair

Curls look pretty enchanting in layered haircuts, especially if you are a brunette. To define the shape of such a haircut, you’ll need to apply some mousse or foam to your wet locks and blow dry them thoroughly with a diffuser, not using a hairbrush. Fix your downdo with medium hold hair spray upon completion.

medium haircut with angled layers

#39: Edgy Layered Haircut

Boosted volume and elimination of split ends are the major benefits of such a haircut. The edgy layered haircut like in the photo may correct any face shape. Besides, your locks will look healthier and livelier. This haircut is unpretentious in maintenance, and you can afford rocking messy hairstyles which are in trend nowadays.

Cameron Diaz layered haircut

#40: Celebrities Love Layers

Cameron Diaz is a celebrity who sticks to mid-length layered haircuts and looks absolutely adorable with her layered blonde locks styled tousled. To re-create the hairstyle like Cameron’s, you need to add some lift at your roots and pay special attention to the ends, shaping them with a curling iron. This hairstyle can be worn both side-parted and centre-parted.

medium layered hairstyle for wavy hair

#41: Voluminous Locks On The Base Of Layered Haircut

Such a hairstyle looks pretty appealing and remains the best solution for the hair that lacks natural volume. To duplicate this ‘do, you should apply a bit of styling product to your wet locks and brow dry them with your head upside down. Then, take a large-barrel curling iron and define light random curls. Backcomb slightly at the roots and fix the hairstyle with hair-spray.

Jane Fonda layered haircut

#42: Layered Haircut For Older Ladies

In this age women really want to look modern, elegant and well-groomed. A layered haircut for medium length is an optimal solution if you want to smooth any imperfections in your look and erase at least 5 years. A layered haircut offers many styling variations and creates an illusion of a voluminous ‘do.

Christina Aguilera layered haircut

#43: Medium Layered Haircut For A Long Face

Christina Aguilera is one of celebrities who have the long face shape. She is pretty good at the choice of flattering hairstyles that help to balance the proportions of her face. The soft romantic locks add the volume on the sides and convey her look elegance and sophistication.

Christina Hendricks layered haircut

#44: Styling Of Layered Haircuts For Round Faces

When you choose a hairstyle for a round face, an important aspect to take into account is visual elongation of your face shape. That’s why if you have a round face, pay particular attention to the volume on the crown. For special occasions the ends of your locks can be curled with a curling iron. Opt for side layered bangs or do not wear any at all.

Reese Witherspoon layered haircut

#45: Styling Of Layered Haircuts For Heart-Shaped Faces

Reese Witherspoon is one of celebrities who have the heart-shaped face. When styling a layered haircut for a heart-shaped face, you need to increase volume at the lower part of your face. Apply thermo spray on your clean and dry hair and shape delicate locks with a large-barrel curling iron. After, fix the ‘do with medium-hold hair spray.

Layered haircut for round face

#46: Styling Layered Haircuts With A Messy Touch

Real fashionistas who love to experiment, find this hairstyle irresistible. The ‘do is created with styling foam and a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. When working on this chic hairstyle, make sure you do not overdry your locks or they’ll acquire a scruffy look.

Behonce layered haircut with ombre

#47: Hollywood Ombre

This type of dyeing gives a look of outgrown roots. It works wonderful for both dark blonde and brown hair. Besides, ombre will reveal its potential at fullest when done on long blonde layered locks. The outgrown roots look will boost volume of your mane and add your image a mysterious touch.

Jennifer Aniston layered haircut

#48: This Season’s Trend – Blonding

Jennifer Aniston demonstrates us with her example that blonding is one of the coolest hair trends of the current season. Aniston’s locks appear thicker and her face is instantly getting fresher with the new hair color. The blonde hues with sparkling glints in her locks render Jennifer’s look a very special appeal. After such a wonderful coloristic procedure your hairstyle will gain +100 elegant and chic points.

layered haircut with graded bangs

#49: Flicked Out Layered Haircuts

A hairstyle like this is the best to reveal your face oval. The ‘do looks pretty appealing while its styling steps are extremely easy and simple. You need to apply some foam to your locks and blow dry them, directing the air flow off your face. It’s optimal to use a round brush when shaping the face-framing flicks. Hair spray is the final stroke as always.

medium layered haircut with ombre

#50: Californian Highlights For Mid-Length Locks

Many women are afraid to damage their hair when going for coloristic experiments. In this relation it should be mentioned that highlights are the gentlest type of dyeing. It creates an illusion of color flow and, as a result, your layered tresses look fluffier and more voluminous. Using this method, you will be able to convey your hair a well-maintained look with extra shine.

layered hairstyle with pompadour bangs

#51: Elegant Downdo With Pompadour Bangs

The hairstyles of Hollywood fashionistas always hit the tops of fashion charts. The good news is with a bit of patience you can easily come up with the chic hairstyle like Reese Witherspoon’s. So, what are the steps? Apply some foam to your tresses and shape tender locks. Next, bring your bangs together, making a tuft, backcomb them a little and fix on your crown, using a bobby pin. This hairstyle looks extremely chic, and it will fit into your evening looks.

layered hairstyle with a headband

#52: Baby-Doll Style For Layered Locks

The baby-doll style has been popular through at least the last 50 years. It lets you try on a look of an innocent cutie, so it should reflect your childish ingenuousness and sweetness. Therefore, this particular style flatters only young girls. To create the baby-doll ‘do, you would apply some volumizing hair powder to your clean and dry locks. Divide your hair into sections and backcomb each lock heavily. Shape the hairstyle, using a styling brush, and curl the ends of your locks with a curling iron. The final accent is adding a strand of hair, imitating a headband. Don’t forget to use hairspray in the end.

Drew Barrymore voluminous hairstyle for layered haircut

#53: Textured Hairstyle For Layered Locks

The girls who want to unveil their true individuality and good taste should pay attention to voluminous hairstyles with added texture. Drew Barrymore shows us that such ‘dos are currently at the peak of their popularity. To add your mane a messy touch, resort to light backcombing throughout the length to provide the necessary lift at the roots. Then curl the ends, using a large-barrel curling iron. Finally, shape the hairstyle and fix it with hair spray.

Christina Aguilera vintage hairstyle

#54: Retro Is On Again

Christina Aguilera adores hairstyles inspired by the 40’s and 50’s. This time Christina tries on the sexy look of Merilyn Monroe. This is how you can duplicate the ‘do: apply some styling product to your wet locks and curl them with rollers. Blow-dry under the hot air flow and remove the rollers only after your hair is completely dry. Divide the curls with a side parting and fix the ‘do with strong-hold hair spray.

layered haircut with balayage

#55: Ingenious Dyeing Technique – Balayage

Balayage is an excellent coloristic technique for those who want to stand out from the crowd. You, certainly, want to get the best possible result, so make sure you choose the hues which accentuate not only your looks, but your personality in whole. This task should be trusted to a professional colorist. But general recommendations are the following. Blondes can go for warm honey tones, and brunettes may try caramel or blondish streaks. In case your heart desires something extraordinary, go for bright bold colors.

layered asymmetric hairstyle

#56: Stylish Look With Shimmering Curls

Chic evening looks suggest elegant and feminine hairstyles. So, what do you need to bring this lovely idea to life? Curl your locks with a curling iron, create volume at the roots and make a side parting. Pin up one section of curls at your nape, using bobby-pins, and shape the other side to frame your face. Use glitter hair spray for the final glamorous touch.

medium layered hairstyle with asymmetry

#57: Styling Layered Brunette Locks

Mid-length layered tresses will transform into a posh voluminous hairstyle thanks to the lovely curls like these. You can achieve them, curling your hair with spiral rollers. Make sure you apply some modeling mousse before you begin. This hairstyle flatters oval faces but can be recommended for round and square faces as well, because its asymmetry works for elongation.

Madonna layered haircut

#58: Flawless Evening Look

Madonna knows how to leave us speechless with the exclusiveness of her red-carpet looks. This particular hairstyle is ideal to accentuate the beauty of your face shape and delicate neckline. If you want to achieve these gorgeous shapely curls, use thermal rollers. Your hairstyle will hold its shape for hours.

centre-parted layered hairstyle for medium length

#59: Trendy Voluminous ‘Do For Your Layered Haircut

Luxurious thick mane is any girl’s hair dream. The only thing you need to make it come true is to choose the right hairstyle. Apply some mousse for volume to your wet hair. Shape the ‘do, using a blow-drier and a round brush. Slightly backcomb the locks at the roots for a sexy lift. Enjoy the result and be ready for tons of compliments!

medium layered haircut with side bangs

#60: Straight Layered Tresses In A-line Hairstyles

Freely falling straight tresses around your face are an excellent alternative to the sweet and lovely curls described above. A flat iron is the best tool to achieve the ideally straight strands with natural shine. This accurate A-line hairstyle will do fine for every day wear or complete your evening look.

medium layered haircut

#61: Graded Haircut With Side Bangs

The round face shape is the direct indication for haircuts of this type. The edgy finish for the ends will correct your face shape, concealing its width. And the side graded bangs are going to balance proportions and soften your facial features.

vintage hairstyle of a layered haircut

#62: Vintage Hairstyle For Medium Layered Haircuts

The universal medium length offers freedom in styling experiments. Vintage hairstyles are popular for big events, such as prom, wedding or theme parties. If you want to create a vintage hairstyle yourself, you need to curl your locks with rollers, backcomb the achieved curls slightly and style them so that the ends are wrapped in. The long bangs are backcombed at the roots and styled off the forehead and to one side. You can complete this adorable hairstyle with stylish accessories and use it as a variety of your evening ‘dos.

blonde layered hairstyle

#63: Lovely Hairstyle In Greek Style

Here is one amazing hairstyle with a romantic touch. It’s quite easy to re-create at home. Curl your hair in tender locks, do backcombing for the crown tresses, section out two strands at the temples and fix them at the nape with bobby pins. You can also use any chic hair pieces that fit into the conception of your look. Fix the final result with hair spray.

Charlize Theron layered haircut

#64: Styling Layers Into Tender Spirals

Charlize Theron is the embodiment of femininity and delicate beauty. She manages to look superb even with casual hairstyles. Her secret is the quality layered haircut she wears. One of the easiest styling solutions for curly hair, cut in layers, is these tender spirals. They can be achieved with mousse applied to wet hair. Just crumple your locks and let them air dry.

Gwen Stefani hairstyle with a bouffant

#65: Glamorous Evening ‘Do For Your Layers

This stylish half up half down hairstyle with a bouffant from Gwen Stefani is the absolute success. Well, you can, certainly, recreate her ‘do in a few simple steps. Here they are. Divide your locks into sections and backcomb each section from the inside. To pump up you ‘do on top, use a bouffant chignon that has to be covered by your own backcombed locks. Fix them at the back of your head with bobby pins. Flat iron your bangs and fix the ‘do with hair spray.

Katy Perry pink hair vintage hairstyle

#66: Extravagant Shades

Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie are the ardent fans of extravagant hair hues. Katy Perry, for instance, uses the mix of cool and warm shades of pink for her layered locks, styled in a vintage manner. It should be mentioned that this idea is good only for very young girls. Semi-permanent dyes are the right solution if you want to try an extravagant hair color.

layered A-line haircut

#67: Stylish ‘Do With Perky Curls

Layered tresses look fabulous in messy hairstyles. These perky curls are achieved with mousse applied to wet tresses. Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser. Next, section your locks and make thin curls with a curling iron. Fix the result with hair spray. Hmmm…’s going to be a lovely ‘do for a night out with friends!

medium layered hairstyle for every day

#68: Styling Your Layered Haircut For Every Day

This wonderful hairstyle with an accent on the eyes will be extremely flattering for girls and women with oval or long face shapes. It features the centre-parting that always makes your face visually wider. The deep darkened roots are a wonderful solution for fine tresses, as they create an illusion of added volume and make your hair appear thicker.

Katy Perry mascara for hair

#69: Vivid Accents With Hair Mascara

Hair mascara is a cool trend of the current season. It’s applied as a final stroke when your hairstyle is ready, and in the end of your day you can easily wash it off. Hair mascara is a fancy option that adds bold shades to your looks. You can rhyme it with your make up or colors of your outfit.

beach waves layered haircut

#70: Disconnected Waves For Mid-Length Layered Haircuts

Light multi-layered hairstyles are a windfall styling idea for a layered haircut. These are gaining mad popularity among celebrities. To copy this look, apply some modeling hair foam to your wet locks and blow dry them with a diffuser. Since your textured waves are supposed to feature movement, medium hold hair spray will be right to the point.

medium curly hairstyle

#71: Chic Red-Carpet Look

Playful curls render irresistible charm to any girl, and they are perfect to complete your evening looks. Fancy duplicating this style? No problem! Apply some thermal design foam to your previously washed wet locks, all through the length. Curl your tresses using spiral hair foam curlers and leave your hair to dry with the curlers in your locks. After they are completely dry, remove the curlers and spread the curls gently using the needle pointed tail of a flat hair comb. Make the indistinct side parting and style your bangs to one side. Fix your playful curls with hair spray.

medium layered haircut

#72: Elegant Hairstyle For Layered Locks

If you want to look elegant but do not feel like wearing boring classic locks, you can try this stylish voluminous hairstyle with pinned back bangs. This ‘do requires minimal styling time, and you can enhance it with fancy hair pieces instead of invisible bobby pins. I love how the face-framing locks soften the look and bring out its accentuated femininity.

medium side swept hairstyle

#73: Asymmetric Hairstyle With Sombre Upgrade For Your Adorable Layers

Girls who seek for more self-expression in terms of hairstyles should pay attention to asymmetric ‘dos where all the locks are swept to one side. If you combine a mid-length layered haircut with sombre, you hair will look superb even in the simplest looks, not mentioning more sophisticated hairstyles with asymmetry.

medium layered A-line haircut

#74: Creative Mess On Layered Locks

With this hairstyle you are going to introduce a mysterious note into your image and look breathtaking in both casual and evening outfits. Follow these simple steps to achieve this ‘do. Apply some mousse to your wet tresses and blow dry them without combing. Add some lift at the roots, using light backcombing. This hairstyle is extremely flattering for girls with oval and long face shapes, because the tousled waves create volume on the sides on your face and make it appear wider.

Eva Longoria layered haircut

#75: Textured Waves To Define Layers

Chic well-groomed curls make any woman more attractive. To achieve this look, you would apply some styling product to your previously washed wet locks and blow dry them with some lift at the roots. Next, divide your mane into a few sections and make curls for each one, using a medium-barrel curling iron. Note that for this hairstyle you do not need the curls that start at the roots. Bring them closer to the ends. Flat iron the bangs and style them to one side.

layered haircut with a headband

#76: Hairstyle With A Headband To Accentuate Layers

A headband is a universal hair accessory that lets us create casual, business and evening ‘dos. For this look all you need to do is to flat iron your layered locks and push them off your face with your favorite headband. It’s a lovely solution for every day, because it’s pretty simple and very cute.

layered hairstyle for round faces

#77: Whimsical Layers

This hairstyle features a lovely play of the layered locks: some of them are out-flicked, others are flipped-in, and the ends of the lowest layers are swirled into the fancy tendrils. To duplicate it, you should make a side parting on your wet locks and create volume at the roots when blow-drying with a round brush. Next, shape the flicks with a large-barrel curling iron, alternating directions – to the face and away from the face. Fix the result with hair spray.

curly layered hairstyle

#78: Charming Textured Locks

These wonderful large curls will adorn your look for a special occasion. To achieve their texture, you’ll need to use some mousse and large curling rollers. As always, apply the styling product to wet hair, curl your locks on the rollers and leave them to dry. Unroll and shape the ‘do with the centre-parting. Add a bit of hair spray.

vintage hairstyle

#79: Stylish Hairstyle Inspired By The 80’s

Well, we all know that fashion is cyclic, that’s why vintage and retro hairstyles are always in favor. The 80’s with the violence of colors and eccentric shapes have found their reflection in this modern hairstyle, inspired by the past. Here is how you can make it at home. Apply mousse to wet hair and blow dry your locks directing the air flow off your face. Using a curling iron, shape tight curls, starting in the middle of each lock. Shape the ‘do and fix it with hair spray.

Cameron Diaz layered hairstyle

#80: Stylish Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Cameron Diaz has fine hair, but she always looks adorable with her medium layered haircuts. Gloss wax for hair will help you to duplicate this stylish downdo. Apply the product to your damp locks, slightly scrunch and tousle them and then blow dry with a diffuser. Fix the result with hairspray.

choppy layered medium haircut

#81: Violet Dreams

Collarbone bobs are commonly most impressive when they are featuring smooth and sleek texture. Just a little bit of layering on the edges and violet highlights only enhance the chic of this classy and initially classic haircut.

layered red haircut

#82: Fire & Confusion

Regular and soft facial features need a drop of irregularity in the haircut and possibly more boldness in hair color. Layering and bright copper hues are wonderful solutions to light her up, aren’t they?

graded haircuts for thick hair

#83: A Weighty Statement

This haircut is performed to highlight natural thickness and beauty of your hair with 3 symmetric layers, blunt cut bangs and well-trimmed yet “heavy” ends.

layered haircut with bangs

#84: Ethereality

This one is, on the contrary, very light and airy. The body of the hair is concentrated in the core of this haircut, on the sides of the model’s face. The weightless curls are perfect to correct both oblong and round faces.

blond layered haircut

#85: Sahara

Here is a summer girl with a “summer” layered haircut, associated with July heat only occasionally disturbed by light refreshing breeze.

medium layered curly haircut

#86: Nudity

Taking a natural look for the basis of your image is very beneficial. Layering lets your curls settle around your face so that it could hardly be done better.

red layered haircut shoulder length

#87: Style Is In Details

I love this look. It’s pretty simple and absolutely adorable. Only 3 things have made it: a layered medium-length haircut, red lipstick and rich copper hair hue. No styling, no extraordinary outfit or complicated makeup!

layered shag haircut

#88: Fluff Your Feathers Up!

This style is cut to feature loads of thin graded feathers which lie down to form volume and rather sparse airy texture for your light optimistic look.

medium layered haircuts for fine hair

#89: Volume Hunter

All girls with thin hair hunt for volume, experimenting with various cuts and styles. Ask your hairdresser to do subtle layering that in combination with loose waves provides a very realistic illusion of thicker hair.

layered bob medium length

#90: Sensitivity

A collarbone bob haircut doesn’t require much layering, although it will look smarter with some distinct layering through the front tresses and bangs while the back sticks to one length.

layered haircut with color accents

#91: Grades Enhanced With Shades

Layers in shoulder length haircuts don’t necessarily have to be shaggy. You can create a very soft yet sharp and stylish look in case you enhance your grades with a contrasting solo accent.

layered haircut medium length

#92: Stairsteps

Medium-to-long layered haircuts are very universal if you opt for long “creamy” layers and stairsteps for the tresses, framing your face. Here is how brilliant it’s going to look.

medium layered haircut for thick hair

#93: Distinct Feathering

More evident feathers, starting approximately at the level of your cheekbones are good when you need to broaden visually the lower part of your face, i.e. if you have a triangular or oblong face.

above shoulder length haircut

#94: Choppy Ends

Choppy ends help to come up with a more rowdy look. It’s a good idea of a haircut in case your hair is thick and you want a lighter version of a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, let’s say for the summer period.

layered medium length haircuts with bangs

#95: Breezy Hair

Naturally thin hair, layered strategically, looks more voluminous when slightly raised at the roots. Long side-swept bangs are also very supportive for this careless mood that otherwise could have been burdened.

medium haircut with layers

#96: Passion

Certainly, it’s all about her awesomely beautiful lips, but the haircut is also a decent frame for this lovely face. The point where the layering begins is her chin: nothing should distract attention from facial features like these.

layered bob with ombre

#97: Divine

This is a common medium-length layered haircut, styled tousled and complimented with reverse ombre, although the effect is evidently stunning.

shoulder length shag haircut

#98: Sparkling Highlights

These highlights are not just stripes of additional color, they are a flash that illuminates this layered haircut and the model’s face!

soft layered haircut

#99: Radiance

Layered haircuts look gorgeous practically in all possible styling variations. Longer hair allows using longer layers which can be weaved into loose waves for a radiant red-carpet look.

medium layered bob haircut

#100: Make A Statement!

Commonly they have the front tresses trimmed and shortened, but you can do the opposite: looks like a haircut that makes a statement.

By Ella Underwood 05/06/2015 08:42:00

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