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African American Short Hairstyles For Attention-Loving Ladies

There were times when I believed that short hairstyles do not offer you much freedom and variety, being a lot of those ladies who can’t grow longer hair or do not wish to style it. Today I’m impressed at how versatile short hairstyles can be, especially those stunning styles for African American women, whose hair is naturally thick and dense.

Some girls simply start blooming with short hairstyles, while longer hair makes them ordinary. If you haven’t found your perfect short hairstyle yet or seek for new variations, if you do not know how to style your short hair for the coming party so that it looks chic, here is an abundant source of inspiration in pictures.

African American Short Hairstyles For Attention-Loving Ladies

short black female hairstyles

#1: Rainfall

Rihanna is featuring a classy short hairstyle with an effect of being caught in the rain. Her silky perfectly straight vertical tresses resonate with sexy wet luster of her lip gloss.

short shag black hairstyles

#2: Short Shag Bob With Honey & Golden Highlights

Thick relaxed hair is perfect for a short shag hairstyle. Most women do envy that rich luxurious texture, enhanced in the given example by warm “delicious” highlights of honey, caramel and brown sugar.

short hairstyle for African American women

#3 Exclusive Flips For Extraordinary Ladies

African American women can do fantastic things with their hair. I have never seen a more flawless short hairstyle where hair hues, textures and even flips of the bangs blend together so mutually beneficial.

black short hairstyle with long bangs

#4: Boldness Becomes You

This hairstyle doesn’t make you soft and fluffy but rather active and sassy, and that’s excellent. You can play with your looks, amazing everyone around with how imaginative you really are.

cute short Afro American hairstyle

#5: Coal Black Ringlets

Haircuts with extremely short hair at the sides and back and longer hair on top are very popular, because they look stylish and allow experimenting with textures. The new natural growth, being very short, perfectly matches the longer tresses, styled here into awesome coal black ringlets.

cute black hairstyle short hair

#6: She-Devil

Halle Berry is the queen of pixie. The short tresses of this beautiful pixie are just sticking out randomly but look how fantastically skittish she looks!


short curly black hairstyles

#7: Flirty Tendrils

Here is how you can finally take control of your unruly natural hair, girls. Extremely short hair at the sides and playful coils shaping natural kinky bangs (without any relaxer) – she looks gorgeous!

African American very short hairstyle

#8: Sinuous Streams

Here is another very short hairstyle, featuring an extraordinary texture, you can’t repeat with any other lengths. The hair is flowing from the crown forward with exquisite sinuous grace.

pixie hairstyle for black women

#9: Immaculate Laconic Style

Bright girls with perfect oval faces and beautiful facial features can emphasize their beauty with extremely short haircuts which practically require minimal styling. Check HalleBerry with short and medium length hair, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

short sleek hairstyle for black women

#10: On the Crest Of A Wave

Rihanna has managed to express her success even in her asymmetric hairstyle. Her short hairstyle with sculptural bang is an alternative to the most elegant updos of long-haired ladies.

black short bob hairstyle

#11: Alluring Circularity

A rounded shape, soft lines, sleek texture, a contrast of matt and glossy surfaces: even with rather short haircut you can look very feminine and stylish. Good taste and style do not occur from nowhere.

very short Africam American hairstyle

#12: Majestic Natural Coils

Your natural short hair can also be styled very beautifully. These elevated natural coils can elongate your face and endow your look with refined grandeur.

African American short wavy hairstyle

#13: Short Retro Style

This hairstyle is reminiscent of the early 20s of the previous century. So if you are going to a retro party, those characteristic waves will be right to the point.

best black short hairstyles

#14: Graceful Panther

The showiest hairstyles are those involving asymmetry. One side of this sexy short hairstyle is featuring a collarbone bob and the other is a part of a simple boyish short haircut. You can’t help following those soft, smooth, flowing lines with your eyes.

short bob hairstyle for African American women

#15: The Chic Of A Short Asymmetric Bob

If you do not want to look sexily sleek and dramatic like in the previous example but like an idea of a short bob, here is another worthy version with shattered contours and more volume.


#16: Mohawk Bangs

Emeli Sande African American short hairstyle

Emeli Sande looks super chic with her extra short platinum crop paired with an elongated section from crown to forehead that she styles funky in a sort of Mohawk bangs… Looks cool and brings out her bright personality, wow!


#17: Backcombed Caramel Strands

Emeli Sande short hairstyle for black women

A more elegant version of her short hairstyle suggests the soft delicious flows of color and simple styling techniques – backcombing and styling locks off the face. We are getting another message from this look, but the same radiant smile of Emeli Sande we love!


#18: Funky Pixie

Malinda Williams African American short hairstyle

Malinda Williams makes her signature style out of the basic pixie. Curly or straight, spiky or sleek, sassy or vintage- inspired – she has tried all possible styling variations with her short length. This time it’s a textured spiky top with sleek sides.

#19: Gilded Natural Crop

Chrisette Michele African American short hairstyle

Chrisette Michele opts to stay short and natural, adding a pop of color to her cropped kinky coils. The transition of dark brown into caramel and golden blonde at the very tips looks pretty cool with this length and natural texture, plus it lights up Chrisette’s velvety brown eyes miraculously!


#20: Short Golden Blonde Waves

NeNe Leakes African American short hairstyle

NeNe Leakes has tried various lengths and numerous shades of browns and blondes, but this particular golden blonde with honey glazing creates total harmony with her chocolate skin tone. The soft vintage waves only enhance it.


#21: Sensuous Waves

Alicia Quarles African American short hairstyle

Alicia Quarles loves her short length and finds it pretty versatile. For the Viva Glam Rihanna launch Alicia decides on the emphasized femininity, expressed in her look through the sexy bandage dress and shapely chocolate waves.


#22: Extra-Short Natural Hairstyle With A Distinct Side Parting

Lupita Nyong'o African American short natural hairstyle

Lupita Nyong’o always keeps her hair short and natural, experimenting with haircuts and styling nuances. Golden Globes Awards ceremony has witnessed one of her most beautiful short natural hairstyles I love absolutely.


#23: Disconnected Wavy Bob

Rita Ora short wavy bob

With good thickness of Rita Ora’s locks, her short tousled bob would work fine for African American ladies with relaxed hair. Rita Ora has her waves side-parted and styled shaggy in the best tendencies of “bedhead” hairstyles.


#24: Curly Pixie

Nicci Gilbert African American short hairstyle

The 5th Annual Essence Black Women In Music event remembers the fun curly pixie of Nicci Gilbert. The curly volume on top with sleek sides visually elongates Nicci’s face and echoes with the print of her top, while the enhanced shine of her hairstyle supports the overall theme of glitter in her look.


#25: A Pop Of Color

Rihanna short pink hairstyle

Today no one is surprised to see Rihanna with pink hair, but this time it’s a fun wig to match her nail polish and handbag – a smart solution when you are boring to do styling yet still want to look ravishing like Rihanna:)


#26: Formal Sleekness

Eva Marcille African American short hairstyle

The “wow” factor of this look is Eva Marcille’s bronze skin tone that is enhanced with the snow white of her dress. A hairstyle for this statement look shouldn’t distract attention from the face. The simple sleeked-back ‘do is exactly what’s needed.


27: Black&Red

Jada Pinkett Smith African American short hairstyle

The look of Jada Pinkett Smith’s character from the “Gotham” series is pretty impressive, and her black hairstyle with the red touches in the bangs plays here the leading role.


#28: Sweet Curls

Meagan Good African American short pixie hairstyle

Meagan Good is extremely charming with her short pixie, revealing natural texture at the temples and sweet short curls in the bangs matching the curve of her gorgeous eye-lashes.


#29: Caramel Curly Bob

Meagan Good African American short natural hairstyle

And one more chic hairstyle from Meagan Good is the caramel curly bob she sported for the “Think Like Man Too” premiere. The soft whimsical curls in the prettiest caramel shades are, undoubtedly, super flattering for Meagan.


#30: Pixie With Edgy Bangs

Halle Berry African American short hairstyle

We have quite get used to Halle Berry’s spiky pixie, but lately she has introduced an edgy change to her short hairstyles – longer pointed bangs, veiling her forehead and shaping cool jagged contours for the style in whole.


#31: Brown Blonde Textured Crop

Joan Smalls African American short hairstyle

Joan Smalls as Tina Turner is a superb photoshoot for “V Magazine” where Joan is rocking this cool edgy crop with fringy finish that renders the look the right edge and an amazing feel of movement.


#32: Straight Chocolate Bob

Jourdan Dunn African American short hairstyle

And Jourdan Dunn’s photoshoot on a bike breathes with the same ease, carelessness and hair movement in the breeze, but her straight chocolate bob is more refined thanks to the blunt cut, soft lines and sophisticated color solution.


#33: Ashy Brown Symmetric Bob

Jourdan Dunn A-line bob

Here it’s updated with a light wave and styled centre-parted with an emphasis on symmetry. I like the light ashy brown of Jourdan Dunn’s locks and the shagginess of her ends in this look from the Burberry Prorsum spring/summer 2015 catwalk.


#34: Silky Curls With Disconnected Ends

Jourdan Dunn wavy bob

How else can you style the most versatile haircut ever? For the early fall Jourdan Dunn upgrades her classy bob with honey notes and styles it into loose silky curls with shattered ends.


#35: Black Shaggy Bob

Chanel Iman new bob hairstyle

This Vogue’s issue features Chanel Iman’s hot “dance of seduction” with A$AP Rocky. Chanel is rocking an awesome edgy bob with sleek roots and shaggy ends.


#36: Wispy Pixie

Betty Adewole African American short hairstyle

Pixie for relaxed black hair looks very special. Betty Adewole demonstrates a perfect example of pixie with slight lift at the roots that appears light and wispy despite natural density of her hair.


#37: Tousled “Bedhead” Hairstyle

Liya Kebede blonde shaggy bob

Liya Kebede is absolutely gorgeous with her sexy tousled bob. The effect is achieved with the lightest blonde hue to enhance the contrast between her hair color and skin tone.


#38: Sleek & Straight

Veronica Webb African American short bob hairstyle
Accuracy and simplicity are often the keys to the most stylish looks. Geometric haircuts, like Veronica Webb’s look the best when they are flat-ironed to preserve the precision of the outlines

#39: Triangular Bob

Anais Mali short bob hairstyle

For the Akris ad campaign Anais Mali rocks an ideally straight triangular bob that supports the geometric design of the Akris handbags. Anais’ bob is paired with extra short bangs but she can also throw some locks on her forehead for the added edge.


#40: Fluffy Curls

Anais Mali short natural hairstyle

And absolutely another impression is achieved with the hairstyle for natural hair from Anais Mali. You could easily believe these are two completely different girls, so unalike they look in the photos!


#41: A-Line Natural Bob

Yaya Dacosta short natural hairstyle

Yaya DaCosta sports her kinky coils with pride and style, varying finishes and types of parting, but it’s almost always this optimal length and adorable tight spirals, so flattering for her looks and personality.


#42: Glazed Chocolate Waves

Selita Ebanks short wavy bob

Selita Ebanks couldn’t have chosen a better hairstyle than this chic chocolate curly bob with a shapely wave at the centre of her locks, while the tips and roots remain straight.


#43: Straight Pixie With A Feathery Finish

Rihanna short pixie

This time Rihanna doesn’t show us something extraordinary in terms of hair styling or coloristic solutions, but her jet black pixie with a feathery finish and short fringy bangs looks pretty classy and absolutely wearable.


#44: Straight Style For The Short Crop

Yasmin Warsame African American short hairstyle

Yasmin Warsame looks cool with her short natural kinks, but for a change she can pull off this short casual style for relaxed hair. I believe she can also experiment with new hair hues.


#45: Chocolate Finger Waves

Viola Davis finger waves

Viola Davis tried on a vintage look for Oscars. Her short bob was side parted and styled into luxurious finger waves with a shine enhancer – an Oscar-worthy look, indeed!


#46: Short Layered A-Line Hairstyle

Viola Davis African American short hairstyle

From time to time Viola Davis has her natural locks relaxed to broaden the choice of hairstyling solutions for her preferred short length. This layered A-line hairstyle features some lift at the roots and perfect edges.


#47: Fancy Bob With Chocolate Highlights

Viola Davis A-line bob

And one more interesting look from Viola Davis. A-line bob with whimsical flicks for the face-framing locks and subtle chocolate highlights speak class and style in every lock.


#48: Short Afro With Small Curls

Vicky Jeudy short natural hairstyle

Vicky Jeudy’s short afro mimics the texture of her white strapless dress. The wet finish looks neat and sassy. Oh, yes, short hairstyles are always easier to style and maintain.


#49: Short A-Line Hairstyle With Volume On Top

Danielle Brooks African American short hairstyle
Danielle Brooks attended the spring-summer 2015 New York Fashion Week with a new classy short hairstyle. Her flawlessly straight black tresses are styled A-line with swoopy bangs and volume on top

#50: Silky Chin-Length Bob

Kat Graham sleek bob

Kat Graham looks both sweet and sexy in her checked dress with a bra-like top and sleek chin-length bob tucked behind the ears. No bangs or extraordinary texture, only the silk and shine of chocolate locks!

To wear short hair in the previous century was rather a sign of manliness. Today female short hairstyles look very feminine and sexy. Practically every woman at least once dares to try a chin length or even shorter haircuts.

Karen Ball
By Karen Ball 05/07/2015 12:05:00

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